We Cannot provide any info about your refund?!

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    Robert P

    Ok so Short story, Filed on the 27th accepted on the 28th. I’d say about the 1st-2nd is when the bats disappeared and I got this…,”
    We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    If you electronically filed a complete and accurate tax return you should receive your refund in about 21 days from the received date. If you mailed your return please allow 6 weeks.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    The date you mailed your return.
    Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
    IRS Hours of Service:
    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
    From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059” I’ve heard of TT 152 I need answers though!. Thanks

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    Dawn M

    On Feb 18 filed and accepted by IRS and since the next day when I put my info in WMR it says that I didn’t put in the right info, but I am. What could be going on ??? Has this happened to anyone, it seems like my return isn’t in the system, but they accepted it!! What should I do???



    Got my letter today!



    Just to give a update,

    so I filed on 1/31

    My return went into further review on 2/19 which is the date they told me the letter was sent

    Today, 3/2 I received the 5071C letter, used idverify.irs.gov website to finish the verify

    Now let’s wait



    @DP I’m in the exact same boat, but if it’s not here by Monday I’m calling to make an appointment to my local IRS office and will verify there. This doesn’t make any sense. Transcripts come faster than these letters



    I still have not gotten my letter, from the day they say it was sent, we’re on 11 days. After 14 days I can request them to resend it


    Lynn Texas

    I filed on the 21st and it was accepted on the 23rd and then on the 2nd of Feb. It changed to we can not give u any information on your return. I called and verified and now it’s been almost two weeks and still nothing.



    Filed jan 31st accepted same day. Had 1 bar the next day then the next day it disappeared. Called 21 days after not getting redund and lady told me I had a 5071c letter coming n mail for verification. So latter came Feb 25th I called and verified and now wmr and app still says wrong Information please correct and reenter info.. when will I get my money…..



    Did mine February got accepted feb 26 and im getting that message with topic 152


    Robert S

    It took about 5 days



    How long did it take to get your letter after you filed? IRS told me they mailed it on the 2/19, here we are on 2/27 nothing in the mail yet. I filed on 1/31


    Robert S

    So I filed on the 29th of January. Checked that weekend and I had a message. Called on the 14th just to give the system time. When I spoke to someone they informed I’d get a letter in the mail. So I get the letter and tried to verify online, but that didn’t work because I’m on a phone plan with my brother & they couldn’t verify. I called and went thru the process on the 19th and everything verified. Still no updates on WMR just the same msg about we cannot provide info etc.. feel like I’m stuck in limbo. Did anyone else verify? And when did WMR update.



    I got my verification letter in the mail yesterday. After waiting on hold for an hour last night. She asked a few questions about my refund, mothers maiden name, fathers name, federal withholding, etc. (these might be different questions for you) There is also a reference number on that letter that helps with Identity.
    The woman on the phone told me it can take up to 9 weeks after verification to receive your refund.

    I read in other forums that some people have received it back as early as 4 days after Verification.

    Hope this information helps.



    I hope you get your refund soon ! I had to wait 7 months for mine once I got it I didn’t even care lol



    nope this is my first year having to verify



    Verification did you verify last year ?



    I called today, she said they mailed my verification letter on the 19th, still haven’t gotten it yet



    Mine says the the same thing irs told me to check the 27th due to child tax credit hopefully I’ll have an update by then was verified last year I got my refund in September mind y’all I filed in January of 2018



    Mine still says the same as of this morning i dont know what to do


    Thomas Jewell

    filed on January 18th all it has said is that there is no info on my refund. i did id verification 3 years ago and havent had an issue since. but last year it said the same thing as this year and i got mine back on the first round of refunds. i have no idea. lol please help



    On one hand 9001 just means you accessed the return with a secondary ssn. So for those seeing that use the other ssn on your return



    Gandy, no they dont



    Do your transcripts show review codes by chance?



    An update:

    I called the IRS yesterday, it was on the 20th day mark so she told me to call back tomorrow.

    I called today

    She said my return was received but not posted yet because it required further review, which started on 02/19

    I should be getting a letter in the mail within 14 days (hopefully today or tomorrow though i’m thinking)



    EXCATLY SAME THING HERE ! BUT GOOD NEWS, I filed 01/22 accepted 01/23 then next week they couldn’t provide information. Call the IRS & they couldn’t open my file because it wasn’t 21 days . Next day got a letter in the mail. HAD TO GO TO A LOCAL IRS BUILDING to verify my return . Now everything is back to normal could talk up to 9 weeks for processing. I’m waiting for the update Friday night then i should be able to check WMR ! Fingers crossed but I checked my online transcript & it has no record of my return but does have a cycle date of 03/04 . So after the updated I should have processing bar .


    Robert P

    *Update so I received a letter from the IRS last week. You will most likely have to ID Verify really simple questions if you have this years return and last year easy to pull up if you e-filed. It’s the actual process of waiting for the letter and getting through to the IRS that will be the killer. Just be patient you should call the irs and verify your getting a letter with the number and ext provided. Hope This Helps!.



    I’m also getting the same thing.

    Can not provide any information about my return

    Tax topic 152

    9001 code

    No mail yet, no verification letter yet



    On the IRS website it says that wmr will not be updated until February 23 2019, hope this helps out! I’m crossing my fingers that it shows something then.



    I am in the exact same boat. Filed and accepted the same days as you. Same message. No updates since I first lost the one bar and the message with 9001 showed up. Haven’t received any mail from the IRS, so I don’t know what’s up. I also tried requesting transcripts online, but it said they couldn’t find anything for the info I entered, but all of the info was correct, so idk if that just means they haven’t processed my return or what. I should note that this is my first time filing in about a decade.


    M J

    My refund status shown acceptance January 28th, one bar appeared a week later then received this message; Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.

    Refund due Monday the 18th however holiday so the IRS agent informed me that I should expect it on Tuesday the 19th so still patiently waiting and praying it do.


    Rika M

    Still the same for me


    Kay G

    I filled my taxes on 1/31 got accepted the same day. But now i am getting the same message
    IRS cannot provide any information about your refund . Is this still happening to everyone?



    1/22 filed
    1/23 accepted
    1/31 Updated to the long message (9001)

    2/4 called and was told that a letter was sent out on 1/30 and to verify the information as soon as I get the letter to continue the processing of refund….
    The guy said to wait 14 days from the 1/30 date before calling again if I don’t receive the letter.

    Still no letter as of 2/10 and we have had the same address for 8 years so fingers crossed it will be here Monday!

    Just because many people have gotten the 9001 message does not mean all of them are “error” in system some are legitimate need for further action.



    I filed ours married filing jointly with kids on last Monday 2/4/19 and our federal still hasn’t been deposited but our state was deposited yesterday (California). Oh ya, they both were accepted on Tuesday.



    This message is happening to everyone. I’m sure they’re just overwhelmed after the shutdown.



    Same here..filed 1/28 and accepted same day..show as processing 2days later…no says same thing, but if I enter wife’s SS# it shows as processing



    @ Holly. It’s my experience that just because something happens at one level (meaning state/ federal) it doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen on the other. Have you fled your federal return? If so have you been notified if it’s been accepted? Try not to worry unless you know there’s a reason to. Big words coming from me as I’m panicking about my return because I was accepted 1/22 and still have no information other than the message about processing that I started getting I think 3 days ago. Good luck.



    @Robert P
    They are still processing, I was accepted January 15 and my transcripts just updated last night. My WMR has not updated, but I have heard many people say they received their refund before the tool was updated even. So yes, alott of people have had and do still have the same thing you do. Best wishes.



    Omg read the other post it happened to everyone for about a week.



    @Robert P

    I have had the same message since 1/17. Filed 1/10 accepted 1/14. Many people are reporting the same message and have stated per the IRS it is just a system glitch and refunds are being processed. I sure hope they’re correct.



    Please help! My state return states that my income can ot be verified right now, and will resume once irs contacts emplyers! Wth??? Anyone? Will this be for my federal as well?


    Robert P

    No dependents filed through TT. Idk what’s going on.

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