We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.



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    I dont care hoe under staffed the irs is their production rate is shitty! A lot of thos irs workers kept their jobs and kept working so that is bullshit! I dont care what happened with the shut down that didnt habe any effect on the time it takes for them to take hard workers income tax refunds. My friend filed months after i did they immediately processed hers because she had an offset from the irs but now my w2 r missing?? How the fuck when we work at the same job? They r dicking us around without so much of a explanation!! There isn’t any that is y we all keep hearing the same fucking thing!!! This is bullshit….the advocates r up to their eyeballs which is making them mad as hell that they r starting to b with the bullshit! I feel like all of us still waiting should fall right in line and b with the bullshit too!!! Go to your local tax offices and start a strike or should i say peaceful protest!!! Back in the day people stood for what they wanted so im not about to lay down and get fucked over while i get held up or strong armed by the government! I want my fucking money and im gone get my shit!!!!!! Nonviolently of course!! They keep saying wait but for fucking what? All these seperate departments is a bunch of bullshit i have worked at call centers before i became a nurse and trust if they can look at your accout they can take action but it is all a bunch of bullshit about some money ME MYSELF AND I worked for!!!!

    No update for me either even though my 60 days were up on monday and was told no further action was needed on my part!! Im really pissed!!



    I can actually say the government fucking sucks my tax preparer fucked me I’ve been waiting 3 damn months only to find out she didn’t do her job. She fucked me the Irs could have told me 3 months ago but instead they kept giving me letters and saying my return was fine. The TA hot line told like literally wtf. Now I have to file an amended return and wait who even knows how much longer.



    F/a 1/14
    IDV 2/19 via online; again on 2/25 via phone
    Transcripts have always said N/A
    Amended 3/11; IRS told me on phone it was received 3/18
    4/30 updated to “…received….being processed”
    Tried to get TA this week, but the telephone hold was into the hours. I gave up and disconnected.



    So sick of this pop up ad every 30 secs.


    Mandi S

    Day 101 still nothing! Fml 😖



    Nothing for me yet. Sons a bitches.


    Finally 846

    Almost 100 days later and my Transcript just updated with my 846 for 5/15!!! I cannot believe it. FA 1/31 ID verify 3/12 got a Cp05 letter 4/10 and finally got a TA on 4/15 had to have employer letterhead faxed over to her to verify income they contacted my employer on 5/3
    I’ve been on this site all this time waiting to finally be able to say I Got My Refund 💰💰💰💰 Get a TA who knows how long id still be waiting.



    I just checked transcript says as of may 9th when it used to say april 15th 2019….not sure what that means…


    Ashley T

    Omg really????? @Danni that would be great lol I was told they mail u a check but I have 846 code on my transcripts for 5/14 and I had my original return dd on 3/14… I hope its dd



    I amended as well and mines is going to be deposited



    No mam a lot of ppl who amended got deposited. Also if it’s 846 it’s a deposit if it’s a check it would say 804 I believe . It’s a section for amended returns and someone named confused said it.


    Ashley T

    I’m hoping it’s only a few days but who knows where the check comes from


    Ashley Terry

    @frances my original return was given to me direct deposit but when the do an amended return I was told they mail u a check that is why I was curious on how long it takes for it to get to me from the irs if I have a release date or issue date of 5/14/19.



    @ Ashley t
    Did u ask for a check or was your original tax return suppose to be deposited? Just curious..



    Uh oh. Another one of my posts are on moderation again. Dave it’s your fault!!!!


    Ashley Terry

    @Danni for the check to reach me? Once mailed from irs?



    2to3 days


    Ashley T


    I was just wondering if anyone got a 846 date for thier amended tax return yet and recieved it by mail and if so how long did it take. I have An 846 with date 5/14/19… I’m just curious how long it will take in the mail… for the check



    Misty is right the irs told me that no matter how many notices u get 45 days after 4/15 they have to pay interest!



    If I had my 16k refund you could bet your sweet ass you wouldn’t find me lurking in this forum still. 🤦🏻‍♀️



    Nevermind Dave sweetheart he’s just a weirdo that’s like to come here and down talk people






    Well duh Dave! that would make since if they haven’t gotten there refund then interest is about to start soon! Isn’t that something that should be talk about???



    lmao you guys haven’t received a refund but talking about getting intrest lmao you guys are a piece of work ….lmao lmao


    Misty blacko

    @ tiffany I just Google what I need answers too if that makes any sense. I’m done listening to folks including the IRS I can do my own research.



    Where are you guys reading this stuff?


    Misty blacko

    Just read that if you are being examined/reviewed and the IRS does not issue your refund 45 days from 4/15 they will pay interest.



    @Misty, you’re my kinda girl!!! ;) lol



    I filed 1/25, Recently got a TA. Sent wage verification 5/6. Got a call from the IRS today, 5/9, saying that they were able to confirm wages and that I should get my refund DD into my account in 2 – 2 1/2 weeks.



    Never got an advocate but how long after the request for refund to be released does it usually take to get a ddd does anyone know?



    Well I was told my 60is up I could be receiving another letter for another 60 days but they requested that my refund be released! It’s all bullshit!




    You can also send in form 911 to your local TA office requesting a TA and, they will call you back. I never called and waited on hold. I got a TA and never was asked about a hardship. It’s worth a try since you’re waiting and been waiting anyways. My SSA income isn’t correct so I do believe that one of my employers didn’t report my wages, like TA informed me. My advice would be get a TA or at least try. I F/A 2/5


    Misty blacko

    @redacted b. No problem I feel everyone 😋😋😋😋



    MIsty , will you “feel” me too?? I kinda feel left out lol.


    Misty blacko

    @tiffany I feel ya






    Misty (sorry 😢)




    That scares me that you are going through that. My review is up on the 16th and I don’t feel good about getting a DDD. 😩


    Misty blacko

    @rachelle both my 45/60 have been up called said they still working on it. Omg. I’m so tired.


    Denise Z.

    Still no update… Day 101



    Anyone know the 877 number for a TA



    I’m sorry but ta’s don’t always give u honest answers I truly believe that they are the u aren’t processing and they say it’s due to wage verifing..well here’s the thing I work for Amazon who damn near sent my w2 at the beginning of January and Lyft who did the same outta about 250 workers majority of them had gotta there refund. The hr lady did say that the IRS wanted them to do an extension but Amazon works with ADP and ADP said no way…so they have the w2 so before my ta could even lie to me she said ok let me call u back a week later she said oh it’s because you moved I moved 2 miles away and I was flagged come on be honest y’all had a glitch from the time y’all opened til 2/11 lost millions of returns



    I highly recommend calling 877# you could be on hold over 2 hrs. BUT wait.
    She will tell you what’s going on. She will give case# and fax# and phone#
    Write case# on top of all sheets
    Proof of hardship:
    Send balance of credit cards
    Low bank balance
    Letter of late rent
    Late on any Bill’s
    Pawn receipts
    Was waiting since February.
    Once had TA 2 weeks and ddd included in that time.



    I’ve tried 3 times to get a TA. I was told every time that since I don’t technically have a hardship I don’t qualify for TA. I said my credit cards are maxed out and I live less than paycheck to paycheck. They said sorry it doesn’t qualify as a hardship. I asked what the hold up was then and they tell me every time that the irs is backed up and a lot of people are on 60 day hold. She said all that I can do is wait.



    I did send in my bank balance alert $3.75 to TA I screenshot it from my phone. Do you have letter of late mortgage? Or type up letter staying late on mortgage. I also pawned a few items. I sent in my pawn papers. Anything late too like car ins. etc.Try to get TA again. Call the 877# You could be on hold over 2 hours but place phone on speaker and just wait. She have me a case# before I faced any hardship proof. She have me the fax# to send all that in. Find out what’s missing or the hold up.


    Adam P

    I dont know how people are getting a TA> I called said I missed last month’s mortgage payment and I have $6 in my checking account and they say I do not qualify. They said I would have to basically be in the process of foreclosure before I would qualify.



    I’ve been reading these posts for months…
    My story: Filed/Accepted 2-21-2019
    Bars left on wmr first week of March.
    Received 4-8-2019 COP5
    (45 day review)
    Received 4-12-2019 4464c
    (60 day review)
    Called 877-tax advocate line, I was on hold 2 hours 16 mins.
    BUT did tell them dates I filed. Yes,going through hardship. She had to put me on hold for 5 mins. while she looked up my account. She said I had one w-2 not showing.She said I assigned you an advocate. Have me case# for advocate,
    Phone #, and most importantly the fax # to them. That was on a Friday. She said they would call by Wed. In the meantime she said fax all paperwork-
    Last pay stub. I DID include w-2 which she advised me I didn’t need to. I also read irs said they won’t accept them. I missed her call,it came from Utah #. She sent letter that she received all paperwork and that she faced the irs my “W-2” letter said I will have my refund no later than June 6. I thought oh great.
    I checked met this a.m. and my bar’s are up. Accepted and Approved 2 bars!!!
    Refund date May 13,2019
    I couldn’t believe it, what a nightmare it’s been!
    My advice- get an advocate,if for some reason you can’t come up with hardship the advocate will precisely tell you what is holding it up. I called irs 3 times and they never told me. Advocate said they know and it’s our rights to know.
    I feel for everyone waiting.
    You’ll get it 1-2 weeks not 60+days.
    Jesus is my King! HALLELUJAH!



    @misty blacko

    From what I’ve read, we get interest starting 45 days after April 15th. However, I don’t know if that applies if we are under review. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but my 60 day review is over on the same day as the 45 days after the 15th is?!



    Still nothing. 🤯



    Still no update for me and no return call from TA…this is so depressing!!!!!!!!!



    Yup still nothing 😞



    Ha! It’s always so funny when people @Marge me. My name isn’t Marge. Marge is the name we made up last year in the main thread for the cunt customer service reps who don’t do anything except put you on hold to eat ham sandwiches and smoke cigarettes, then get back on to tell you to wait longer. Maaaaarrggggeeee sucks at life.



    Adam, I actually got my money last year at the end of May. You can call SSA, they don’t work together with the IRS, but I do know that they do use that info to verify your income (even though they don’t say that) per the IRM.

    For weekly people, trannys update overnight on Thursdays into Friday, and WMR updates overnight Friday into Saturday.

    I’m at day 110? 115? I have no idea. However long it’s been since January 21st.


    Misty blacko

    It don’t make no dam since that when you call the IRS and speak to someone after they identify who u are and all that, then you still can’t get a clear answer on YOUR tax info. Wtf is up why can’t we get a straight answer. Letters supposedly sent last month and still ain’t arrived. Smmfh.


    Adam P

    I guess maybe I should start with Social Security admin to find out why it is not showing my wages for 2017 and 2018 and then go back to the IRS depending on what I find out.



    Been waiting 110 days now 😥. Only had to ID verify. One credit. Only 1,300 coming back at me jeez.



    My 2018 wages have shown for months. But not the year I filed late.



    Day 89..still processing and nothing from TA.


    Adam P


    I am just not sure whether to wait it out or to try to call Social Security or IRS to try to get some answers or see what I need to do. Not sure why 2017 wages would not show. I can understand that maybe 2018 would not show yet. When you 2017 wages did not show and you got audited, how long did that take? Strange thing I got my refund on 2017 last year no problem.



    No updates as usual




    Thank you 😁


    Misty blacko

    So starting may 30th we get interest from the IRS?


    Misty blacko

    Day 99 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️



    weekly transcripts update friday and wmr on saturday.



    Are weekly people supposed to get an update tonight?


    Dianna Gamill

    Tax avocate isn’t doing her job she promised me a refund by April 15th still waiting. I totally give up




    Good luck to you too. You’ve been waiting longer than I have I know you’re ready for this nightmare to be over!



    Me either Tiffany. Good luck hon!



    Feeling very anxious! I don’t want to be disappointed anymore. 😢😩



    @Rachelle, they are just tremendously behind schedule. The IRS is very under staffed. The call center folks I feel the worst for. The examiners (not even sure if there are many) are completely overwhelmed with paper returns, the agency relies on computers to make most decisions for them. It’s sad.



    I just really don’t get it! How the HELL did ALL these different employers FORGET to send W2 information??? Seems pretty interesting (from everything I’ve read here) the only people being told they need to send that information is are the ones who have called the irs or TA? The people who don’t call and just wait it out seem to not have to do anything extra!

    Plus, if all these people really needed to send something extra in, why are they getting review letters that LITERALLY say no action needed? I don’t know, just going off what I’ve observed.



    Stillllll waiting!!!!

    Filed 01/22
    Letter 5071C 02/11 requesting to verify my identity
    Called and verified identity 02/19
    Letter 4464C 03/21 told to do nothing, 60 day review
    Mailed amended return anyways bc my income I reported was actually too much. Mailed that April 23rd
    04/30 WMR changed from no information to “we have received your tax return and it is being processed.”
    As of now no record of amended refund shows up in system and no change on WMR
    I’m stuck in another freaking country they are driving me crazy.



    Marge, how was the audit process? Was it in person or through the mail? Was it over quickly? I’ve never actually met anyone that’s been audited. I’ve always read it’s a frightening process. And I’m very sorry you had to deal with that.

    Although, everyone under a review, is being audited to an extent.



    @Adam P

    My 2017 wages aren’t on SSA either, and I got audited last year, and got my full refund. This year, they aren’t up yet, same employer. No TA this year, she wasn’t really very helpful, nor did I feel like she moved anything any quicker. My review is up on the 16th.



    Prayers to you all for an update tonight something may be happening I don’t want to get my hopes up but I haven’t been able to check wmr for a couple of hours now it keeps saying try again later so I’m hoping something changes good luck everyone and forget Dave he’s irrelevant just ignore him he/she just wants attention

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