Walmart Money Card Stimulus

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    Anybody received their stimulus on WMC yet?

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    So I believe it is my 2nd or 3rd post here DD was April 30 we received a letter saying my husband’s back child support took half about $2,000 and the other half for me and my kids ok.. cool.. Child support deposited made and baby momma got it on 5-12-20 so if child support is working faster then Green Dot/Walmart Money Card something is not right. We need to get lawyers involved and find out where our money is APRIL 30 DD Somebody who knows PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sean Patrick

    Had a date for 28th May. Cant get an answer to where my money is, went . Call daily to request any type of rejection or return deposits. Just REALLY fed up.

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    1444 letter and “Get My Payment” Status DD May 6,2020. No one to call and speak to and the people I have at green-dot are clueless and rude

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    Well my DD was 4/29 and of course I was waiting everyday…. So got my letter one day and got another letter next day saying both mine and my husband’s had been kept for back support from 20 years ago which was taken care of when he became disable,so now I have to feel out a form for injured spouse and wait some more,as bad as I need the money I don’t know if it’s worth the aggravation!

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    Alena pardi


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    What the crap no stimulus DD yet my DD was may 13

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    jamie bryant

    my money was supposed to be put on my card on may 20 n still nothing ugh

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    IRS Chk was supposed to deposit 5/6 and nothing 2 weeks later? WM is not answering the phone ):

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    Evidently if you owe back child support your stimulus check will go to that according to the letter i got today….so no check for me..

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    What takes them so long deposit stimulus check

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    Got my letter in the mail stating my deposit was made on the 29th but like so many others nothing in my account yet .

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    DD April deposit still but I did receive my Metter in the mail on Saturday

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    2nd post DD April 30 and still nothing. So very frustrating why do they think they can treat us like this and answer to no one!!!!

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    No.Nobody has gotten theirs from the 29th.Bastards has stole them.

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    Has anyone received there check from dd 4/29/2020

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    Had a 4/29 date on irs site but now it shows bank info needed. Never received letter in mail either.

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    There’s one attorney that has handled several cases against green dot and walmart money cases 5615670421 robert cowles

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    DD was 4/29. Got my letter today saying I would receive it direct deposit but still no deposit! What a mess!!! Now What

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    i received the LETTER….DD 4/29…..still NO MONEY !!

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    DDD of April 29 and nothing, I received my letter as well stating it was deposited April 29…

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    4/30 ddd finally got it yesterday good luck i was so sure it was gone but idk wtf took it so long more then 2 weeks wish ya the best of luck no more wmmc for me

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    I think the IRS needs to look into this. Walmart is screwing everyone that uses their cards over.

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    May 13 was supposed to be my DD too nothing. What is going on.

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    I got my letter from the White House saying I got my stimulus check but still nothing in my account ….wtf

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    DD for the 29th and still nothing in my account and still no one to contact . Looks like I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for tomorrow or Monday

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    Nothing today. I think Walmart/Greendot has screwed a lot of us over.

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    Has anybody that had a DD for April 29 or 30 gotten their money or heard anything new? Please let us know if you do and I will do the same!

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    Has anyone ever gotten they stimulous on a walmart card yet

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    I’m at the point I’m afraid we are all going to get screwed!! If never seen a problem that didn’t have some way of contacting someone that could tell us what to do,why hasn’t the irs done something?they have to be aware by now!!

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    As of April 14 still no stimulus check… I.R.S. deposit it on April 30, 2020 Family of 6 both parents work for schools.

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    DDD 5/13/2020 ,,,,,,I haven’t seen any money on Walmart money card and no answer from wmmc

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    DD 4/29 still nothing !!!
    Local news did a piece on it and seems that the 29th seems to be missing alot of people’s accounts. Still can’t get ahold of the IRS and still nothing . UGH !!! Where is our money !!!

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    I wonder why it’s everyone from the DDD of the 29th? Yes I agree it should be addressed and someone held accountable.

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    We all and the us government needs to sue walmart for this duck up.if it’s has to completely reduce all this at a time like this walmart should pay heavily.

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    Why isn’t this being addressed? There’s so many of us!

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    DD 4/29 and still nothing.

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    DD 4/29…….STILL NOTHING !!!

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    DD 4/29….still nothing!

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    Another day, no Stimulus in the acct…hmmm..starting to wonder if Wal Mart Money Card is keeping the 29th deposits to gain interest for the day of deposits would get back millions of lost revenue in a months interest on all the deposits the IRS made

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    Ddd 4/30 still no answers still says deposited in my acc

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    Yet another day and nothing iny account or nothing in the mail even though the 29th was my deposit.

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    I think Walmart has just scammed a lot of us.

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    My DD was 4/29 still says same thing on the get my payment still nothing,just don’t understand ,have no idea what to do!wish they would just mail it!

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    Nothing on my card yet ….this is getting beyond crazy ….

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    @Alaysia1 same thing . Another day waking up with nothing in the account :(.
    Starting to get worries now .

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    DD 4/29….and still nothing in the account…

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    Had a DDD of 4/29 and still nothing. Have noticed my savings catcher (not my actual balance) is in the negative?? IDK how that even possible. And everytime I sign in to my card the last couple of days it says my card has been locked since: and give me random dates from last December. I have not locked my card since the day before my DDD in case that would’ve messed it up. I have NO IDEA whats going on with WMC and my card activity. But its getting hopeless to get any answers from ANYONE.

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    Stimulus check update: wmc must have rejected dd because i got a mailing date of 5/18 for the check this morning. Whoever lived at my house before me got their stimulus check here in the mail at the end of april. They still never came for it. Hope this helps.

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    @casey. Not me.
    Scheduled for the 29th of April and still isn’t in my bank .

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    Trump wins

    My dd date was 4/30…still nothing. Guess I’m waiting for check instead. Good thing I didn’t spend my hard earned money on yappy broads these past years.

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    Okay everyone so i had a pending date of 04/30 on the irs website. but still didnt get my check, now when i checked it says my check will be mailled out by the 15th. so i guess the walmart card/ declined the transaction. I hate it took so long. i should have just had it to go to my regular bank.. all this time. atleast i know. it wont go on there.. so go check yours for the people still looking for answers.

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    @Will myddd was 4/30 still nothing my wives was 4/15 they depostwd to wrong account sent back 4/25 deposited into wtong account again 4/29 a check was sent 5/1 check was received moral of the story should just got a check no telling when I’ll get mine

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    Just talked to someone from my WMC they said my pending dd has been cancelled!!??

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    Mine also is the 29th of April and I still haven’t gotten mine. I talked to a Walmart money card support 2 times and they said they didn’t know why but that this delay had been common right now but the checks will eventually come…. that’s crazy !
    And cant reach live support at IRS.

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    My deposit day was 4/30 according to the irs. Wmcard says they dont see a pending deposit. They want a trace number there is no way to contact irs.. this is crazy. I will never again use walmart money card for any type of deposit.

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    @linda I know the feeling . Not sure if it is WMC or the IRS though. Seems alot of people haven’t got theres that were suppose to be on the 29th
    Our local news did a bit on it this morning so hopefully that gets the ball rolling.

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    WMC really let slot of people down, don’t think I’ll ever trust them again!

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    did for April 29th and nothing,no updates no anything have no idea what to do!

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    @Boxcar mine was 29th nothing yet. Still pending according to them.

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    @ Boxcar…IRS told me the 29th was my DD…but WMC still not showing there’s a deposit even pending yet..when I called them they said I need to get a tracer number from IRS to track it

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    So a WMC rep told me today that they are processing them in batches to . Has anyone had a statement saying they were gonna be deposited on the 29th of April and not yet received there’s ?

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    Just wanted to update I had a deposit date of May 6th and at 4 this morning I got my deposit I know things are hard for everyone right now and waiting is the hardest part but be patient your money is coming

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    April 29th scheduled deposit and today is may 6th a d nothing yet .
    WMC says they show nothing for a deposit and that I have to contact the IRS .
    Lovely .

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    I’ve had my wmc for 4 yrs.

    Imput my account information on Irs Website

    Rec’d a notification of pending deposit on 5/01/2020.
    It advised deposit will be released in 5 days.

    Ddd on IRS site 5/6/2020

    My deposit was available in my account on 5/6/2020 around 4 am.

    Hope this information helps

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    I spoke with someone and they said they need a trace number from the IRS if I wanna call and get it bc they see nothing deposited and nothing pending. She said there is waives they get released in and my waiver hasn’t come up. Idk how true that is but I’m frustrated bc idk who is lying. My DD is april 30th and nothing pending on may 5th. I dont mind waiting for a check or even for the deposit but I want facts

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    I called WMC and they said there’s never been a deposit on May 29th and that I need a tracking number for said deposit to proceed…lmao right now!

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    I called the number on back of my WMC. Thats what they keep telling me it’s still pending.

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    Still haven’t received mine. IRS says DD on April 30th. Its May 5th no. Still no sign of it and nobody has any information regarding it.

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    I would like to know how you see pending deposits as that’s not a feature that WMMC gives you. Anyway I had a DD of the 30th and they rejected it. Now have mail date of the 11th. Just updated today.

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    4/29 Never Forget…

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    How do you tell if its pending? Mine doesn’t show that on my laptop or android? My DD was supposedly on the 29th but still nothing

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    Yes Mine has been pending since my ddd the 29th.

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    Did anyone receive the notification that the deposit is pending but didn’t receive the payment ?

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    So apparently green dot and WMC is rejecting the stimulus checks. Then why did they get people to run out and buy their stupid cards to have them deposited and turn around and reject the payment!

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