We Cannot provide any info about your refund?!

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    Robert P

    Ok so Short story, Filed on the 27th accepted on the 28th. I’d say about the 1st-2nd is when the bats disappeared and I got this…,”
    We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    If you electronically filed a complete and accurate tax return you should receive your refund in about 21 days from the received date. If you mailed your return please allow 6 weeks.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    The date you mailed your return.
    Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
    IRS Hours of Service:
    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
    From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059” I’ve heard of TT 152 I need answers though!. Thanks

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    Any updates here

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    Call the 877# for TA you could be on hold over 2 hours but wait. A TA will look you up. Tell you exactly what is wrong. She have me case# phone# and fax# before my TA called me and I faxed.
    Proof of hardship:
    Low bank balance
    Pawn receipts
    Letter of late rent
    Last pay stub and w2 from employer she stated it wasn’t reported.
    Checked wmr this a.m. ddd of may 13!!!.
    In total about 2 weeks to get it or Is be waiting past June14th. Maybe another letter?????

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    I verified my identity 3/28.. I recieved a letter a week ago saying it would take an additional 60 days to review my tax return. I’m so confused I thought I needed to just verify my identity why are you reviewing my taxes if I passed the identity test??….. This is so annoying and I’m fed up and I give up. I will just exempt the rest of the year since I wont get my money.

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    Cory Peterman

    I E-filed my taxes back in March 2019 I got my state return 2 weeks after I did my taxes but have not received my federal & the irs keeps saying they have no information about my refund! I need to know what to do so I can get my refund thank you appreciate it

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    I finally updated to we recurved your return it’s being processed after 3 months of we cannot provide information do we’ll c what happens not counting on it anytime soon

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    Update information if U call the Tax Advocate line and give them your info they will tell U what is going on with your tax return. The number is (877) 777-4778. I found out today that wages was not matching.

    My message was on the we cannot provide any information about the return with the code 9001. It updated last Tuesday to a generic message of we have receive your tax refund and it is being processed. I finally called back today because the 9 weeks for verification is up. I tried calling the original number from the message but could not get thru because of high call volume. So I decided to call the Tax Advocate number and spoke to someone that told me exactly what was wrong with my taxes.

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    Checking: did anyone NOT update off of this to “return is being processed” on April 30th?

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    I’m sure they all hate your ugly ass too! 🤷🏽‍♀️ @Nick Bell sooo uhh what does that have to do with the irs? Not a damn thing stay in LHP with that gang talk don’t think you will make it much further 😅😂

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    Lynn Texas

    Actually ,it was more to it. I filed 1/21 and didn’t know about the verification. Called 2/20 verified and was told by the IRS I was good to go. Weeks went by with no change saw people who verified on here at the same time get a DDD …. so I called back 3/11 and was told the same thing… I’m good. 3/20 I felt that something was still wrong and called the Tax Advocate service and found that my return was on hold because my income wasn’t verified. If I wouldn’t have called the TA’s I would still be waiting

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    @Lynn Texas congrats on your ddd news! So basically from when you verified it took 8 weeks to see a change on WMR?… and you will have your funds on the 9th week? Or did it take the whole 9 weeks before you even updated with a date?

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    Lynn Texas

    *update* Finally got a DDD after 90days of waiting!!!

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    Lynn Texas

    Also I originally filed 1/22 and didn’t know about the verification until late feb

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    Lynn Texas

    @Scotty, I didn’t wait the 9 weeks. It didn’t feel right so I called the Tax Advocates and found that my income was showing. It depends on your situation if u need to call and get help.

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    @ Lynn Texas
    Thank you for replying back I just wanted to get a exact timeframe I might end of waiting for my refund I know everyone’s situation is different but from the looks of things it looks like it’s taking 6 out of the 9 weeks they tell you you have to wait so I’ll be on the look out maybe the first week of may hopefully sooner good luck everyone

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    Lynn Texas

    Yes, I have to ID verify. I verified 2/20. As of yesterday the WMR is still saying the same thing.

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    @ Lynn Texas
    Did you have to ID Verify and are you still getting the same message on wmr because every time i check it it continues to say we cannot provide info filed and accepted 1/14 ID verified on 3/22

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    Lynn Texas

    Hey fellow filers, *update* I have finally talked to a TA on the 12 and was told my return was released but there’s no DD. It can deposit tomorrow or next week.
    So there’s hope!!! I’ve been waiting since 1/22

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    Filed 1/24 on-line and was accepted the next day. I have received my state return but no federal. Received the letter to verify my identity. I did that on 2/19. My information cannot be provided when I go to WMR. It has been 5 1/2 weeks since I verified my identity. I called last week and was told I was approved and all was good. I guess when they say to wait an additional 9 weeks they mean it. :( I have heard 6 weeks so I am hoping I get my refund next week.

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    My return was accepted on the 12th of Feb and only 1 day it showed that it has been approved then it showed the same messages about not being able to provide a refund. It has already been 6 weeks and still nothing. Always on hold when I call IRS so I don’t know what’s going on with my tax. Any advice?

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    You guys got a check or direct deposit?

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    I got my refund check!

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    Filed 1/8 using previoud years w-2 (same job 6years, no income change; compang was bought in 2015, but w2 info remained under old company up to 2017)

    Accepted 1/14 (cant remember if i ever had any bars; if i did i missed it)

    2/19 received ID verify letter; verified same day online

    2/25 called IRS to check status, had to ID verify again online

    Have always had 9001 code since the very beginning (did find out late january that company w-2 info changed)

    At some point my account transcript changed from “no file returned” to an automated letter telling me the IRS cant provide any info, and to call the ID theft line myself or have my representative call a telephone number

    Mailed amended return certified on 3/11(included updated w2 with same income, but different company name and company TIN, also original stamped childcare receipt from my daughter’s nursery school), tracking says it was delivered 3/13.

    Still no update since the transcript became a letter about ID theft.

    This has been a living nightmare from hell. I depend on that money to balance all bills and keep myself in good financial standing, so this has been confusing and fristrating ordeal. The IRS tells me nothing except “wait 9 weeks” after ID verify. No other mailed letters since ID Verify, and IRS claims return went back to processing after telephone ID Verify. I give up. :(

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    Melissa Kreutner

    When I finally got through they told me that my employer (ivy tech college) hadn’t reported my employment to them and that it would be another at least 45 -90 days before it would be resolved. I had all of the exact same info on my wmr as u have listed above.

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    Filed March 4th and still nothing under my info. No record of anything, even with my state returns. NY here. What is going on????

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    I actually filed around February 15. My status said the same exact thing. After it saying that for weeks without a update so I decided to call and was told to Id verify. Went into my local office on the 13th of March. Woke up Wednesday morning to an upside that they received my return and it’s being processed. Today woke up with a due date of the 27th. So it’s moving.

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    Call again macus210. Act as if you got the same verification letter in the mail again. Same tax year. Same control number. Same everything . They will tell you to disregard it. Then you can ask them how everything is looking and they will tell you what’s real instead of saying wait the 9 weeks. Normally, they will tell you to just wait it out. Eff that nonsense.

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    On phone same day

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    @Marcus210 and Phil, did you guys verify online or over the phone? The first year I filed online was 2016 and I waited forever. I called the IRS and they said they were showing no records of me identifying myself. Wtf? I had to verify again over the phone. I checked online today with DDD of 03/27/19.

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    @Marcus210 I’m in the same boat f/a 1/15 and still nothing verified 2/15 maybe it has something to do with how early we filed hopefully we’re in the next round because this is sickening watch others get it days after verifying.

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    F/a 1/16
    Id verified on 2/15
    What the hell is going on. This is bs. Taking too long. When will i get my return .

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    How do you know your date of deposit on tax transcripts? I still have no updates on wmr….

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    No update!!! Smh

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    Lynn Texas

    *Update*after weeks of nothing I had to reach to TA’s, I called Monday 3/18 and stayed on hold for 2hrs until the office was closed. Tuesday morning I called at 7a and was on hold for another 2hrs almost 3, but I was approved to have them open my case.
    I was told that my refund is in review because my employer didn’t report my earnings. How is this possible when I have W2’s your guess is as good as mines. Also, unemployement is also claiming that I had earnings with them in 2018. I did not, I worked the whole yr with my current employer. I won’t know anything until Friday. People make sure you know how your return was filed through ur tax preparer because if you can’t answer the questions regarding ur refund, they are marking it fraudulent. Just because you didn’t pay attention to the information all the way.

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    Same here called this morning. Irs lady to me to call back after may 10th. Smh….

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    I have verifed online as well received my Congrats/Confrimation and this was on 3/6 and called the IRS just now and she told me to act as if I just filed on the 6th and it will be 9wks she said it may take that long :-( She said just hang in there and give at least 6 weeks before i call back and wait that long also to check the WMR tool. THIS IS SO SAD!!!

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    I verified on the 25th of Feb, filed in January talked to tax advocate and they stated the IRS needs an additional 45 days from the date that is on my tax transcript which is March 25th. It just keeps getting delayed longer and longer. The way it is going my refund will not be back till July…. :”(

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    Filed using TT last 2/14/19, approved the same day
    Refund Status: Received, then showed the same Tax Topic 152 for a couple of weeks -_-

    Got the letter for ID verification 3/7/19, couldn’t verify online for some reason – so I called 3/11/19 they said it’ll take 9 weeks to process the DD

    3/15/19 Refund Status: still the same Tax Topic 152 – called and requested for a tax advocate, they said the Refund Stat should be updated within 1-2 weeks after you verify

    3/17/19 Refund Status: Refund Approved

    DDD 3/20/19

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    Has anyone updated???

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    31 days since ID verify and still NO UPDATE!!!

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    DP I have called and I get three different stories from the tax advocate so who knows. Hopefully something updates soon. My website still says can not give any information. However my tax transcript does have those codes except for the last one with a refund date…lol I filed back in January and Verified on the 25th of Feb. Fingers crossed something updates for the good next week.

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    Don’t worry av, i’m sure you will see an update on 3/22.

    When did you originally file?

    It might be a good idea to contact a tax advocate and just get a idea of whats going on. I noticed when I called the number on WMR, the people were really unhelpful.

    I filed on 1/31, received my verification letter on 3/2, and today I received a DDD of 3/22

    Here were my codes:

    Blank transcript before 3/8
    On 3/8:
    150 Tax return filed 20191005 03-25-2019
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2019
    660 Estimated tax payment 03-16-2018
    896 Overpayment Credit Offset 03-25-2019
    971 Notice issued 03-25-2019
    570 Additional account action pending 03-25-2019
    On 3/15
    571 Resolved additional account action 04-01-2019
    846 Refund issued 03-22-2019

    I have no idea why everything is dated for the future?? But whatever, fingers crossed I get my refund on the 22nd, fingers crossed you get a update on the 22nd

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    DP Nothing has changed on my end says the same thing it did before. : ”'(

    #4315203 Reply


    I didn’t get update today .

    Returns accepted 1/22/19
    ID verify 1st time on 2/12/19
    Had to reverfiy on 3/1/19 by phone because online must have not worked if I didn’t call to check I wouldn’t have known
    My codes
    150 3/11/19
    570 3/11/19
    766 7/15/19
    Also the date at the top that shows the balance did change last week from 3/11/19 to 3/25/19 but the dates at the bottom remain the same .
    I called irs yesterday and they said to wait the 9 weeks and they couldn’t look at my file which I thought was odd.
    Anybody got any thoughts on my refund ?

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    This is what my transcript says…

    PROCESSING DATE March 25, 2019

    … does that mean mine is 3/25?

    #4315189 Reply


    av, did you get any updates to your transcript today?

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    DP Happy for you my transcript still shows no DD yet.

    #4314670 Reply


    My transcript shows a DD date of 3/22 yayy

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    Areil Smith

    Irs received my paper return (IP pin was lost)
    It said received 2-27 bars disappeared next day .. Called 4 days ago .. They said due to IP pin needed to verify. I did over the phone . They closed that review same day .. I Kno they say 9 weeks but what are you guys averaging out as far as time between verification and ddd

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    DP thanks, I have tried to call them I have left messages so hopefully I get a response back from them or see it tomorrow. Thank you for the info.

    #4313709 Reply



    when I spoke to the advocate about my refund, she said the reason I got the 570 was because due to the amount, it needed approval.

    If they processed your refund, and you log into IRS.gov and see your 2018 AGI, there is a good chance you will have a DD date tomorrow in your transcript.

    My WMR still says cannot provide any info. My transcripts don’t show any DD dates but since the advocate told me they couldn’t take my case because a refund was already scheduled, i’m inclined to believe them.

    #4313687 Reply


    DP my cycle code on my transcript said 20191005
    and I had the code of 570 Additional account action pending. Than there was a processing date of 3/25/19. I hope you are right this is ridiculous the way things are going this year I received my state long ago than they want you to verify your identity none of it makes any sense. Fingers crossed.

    #4313658 Reply


    av, if your cycle ends in 05, you should be getting a update tomorrow, hopefully your refund too

    #4313086 Reply


    DP I am in the same situation as you I verified on the 25th of Feb and I have the same codes as you do however the tax transcript states no deposit date? Do you have other dates that show up on your transcript? I have 3/25/19 on my processing date.

    #4312750 Reply


    Update, I spoke to a tax advocate and they said I was scheduled for a refund on 03/15, even though my transcript doesn’t reflect it yet (maybe because im a weekly)

    #4312509 Reply


    I verified my I.D on Feb 25th and my wmr hadnt changed. just got off the phone with an advocate and was told that another department picked up my return and i have to give them 60 days to review. The IRS sucks!!!

    #4311180 Reply


    Mine still says cannot provide any information and I verified the 25th of February

    #4311161 Reply


    I finally got my DDD for 3/13/19. For those who have verified and it’s been more than a week. I suggest calling that number with the 362 ext and requesting a tax advocate. I used one last year and trust me it expedites the process. Good luck to you all.

    #4311132 Reply


    I filed February 2nd got accepted the same day .. few days go by bars disappear with the cannot provide any information message! 152 tax topic and reference #9001 I called after the 21 days verified 25th of February everything was good and I’m still getting cannot provide any information about your refund. Can someone tell me what’s wrong.. they say 9 weeks

    #4310962 Reply


    UPDATE I just got my direct deposit today.

    #4310941 Reply


    Im n the same boat.. I filed and accpt. 1/28 then got letter 2/15 & verified same day.. Wmr still cannot provide info.. What do this mean exactly??? Not sure what that damn president did but its delayed alot of this… They need to update software before tax time… Uggh

    #4310930 Reply


    I’m on cycle 20191005

    My transcripts updated this morning

    971 Notice Issued
    570 Additional account action pending

    Hopefully WMR updates tomorrow, it still says unable to provide info. But since i’m on a weekly cycle I believe it will update tonight.

    #4310784 Reply

    Robert S


    How did you speak to an advocate?

    #4310685 Reply



    We are tired of YOU. Go away. It’s 2019, nobody here is falling for your scam.

    #4310671 Reply


    Are you tired of being in debt? Are you tired of working hard everyday and still not making ends meet? Well I have info on making legit money today! If you have an active bank account, call or text me at 469-530-4599. No scams no frauds! 2 hour process, same day payouts!!

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    Ok so I too have this message on my wmr I called and talked to an advocate today I I’d verified on 2-27 she said my wmr hasn’t updated but what she can see I have a DDD of 3-13. I’m so excited to finally have all this behind me this year. Good luck to everyone who hasn’t seen any movement yet just know its coming!!!!

    #4310632 Reply


    I had to call in to verify, and she said it takes another 9 weeks to push through and for me to just keep watching bc sometimes it’s sooner than that. So I imagine if you did your 5071c verification online and you didn’t talk to an actual person, that’s the same case for you.

    #4310410 Reply


    Update: filed accepted 1/31, got 5071c verification letter on 3/2, still no updates to transcript or WMR

    #4309871 Reply


    If your a weekly they will end in 05

    #4309868 Reply


    I verified on the 15th no update called yesterday said I would have to keep waiting I’m so annoyed I’m praying all of us get a update this weekend 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    #4309847 Reply


    No updayes here. Verified id on feb 14

    #4309826 Reply


    Has anyone got an update after ID verify????????

    #4309796 Reply


    Will do, no updates yet.. I am starting to think i’m a weekly because the one update I got happened on a saturday

    my transcripts still say N/A no record of return filed

    #4309336 Reply



    Let me know how you make out. Same is going on for me

    #4309258 Reply



    ID verified on 3/2

    WMR still showing unable to provide info

    Calling IRS now for a update, at least a confirmation that my ID verify was received

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