We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.

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    I agree with @jessica. It’s best to keep calling the TA line until you find someone that wants to work. It’s probab even better to call your local TA. I was told I didn’t qualify for one when I called the toll free number because there was a non irs debt hold on my account. I found that crazy because I literally don’t owe anyone. I even paid off my student loans from a blessing I recieved a few years back. Once I spoke with a local agent , the lady told me she didn’t see anything besides a 570 code on my account and she would be able to assist. Hoping for a call back soon so I can get this over with.

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    Nothing just like the fucking irs!!!! But on the bright side folks….i got a second job today!!!!! Thanks irs im about to work myself to death because u r holding my refund hostage!!!!!!

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    Just spoke to someone at the IRS and my review isn’t up until May 20. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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    DAY 80 and still on “still being processed” WTF I have been following this thread for quite awhile now and everyone has seem to have the same problem… I did receive the 60 day notice letter on march 21 and I know my 60 days hasn’t been up but dam.. this shit is getting annoying and frustrating. I filed and accepted feb 18 too….

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    I called TA today. The representative placed me on hold when she returned she asked if the IRS provided me with a promise to pay date. When I replied “No” she quoted the verbiage from a call I made to the IRS on 4/26/19 during which the IRS representative informed me my initial 60 day review period will end on 5/17/19. The TA said I do not qualify for TA assistance until after 5/17/19.
    F/A 2/3
    45 day – 3/11
    60 day – 3/18
    Transcript process date 3/11/19
    “Still being processed” on wmr

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    I checked my transcript on the phone and it said our stuff was verified April. 15 and got that we had a credit of x amount. We filled Feb.4th got a letter saying that they were reviewing our return until May 2nd( got this letter March 18th) they didn’t need anything from us. We got another letter March 20 saying they needed another 60 days to review it all but didn’t need anything from us. The web site keeps saying processing and a date will be provided when available.

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    Fort those who are still waiting, do not let the TAS tell you that you don’t qualify for a TA. Call everyday until you get a rep who is willing to help you. When I first called, I was told I didn’t qualify for a TA because I didn’t face a hardship. This last time I called, I was referred to a TA group and was assigned one within a few days. I still wasn’t facing a hardship and didn’t have to send anything to them. You can also find out who your congressperson is and e-mail them your situation with the IRS. They can also assign someone to your case.

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    Has anyone got a ddd for 5/8 and it has already came and you have regions bank? I have been waiting 110 or more days what’s a few more I have been so stressed!

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    What site can I go to for SSA account

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    We’re having the same problem and we’ve been told multiple times we’re not allowed to send the IRS anything, even though we have the W2 they need :/

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    I got my refund already said yes. If your bank has it that’s it. Can you view your transcripts what does it say? Or wmr

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    Approved for DDD of 5/8 on Saturday

    TaxAdvocate called and said they couldn’t get in contact with my boss to verify my wages yesterday evening.

    I just received this message to my phone 30 minutes ago.
    “From Republic Bank & Trust: Your Federal tax refund has been sent to your account and should be available within 1 to 5 days! To unsubscribe, reply STOP.”

    I usually get my refund the next day when In get this message.

    Do you guys think I will receive it still?

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    If you need a tax advocate, go to the IRS website and Fax over form 911. I did not call, I just faxed a form to my local advocacy program stating that I would be losing my home and could face shut off of utilities if I did not receive an advocate. I also let them know I have been waiting since Janurary 28th for my return with only a 45 day review letter. About a week after I faxed the form an advocate was assigned to me and told me what I needed to do. Which was just get a letterhead from my employer stating my income and withholdings from last year since it was not reported to the IRS (advocates will not accepts w2s, it has to be a letterhead). My advocate was assigned to me and called me Friday to let me know what I needed, I faxed it over yesterday and this morning he called stating he sent a referral to get my refund released and I should have a DDD by May 27th. He will call back on May 27th just to verify that I received it. So if you need an advocate fax the paper, don’t call and have them tell you, you don’t qualify. No one asked me for verification. They just called and told me what they needed.

    I am on day 100 of waiting for my refund, it should never take this long. So get an advocate, unless you want to wait for endless letters from the IRS about stupid reviews because your employer didn’t report your wages to the IRS.

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    Could anyone provide me with a fax number to send W2’s to the IRS? My husband filed on January 30th, and, of course received both the 45 days and 60 days notice letter. I just checked SSA website and his current employer’s wages are not listed. Maybe this is the holdup for him? Not sure, but want to send to them any way. Any help would be AWESOME!!! Thanks guys!

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    Marty B

    Amy, mine also says I have a credit due. It’s my refund amount. Sadly no, you’re no closer than I am. It has to say your balance is 0.00 or it’ll say “refund sent”.

    Mine has said a balance since 4/15/19

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    I call the national they said I didn’t qualify. So I called my local and got a ta I had no financial hardship. I filed since 1/17 and got one on 3/26 right before they sent a 60 day later 3/28 out. So that’s probably why they helped me. But I also read you can call and they can tell you what’s wrong. So I would try that and then just do the work oneself

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    Adam P

    That stuff about delay of over 30 days and getting a TA is BS. I have been waiting on tax refund since January and was told unless I am being foreclosed on or get put in hospital..basically not getting my refund will cause me to be homeless or dead…there is nothing they can do.

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    They generally accept “Systemic Burden” cases when:
    Criteria 5: The taxpayer has experienced a delay of more than 30 days to resolve a tax account problem.
    Criteria 6: The taxpayer has not received a response or resolution to the problem or inquiry by the date promised.
    Criteria 7: A system or procedure has either failed to operate as intended, or failed to resolve the taxpayer’s problem or dispute within the IRS.

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    Amybaker Amy

    On day 95

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    Ugh! So tired of not being able to access my transcripts online. I get to the send code screen that you need for the next screen and it won’t send a code or take me to the next screen! So frustrating. My date is up on Thursday for my review. I’m sure when I call it’ll generate another 60 days. Ugh!!!! How can I get a TA if I don’t have a hardship? Anyone?

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    Amybaker Amy

    I had to verify then I got the 45 and the 60 day reviews then on the 30 the of April got the we have your return and is being processed then I called the review line and it said I had a credit balance due does this mean I will get my taxes soon Marty?

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    Day 98 since Accepted
    Day 76 since ID Verified
    Last update April 30th

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    Marty B

    Day 108 and nothing.

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    Was checking my 2017 transcripts (clearly I’m getting desperate) and now I see a 922 from 4/28/2019 0.00 review of unreported income. Could that be why I am on hold? 60 day review letter 4/2

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    Misty blacko

    Day 97 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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    Adam P

    Well, I finally broke down and called TA yesterday. I talked to someone who informed me that I had another 60 day review notice issue May 2nd. I guess that will arrive in the mail any day. They said I did not qualify for TA since I am not days away from being homeless or in the hospital. That is literally what they said…to call back if I get hospitalized or the bank starts foreclosure then maybe they can help. What a joke! They also admitted that there is nothing wrong with my return it is just that they are backlogged and just haven;t gotten around to reviewing mine yet.

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    Marty B

    Nells, you should be ready to update this week anytime actually now.

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    Filed 2/10, received a 60 review letter starting 3/18.i created a SSA account and for an entire month my 2018 wages were not showing and I checked it today and finally shows my wages reported . Not sure if I should give irs a call to speed it up. But maybe it’s been SSA this entire time and not the irs? Just my thought though.

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    @karri I didn’t get mine until the end of September and I got about $150 in interest. Totally made the wait better

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    Marty B

    @Karri, yes ma’am I sure did. Very a very nice chunk actually.

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    @Marty did you get interest paid on your money since you didn’t get it for so long last year?

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    Marty B

    Sorry it’s dependents. And if you fail your verification process you go into full audit. Sorry was in a hurry here. About to clock in.

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    Marty B

    Those of you getting review letters, those are considered a “soft audit” from the irs. If you fail them, normally they use the ID VERIFY letter most commonly, but they also verify your defendants, income things like that.

    These requirements they have to use a real human being and not a computer, although it’s always a computer program that flags the return for a review. Anyway, these things take time, especially as under staffed and underfunded the IRS is. Last year I didn’t get my return until mid October and a buddy of mine on here didn’t get his until late November. This year he got his promptly and I once again am going through this horseshit like the rest of you.

    I’m blessed that I don’t exactly NEED my refund, but I do feel terrible for all of you that do and can’t get it or even proper answers from the irs.

    Hopefully we all update this week and celebrate with a nice steak dinner and an orgy of hookers!

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    So Cruz is right I found it

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    Can the IRS actually pay me interest?
    The IRS doesn’t pay you interest for holding your money all year if you have too much withheld, or if you pay too much in estimated tax. However, the IRS may pay you interest if they send your refund later than 45 days from the filing deadline for your return. If you file your return before it is due, the IRS still has 45 days from the deadline – generally April 15. If you file after the deadline of April 15, then the 45-day period begins the date on which you filed.

    You may also get interest payments from the IRS if the agency assesses taxes on your return by amending it, and you later show the assessment is too high.

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    It’s 6% i think that what I saw

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    No wonder this nation is behind the rest everybody stands down and just do what their told instead of exercising their common rights as people we should stand up and fight for ours like gaum and not put money into mr.crabs pockets for his personal fantasy to build a wall that immigrants are still getting across

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    It amazes me how the irs and the government can just get over on people when it comes to money owed but theres no hesitation when it comes them taking taxes out our paychecks doesnt seem to take 60 days or 9 weeks for that to happen but we as citizens are supposed to just bend over and take it until their ready to release YOUR MONEY

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    Tried calling the tax advocate and they transferred me over to the internal rape service who ultimately told me the same shit again

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    @V, yes. The interest will be added to your account 45 days after the tax deadline(april 15). Doesn’t matter if you got a 60 day letter, if you don’t get your refund by may 30, they will add interest eveyl4yday they don’t send it to you

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    If you want to know whats going on with your taxes call the Tax Advocate number 1-877-777-4778. The lady that I spoke with was very nice. She also told me exactly what was wrong with my return.

    Even though that’s not what I wanted to hear. It was better than being told a lie every week from the other reps saying nothing is wrong you just have to wait 9 weeks for the identity verification. Mind you my nine weeks is up already.Hope this helps someone.

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    Cruz even if we get these review letters will they still have to pay interest?

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    Don’t bet on it. Ours changed to that 18 days ago 🙄

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been following your thread for a while, I’m in the same boat as most of you. I filed turbo tax on 01/27 accepted same day. Feb 16th got code 1541 on WMR. no update until March 2nd with your return has been received and being processed. on March 7th I got letter 4464c 60day review which is up and I still don’t have any info. no additional letters have been received transcripts still show same BS with code 570 freeze. I don’t want to call because I have heard the stories and fear I will be told another 60days or what not. this is the first year this happens to me I have filed same way same kids same job for the past 8-9 years and now here stuck with no refund. My son graduates this month and I had hopes to do something special for him with that money :(

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    If you guys don’t receive your tax refund by may 30th, beginning on may 31st, they will add 4% interest to your tax refund every single day its late.(45 days after april 15th)

    May 30th is basically the IRS deadline to issue your refund(unless you were audited). Any refunds received after may 30th, 4% interest will be added every day

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    I just finally updated to “we have received your tax return and it is being processed.” I filed 1/23 got a 5071c letter on 3/17, verified same day and finally 5/6 updated to processing. Does this mean the DDD is coming soon?

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    This is garbage… 60 day review period ended today, so I call… get told they need another 60 days to find out why nothing happened with my return for the last 60 days. Fuck this and fuck the IRS.

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    The irs is bullshit this year is beyond ridiculous at this point im over it every time you call them they give you the same ole bullshit their supposed to tell you from the script their given i will be filing exempt from now on fuck them

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    I don’t know why people are on here saying they got their return and they don’t know whats taking so long for the rest of us. Hell we don’t know either you think we don’t want to be on here bragging about a ddd like come on

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    Amber P.

    60 day review was up yesterday, called IRS this morning to be told that they would have to refer me to another department and they have up to 60 days to contact me. I have called the TA line, she transferred me to the intake advocate line where I waited on hold for 1 1/2 hours just to be disconnected, I have called back, now on hold again waiting for them to do an electronic referral for a TA, which they are supposed to contact me within 5 business days. I am so ready for this nightmare to be over with.

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    F/A 1/29 ID verified on 2/20 last up date 4/30 my filing status changed. I was able to put the correct status in HOH from 1/29 to 4/29 I had to use SINGLE. I called and spoke with a Representative and was told wages were off but I didn’t need to do anything until or unless I received a letter and at this time she didn’t see and letter being sent. ☠💀

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    Both of my checks was mailed out Friday night just received both of them so it took about two business days for the checks to be sent to my house good luck to everyone until next year I’m out

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    Misty blacko

    Why does it feel like I mailed my taxes and I wont see them until the summer? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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    Whoever said that it’s 21 days from the time WMR changes from “still being processed” to “being processed”…we’re on day 18 since ours changed to “being processed”, so I don’t think that’s true.

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    I called for a TA today. Was left on hold for a couple of hours before I disconnected the call. Never even made it to speaking to an TA intake coordinator. F/a 1/14; ID Verified 2/19 online then again 2/25 on phone when i called to check status of ID Verify. Certified Mailed amended return 3/11, USPS showed delivered 3/13. IRS confirmed last week it was received at intake on 3/18. I updated from 9001 to “received…being processed” on 4/30. Nothing since then…

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    Don’t watch WMR watch your bank account because not everyone will update on wmr…u might get the refund before u update!

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    Fuck the irs and wmr!! F/a 1/28 and nothing since march 1 two bullshit letters first week of march 60 day review …..okkk thats done….Where the fuck is my refund???????

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    Last week my status updates too “ we have received your tax return and it’s now being processed “ I updated on a Tuesday . Do anybody know if that means I’ll update Each Tuesday or on a different day .. I haven’t had a update since

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    Guess what?!!!! Still no update still looking stupid thinking it will change smh.

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    Same for me I’m an ABA therapist and they have cut our hours also and I’m also looking for second job

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    No update for me. Filed 1/28Damn transcripts haven’t changed since March. I work in a small town hospital and the big guys have recently made the whole staff part time. Could really use the extra cushion from my refund right now. It has come down to me getting a second job at this point. Wish you guys the best of luck, especially us early filers.

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    Alx D.

    Can anyone tell me the steps to check the status of the CP05 using the caller id and pin or what not? Thanks.

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    Marty B

    Day 107. I called. Same blah blah blah bullshit.

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    You are absolutely right the call center doesn’t process returns it’s all computerized unless the return gets kicked out for additional review by real a person which then a manual review has to be done and it seems to be the case with a lot of people this year including myself who are under review for wages or identity theft etc I’m not saying not to call by all means but if there so understaffed and behind from the shutdown millions of people calling takes time from them to review the returns the computer didn’t process and get those back into processing I’m still here I filed in January I see people posting talking about they filed 4/27 and no update or their bars disappeared that’s a reason to call and waste their time it hasn’t even been 21 days yet

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    Single struggling mom

    Day 88.

    I am a struggling single mom who needs my refund.

    I have had to overdraft every other week since the beginning of February when I filed, because why? No [email protected] idea. I’m in my 50s, have never had this happen before.

    Has cost me over $600.00 in OD fees. Thanks IRS – think I’ll change to exempt cause [email protected] this shit. #DONE

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    Day 86…still processing 😭😭

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    @Ace- No. You’re calling a call center. The call center doesn’t process refunds, or have anything to do with how fast they get processed. Call a hundred times, or don’t call at all. No matter how many calls those call centers get, doesn’t change a thing.

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    so i got another letter and now they are asking for me to verify EVERYTHING. i need to send in my kids birth certificates, leases, school records, divorce decree, wages, EVERYTHING. I’ve claimed my same kids since they were born (my oldest is 15 and youngest is 10). I recently moved across country from CA to NC so to get school records, leases and all this other crap from when i was in CA is not going to be as easy.. I only have 30days to submit it all FML

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    1-800-829-1040 ext 652 it’s probably gonna be so swamped with callers that there gonna tell you to call back on Tues or wens the more people call the more that stops them from getting refunds out

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    What number do I call to talk to someone to see what is going on with my tax refund?

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    Marty B

    No update for me. Calling the bastards today.

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    Misty blacko

    Day 96 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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    @adam P

    I’m right there with you.
    Filed accepted a week before you
    My 60 days are up.. thinking on getting a TA..
    HOPE IT WORKS.. 1 job 1 w2.. same credits been claiming for years.. my own son.. don’t understand why the hold. No update.. still processing message since Feb. 18th.
    Transcript has all the amounts on it.. 570 code which is freeze or hold.. called 3/11 talked to a person that said IRS is so far behind don’t worry.. then I get a notice on 3/18 letter says picked for random review can take 60 days no additional info needed. Don’t know what else to do.. I’ll just get a TA if no update this week.

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    Adam P

    I can’t understand the hold up on mine. I had one employer and one W2 all year which I know was sent in. Fairly simple tax return. Still waiting. I filed in January. My 60 days is up after today so I will call IRS again tomorrow and if nothing new I guess I will try TA.

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    Has anyone updated ??

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