Walmart Money Card Stimulus

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    Anybody received their stimulus on WMC yet?

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    Joy walker

    Have tried calling and using the app and text but nothing what is going on with my card

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    Website/app/phone still down. But I texted BAL + last 4 digits of my card number to 96411. It took about 30 minutes to get a response but I just got my balance. My check deposited. Married filed jointly – I got the whole stimulus amount.

    Info: I’m in Indiana

    IRS website said deposited to last 4 of my Walmart account number (not card and not ssn).m on 4/15.

    Mine is here! I hope you all get some clarity soon!

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    Have not got ours niether. There website isn’t letting us log in to check.

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    Mune says deposited into account….last four of my social ….this is so irritatind

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    I’m not sure what’s going on. I can’t login the wmc app anymore. And when I called it says my card number doesn’t exist but I just checked the balance this morning.

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    The IRS get my payment portal jus said it didn’t recognize my info and locked me out immediately after the first try. I know my info is correct and they are full of shit. I’m over it already. Oh yeah I filed with Jackson hewitt and received the loan so I have to update direct deposit Info or wait for paper check.

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    I also have an account with Capital One, their site is down as well. It seems as though it’s just everyone checking at the same time which caused the site and phones to go down

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    Can not log in and irs
    Still has my social
    Tax man don’t know

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    I got a payment of $5 from my stimulus check today at 12am CST. Website is down and when I called the number it says they’re experiencing technical difficulties. Hopefully I get the rest of my check soon. I don’t know what to do

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    I’m a tax preparer and I’m headed to the office because we received a notification that some people money were deposited into TPG. If they have a way of telling if it’s a regular tax return or stimulus payment they will issue it like you received your tax refund. If they can’t, they will send it back to the irs. I wish I can upload pics of the message but I can’t

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    Randy Allyn

    [email protected] is the site down

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    Yes it was the full stimulus amount , it also showed the last 4 digits of the WMC account number on the IRS website

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    something is wrong with the site i can’t login or call🤦🏽‍♀️

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    Also to check your balance text this number 96411 and in the text box put. Bal then the last 4 digits of your card number. It should text your balance to you.

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    I didn’t get an email from Walmartmoneycard and my money was still deposited this morning. They never send out tax refunds early, only on the date the irs gives. So I guess they just did the same with the stimulus payments.

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    I also got an e-mail last Friday from Walmartmoneycard letting me know that my stimulus payment was scheduled for deposit into my account on April 15…

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    Anyone irs site show last 4 of social security instead of WMC account number. Has anyone got theirs yet i’m in ohio

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    We were told by our Merchant Banks that they would be bulk turning over all banking information to the IRS for processing. However some of the Stimulus payments were sent before some of the information could transfer so direct deposits should be showing up over the next 24-48 Hours. If you use Get My Payment App and see the last four of your social this is why.

    This is from my Tax Guy that went through Santa Barbara

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    Mine also says the last 4 digits of my SSN. I remember during tax time. It was on there about 10am CST

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    Was it the full amount?

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    I tried checking yesterday and today still nothing or not reading anything and a plus the login not working

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    I’m glad it’s not just my account that’s having issues…I’ll just wait…nothing else to do

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    I received mine at 6:52am CST on Walmart MoneyCard, since then, the site and phones are down

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    If it says the last 4 of your ss then it’ll be a paper check!

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    Rita mine shows as my
    Last 4 as well and I haven’t received mine

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    Don’t know if i have stimulus or not website and app is down on the east coast apparently

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    I just wanna verify that folk who IRS where my payment said theirs was deposited into a bank account that had the last 4 digits of the Ssn ..Got their money on their Walmart money card? I can wait for the payment. I just wanna know will it come to that card?

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    Steven harris


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    I meant still no stimulus check. This is stressful. It shows it was deposited

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    I have a Walmart money card and it shows my card number but no refund.

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    Tee 🌻

    Just to give you all a sense of relief , when I received my tax refund on my WMC it was the day of , but it wasn’t available until about 4 or 5 in the afternoon .

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    The IRS website displayed the last 4 of my account number which is the same account that I’ve used for the last two years.

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    I recieved exactly half of what we should have received this morning at 6am est. I am freaking out. I still have not recieved my tax refund and I did my taxes more than 2 months ago. I need this to survive. Now I cannot access app, online or their phones. Its going to be a long day. I moved into the vault and no have no access to even the money I have.
    I’m not so happy right now.

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    If I filed my 2k19 taxes through the Walmart money card will the stimulus check get deposited on the Walmart money card?

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    I was just able to login to Walmart Money Card online using my laptop. Still no stimulus deposit. Has anyone received their stimulus on WMC that had their bank account number showing the last 4 digits of SSN through the IRS Get My Payment link???

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    David Xavier

    I haven’t got my money yet

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    Tee 🌻

    The get my payment website is displaying account number , but it’s the last 4 of my social .

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    Is anyone else having problems with login to your account?
    The phone lines are not even working.

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    the app and website is not working . i just checked..

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    There phone number not working either has any ill need tried the Get my Payment website yet

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    Tee 🌻

    My WMC is also displaying the last 4 of my social . The app & website are both not working .

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    David Nichols

    I can’t call nor check the app. Just trying to check and see if stimulus is on. Says it will be on today. . Card # is 4373034095318721. David Nichols

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    Portia S

    My WMMC had a suspicious pending deposit of $0.00 the other night and then it disappeared. Still haven’t received stimulus deposit yet.

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    Heather B

    Nothing in Houston and the irs website said I entered the wrong info (which I didnt) and locked me out. FRUSTRATING!

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    Mine have my last 4 of ssn anybody got a payment with their WMC that had the same?

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    If my last 4 digits of my SSN was listed as the bank account number, does this mean it has been electronically deposited to my Walmart money card?

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    Taylor did ur refund on the irs acct number have the last 4 of ur ssn or ur walmsrt acct number

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    I got mine in flint, MI

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    Tasha did ur refund on the irs acct number have the last 4 of ur ssn or ur walmsrt acct number

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    Nope nothing 8:05 est

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    Got it….wmmc. Must have posted within the last hour because it wasn’t on there at 6:00 cst.

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    Nothing yet.

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    I have the gold card and nothing.. wth

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    where you located @dan

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    Got it. 6:37AM CST.

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    Bob Craig

    Nothing here yet. South Florida

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    Still nothing…im in chicago…its 6 am

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    I still haven’t got anything for my stimulus check Walmart money card I’m here in #CHICAGO ITS 5:45 am someone let me know if they got their direct deposit

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    Still nothing walmart money card

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    Nothing for me yet either. My payroll check usually posts by 6:00 a.m. Central time with Green Dot so hopefully that ish gets here in an hour! Stay safe everyone.

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    I’ve got the gold card and still NOTHING😥😥…it’s bad enough my refund is still being held hoping for my stimulus deposit soon!

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    Still no. Waiting impatiently lol

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    I just got mine on green dot

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    Still nothing for me

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    Still nothing on mine this sucks!

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    not yet. Hoping by Wednesday it hits.

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    My tax refund normally posts between 3am-6am

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    No not yet! I have the blue Walmart money card if that makes in difference

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    Yes. Hopefully tomorrow since we can’t see pending transactions. Keep me posted on the progress. Thank you.

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    No. I always get payroll early. I just got off the phone with them. They didnt have a clue. Hopefully we’ll see it tomorrow.

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    I’m in the same boat. Have the original greendot card for years now. Payroll deposits 1 day before. Anything from IRS is day of. Good to know I’m not the only one. Gives me hope that we’ll actually see deposit tomorrow. 😊

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