We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.

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    Sorry for my ignorance but reading the thread what is DDD and mine also changed today to being processed. Does that mean my return is finally good and should receive my check in the mail? Thank you.

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    Help ?? After faxing W-2s to the TA how long it takes to get your refund after? do you have to wait the whole 6 weeks ?

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    I had movement on WMR, where I can see my information on HOH instead of single, does anyone know if that is a good sign?

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    Maybe wishful thinking here, but, my WMR has been stuck on 9001 code since January. Today it updated to ‘we have received your refund and it is being processed.’ Is this a good sign?

    Thank you :)

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    Can anyone tell me what day cycle 20191005 updates?

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    420 is Audit….uggggghhhhhhh

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    @ Sydney
    Mine changed to the exact same thing today. For months I was at the we cannot provide any information so hopefully for us we get it soon. I filed January 28th.

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    Misty blacko

    420 code I meant

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    Misty blacko

    Oh I don’t know but when I looked up the 429 code is was a examination/review.

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    Filed 2/6, accepted 2/9, called IRS after it had been 3 weeks. I was told it was under review because my taxes were “randomly” selected and to call back on the 6th of May if I hadn’t received anything. No letter, no updates on WMR, NOTHING!!! I have never had this type of problem before! It’s beyond frustrating! Hopefully something happens this week…

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    Ours changed from “still processing” to “being processed” on 4/18 😩

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    Got a 5071c letter dated Feb 11th I called to verify my identity on Feb 19th, received a letter 4464c dated March 21st stating to do nothing. My taxes were incorrect I put that I made too much income in turbo tax. Anyways, finally I got a movement on my where is my refund app to from “we cannot provide any information” to “we received your refund and is being processed.” This changed today April 30th. My 60 day review from letter 4464c is up on May 21st so I pray that I will get a deposit. I also sent my amended refund in (April 21st so 3 weeks until they receive it) they will owe me money since I put I made too much income vs what is on my w2. Hoping for something this week!!!!!! Or at least a letter

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    Also iD verified on 3/18

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    Also I had to Id verify which I did on 3/22

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    @ Angela

    I’m so happy my situation was f/a on 2/10 on WMR I could only see my info under single and it said “still processing” id verified on 3/5 on 3/7 went to ” being” but still with wrong filing status

    Fast forward today 4/30 I can check my info under HOH….BOUT DANG TIME

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    My husband verified his ID 2 weeks ago and his also updated this morning. he is a daily so should update tomorrow. There are no bars on ours either.

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    Ive had the same tt 152 and code 9001 since January. verified ID March 8, then had to get a TA for a problem and amend my return. just spoke to her. the ” we received your return and it is being processed ” means DDD either tomorrow or Saturday depending if your a daily or weekly. im a weekly so it will be Saturday for my DDD! ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!! LOL

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    Mine say the same thing. I hate that im weekly so i have to wait till Saturday to get an update. Fingers and toes crossed.

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    Me to I had the the code 9001 and we cannot provide information about your refund since January also this morning when I checked wmr for kicks it updated to we have received your tax return and it is being processed so I hope I do see a ddd soon it’s been a long journey but we almost there everbody

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    I can see “we have received your refund and it is being processed”!

    I don’t have any bars, but I have seen NOTHING but “we can’t provide any information” since JANUARY!

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    @ Angela thank you for the information.

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    I have been researching and if it changed to We have received your tax return and it is being processed, then you should have a DDD on Wednesday or Saturday. If it says still processing, it means there could still be a wait.

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    @misty blacko

    The review doesn’t have anything to do with 420 code. My review ended on 4/18 and I called 4/19 and was told my return was sent for an examination and I will be receiving another letter. That’s why I got the advocate, because it’s just another a review and I don’t have time for another review.

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    Filed and accepted 2/3. Received ID verification letter and verified successfully 3/10. Couple of weeks later I received the 60 day review letter. Now I’m playing the waiting game just like a few you guys. Big CONGRATS to those of you who updated and received a DDD!

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    Me too Danni I believe it is I see people who update with a DDD days later

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    Weird! Now wmr is letting me put head of household again had to put single. Hopefully that’s a good sign

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    Filed 1/28. Never went to path. It went to the message
    We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    If you electronically filed a complete and accurate tax return you should receive your refund in about 21 days from the received date. If you mailed your return please allow 6 weeks. Code 9001.
    Received letter on Feb 20 to verify identity. I had to go into the office and verify my identity on March 8th. The rep stated that it could take up to 9 weeks. I thought to myself no way it would take that long.

    I have been checking everyday faithfully and this morning 4/30 the message finally changed to this message – WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR TAX RETURN AND IT IS BEING PROCESSED.

    I pray this is a good sign.

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    Sandelle Meeker

    @kitty.. Because once they release it it has to cycle through

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    I filed my taxes on March 22nd 19. I received letter 5071c on April 17 which was issued April 9. I called and verified my id. Told me it would be 9 weeks, I thought No Way. I kept calling and harassing them, one guy told me that it would be two weeks. I thought he just wanted to get me off the phone. On the 27th on April my IRS2GO app updated and said my return was approved and should be direct deposited by May 1st. Happy tax year. Hope you all well.

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    I still haven’t seen any movement on WMR. After my verification which was 3/8, I got a letter 4/15 for the 60 day review 😞😢. Now I’m just waiting. I still can’t input my correct filing status on WMR. This is ridiculous.

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    Impatiently waiting

    Called irs *

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    Impatiently waiting

    I filed 1/26 approved 1/28
    Received a 60day review should end 5/1
    Still no updates on wmr
    Last year filed 2/9 accepted 2/10 received a cp05 45 day review was supposed to end 5/10 and it didn’t called it’s they told me they had until 5/29 so I waited still nothing broke down and got a TA 6/13 and received my refund 6/20. And they did give me interest.

    Now I seem to be going thru the same thing so if I don’t get my $ on the 1st I will get a TA. This is extremely frustrating considering I had to go thru this last year and I need to move. We are all getting screwed with 😡😤

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    I received a 45 day review (CP05) that will be over May 9th, however 3 days later, 3/28 I got a 60 day review (2645C). There was no end date on that one, but 60 days from 3/28 is 5/26/19! I don’t even want to think about it, but I saw someone who got the same 2 review letters I got, and they just got a 120 day review!? I haven’t seen anyone else get a 120 day review, but it doesn’t shock me! Technically, 45 days after 4/15 is 5/26 (same day my 60 day review is up) the irs will owe YOU interest. However, we all know that won’t happen so I figured I’ll either get a refund or another “review letter” by then! Ugh! 😡

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    @martyb are you weekly or daily?

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    @sandelle miller thank you so much but why so long though?

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    Marty B

    Congratulations Dave!! Get a huge steak dinner, enjoy it and think of me sir!! See ya next year!

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    Angie B.

    Same here @Marcus210 ….seems like they are moving faster with amended returns than regular ones.

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    Yes they owe me more..

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    Sandelle Meeker

    @kitty… It took me 2 weeks almost

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    got off phone with irs after reciving my 2018 refund both my 2017 and 16 has been approved and both checks are being mailed to me on the 3rd ….I wanna say best of luck to everyone untill next year ….and I filed my 2016 and 2017 on March 21st had to I’d verify on april 17th

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    Angie B.


    Are you due an additional refund also??? I had to amend also no TA ..but got a DDD of 5/1.

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    I have a question if my IRS released my funds on Friday because my TA asked for it to be released how long do it takes to get the refund??

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    Misty blacko

    I never wanted to call the IRS I was trying to wait it out because it seems like every time you call here come another letter in the mail or another review or more time needed. Ugh so over this tax year.

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    I Got approved on WMR for date 5/1. But i did have to amend my return due to wages being off. Got a TA and she told me to tell tax prep to fax over the amended return. Faxed 4/3. …

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    Misty blacko

    @Bsmith she stated that the review ended today but letters are behind. It don’t make since but I got my 4464c letter 3 weeks into my review.

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    @Misty blacko

    I filed 1/29 and 4 weeks ago updated with a code 420. I finally broke down last week and got a tax advocate. I called her at 6:30 this morning and she told me she needed a letter from my employer stating my income and federal withholdings from last year. I faxed it to her this afternoon. If you have a code 420 they are examining your review and they will need paperwork. It’s best to get a TA that you can just fax it over to rather than waiting on a letter and then mailing back the information.

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    No updates, no movement that we can see, no call back from our TA. NOTHING.
    We HAVE the W2 the IRS needs but we aren’t allowed to send it to them and I can’t tell you how much that infuriates me. We’re on day NINETY-SEVEN of this shit.

    I saw on a post on facebook where a woman who was audited this year just got her taxes back. She was AUDITED. All that’s wrong with my husband and I’s return is a missing W2, WHICH WE HAVE.

    Has this happened to people to this extent in prior years?

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    they want proof of hardship but then tell you if you don’t hear from them in over a month to call back….

    TA sent my wage verification in 4/11
    Called him 4/17 and he said there has been no movement on my account and said he would keep “harassing” them for me, and to call him back May 20th

    I am feeling extremely frustrated & just over all this.

    Filed 2/1
    45 day review started on 3/11
    TA told me the whole review letter is basically an excuse and not to go off of that when I told him my review date was coming up to see if it would make a difference

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    Misty blacko

    On the phone with IRS right now. I’m under another review that started 3/29 and ends today. They are sending another letter and to call back on Friday to check on my refund. Smh 👿👿👿👿👿

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    What is the date for when your review should be complete? I F/A 2/15 and got the 45 day review on 3/29. My date is 5/16, hoping to see some movement before then. I’ve been seeing late January and early February filers getting theirs, hopefully we will get ours soon too. 🤞🏼

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    This shit is beyond ridiculous! F/A 2/12… 45 & 60 day review on 3/25 & 3/28. Transcripts haven’t changed at all since the end of March. Afraid to call irs or ta because I don’t want to be told that I need to send in some made up bs. Trying to just wait it out. Seems like slowly but surely we will get there. Especially now that we’re seeing late January filers getting a ddd.

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    my refund amount is zero dollar should i wait for where my return status received ti approve or it doesn’t matter please explain

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    Day 92 Filed on January 28,🤷

    #4325983 Reply


    Day 79.. no hope anymore 😭😭
    Still processing.

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    To all of my 20191305’s with an AS OF 5/13/2019…..I believe this is our week! 🤞🏾

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    Just got a phone call from my TA… She said the IRS asked for more time until May 6 for my taxes to be released because she has alot of referrals now .. and she still hasn’t finished reviewing mine….. I’m like what does that have to do with mine she been having mine… This is bullshit now

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    I show on my informed delivery that my 2 amended return checks will be delivered today. They were DDD 4/26 and mailed from Philadelphia to Texas.

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    Marty B

    Nate, statistically, it means you’re getting closer to refund. However, this year, not everyone updates the same.

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    If my status goes from “being processed” to “still being processed” and back to “being processed”…..is that a good sign?

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    Chasity Miller

    so i filed 1/24 – accepted 1/15
    everything changed 2/11
    called 2/19 said i had went to errors department everything was fixed and that i would be fine and back in to processing
    2/22 i was told that i had to verify my identity
    3/8 verified id
    4/11 recieved a letter saying 60day review
    had already contacted TA on 4/4 and she said i was under wage verification and that i had to send in my amended return and that it would take about 30 day for her to get it fixed
    4/27 irs finally say they have received my amended return i have to call her tomorrow to let her know that they have reveived it so that she can get it processed and released so hopefully by the end of this week i will have a DDD

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    I just googled what the codes mean to try to understand what my transcripts mean. I think the irs website has the codes listed on there as well, which is probably a more accurate way of understanding the codes.

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    My transcripts look pretty much the same as yours except I have 971 and not 420. Hopefully by the time the transcripts you ordered come you won’t have to give a damn about them because your refund will come. (Fingers crosses for you 🤞🏼🤞🏼) I’ve been waiting less time that you and I’m TIRED of waiting, so I’d imagine you want this crap to just be over.

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    Misty blacko

    Also I checked ssa and my wages match my w2 for this year so I just don’t know I’m patiently waiting scared to call for it might cause another 60 day notice.👿👿👿👿👿👿

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    Misty blacko

    F/a 1/28

    #4325921 Reply

    Misty blacko

    @tiffany I did get a copy and it says
    Cycle 20190705( February 14th 2019)
    Processing: 3/4/2019
    806 4/15
    766 4/15
    768 4/15
    570 3/4
    420 3/29
    All my amounts are with a negative balance beside them. I ordered another set of transcripts yesterday so I really don’t know how to read my transcripts. I called on 2/19 when I got the 1541 code she said a 45 day review then 3/1 changed to “being processed “. Got 4464c dated 2/28 on 3/18 been the same since. Nothing.

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    Okayyyyyy, So I file Jan 28th and was accepted the 29th. Feb 5th wmr change to code 1451 and changed to “we are processing your refund” or whatever! Received the 45 day and 60day letter! And still nothing! Called a tax advocate April 16th and she was supposed to get bk to me by the 24th. She didn’t! Left a vmail on April 27th saying she sent my employers letter and w2 over because irs has no record of my making the income I did make. So now she said i should receive my refund the the 16th of may of before. The absolute worst waiting game ever!

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    No I didn’t receive anything else in the mail and wasn’t told too expect anything.
    I just wonder what she had too send over too another department in the IRS…. maybe it was too verify my identity? I’m not sure because i never received anything that told me too verify…

    #4325918 Reply


    Yes, when I called last week she told me she was sending a “file” over.
    She did this while I was on the phone and told me that she had too inform me that it “could” take up too 60 days before I received my refund.

    I was curious if anyone else experienced this and if so how long it took too recieve it.

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    @kaylee – Have you called them since you are past your 60-days? if so, what happened? Did they state that you will be getting anything through the mail? Because I was told if I don’t receive my refund by May 2nd or receive anything by mail to give them a call.

    #4325912 Reply


    @Shannon – I know that the IRS is doing maintenance to the website (transcript) until 1 AM EASTERN TIME.

    #4325911 Reply


    Misty blacko – Hopefully, you get your refund this week! *says a prayer for you and me + other for movement in transcripts this week* AMEN!

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    They need that info to make sure it’s actually you. That way you can access them as much as you’d like online. That’s what I did.

    #4325909 Reply


    Has anyone had someone from the IRS say that they had a file that they needed too ‘send over”
    While on the phone with the IRS?

    This happened to me last week and the lady stated that it could take another 60 days before I see my refund .

    Accepted January 22nd
    Received mail that I was under review back In March, that I should call if I hadn’t heard anything by April 22nd.

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    Do you have access to your transcripts? I wonder what the hell is taking so long with yours. My review will be “complete” in a little over 2 weeks here. I don’t want to get to the date and not get my refund, I can’t imagine how angry you are. Hoping you see your money soon. 🤞🏼

    #4325907 Reply


    How cwhat is the easiest way to access your transcripts because they r asking for credit card account and all this??

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