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Waiting on the 846!

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    IGMR Admin

    Did you get your transcript with 846 yet?

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    My transcript shows today code 846 with refund date of 4/13. My transaction code is 20200705. I received a 60 day notice early March. With help of a tax advocate, we found out one of my W2s wasn’t showing and I got that remedied. Today my transcript updated.

    Curious if I should expect the refund 4/13 or if it might come sooner.

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    @jon848 did u ever recieve a letter in the mail?

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    Sherita L Thornton

    I filed January 29,2019 give me a update please.

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    Sherita L Thornton

    I filed January 29 2019 give me a update

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    @Worried Sick

    You said you had debt from student loans
    but had 846 code with DDD

    Did you get you refund? or did they take it?

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    Filed 1/28, accepted 1/29. DDD 2/27/19. 1 dependent.. DD hit 2/24/19 at 9:56p CST with Netspend!!!

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    846 code showing on my Account transcript. 2.27.2019 WOOT! Just waiting on the status to update in the next few hours I hope!

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    Got my 846 code on my transcripts come on Wednesday 2/27😁 you can find code on bottom of transcript under account transcripts. Get transcripts on line at Irs .gov good luck

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    Worried Sick

    Filed 02/05/19
    Accepted 02/05/19
    Path Message 02/08/19
    Still Processing WMR (NO BARS) 02/15-21/2019
    Transcript Updated Code 846 refund issued 2/27/19 DDD

    I have a (debt) listed on the IRS offset hotline from dept of education for a defaulted student loan. It’s not showing on transcript. Will I receive my refund or can it still be intercepted. My WMR will possibly update on tomorrow morning. I’m praying not offset notice pops up * fingers crossed*

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    The IRS is updating the WMR twice a week, I have clients who status has been update on both Fridays and Saturdays in the same week. I had 3 clients taxes processed within the past two weeks who were all approved today and status updated. I had two clients who were also done with the past 3 weeks who status was updates on Saturday of that same week. I also have my personal return no bars but script says refund issued 022719. I will be checking tomorrow. I suggest check tomorrow as well.

    the pattern I see is if your approved and bar updated on Friday you can expect a Monday deposit, if you update and bars show approved on Saturday you an expect a Wednesday deposit.

    i hope this helps someone!!!

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    So no update on wmr but just checked transcripts and code 846 2/27 ddd
    My cycle 20190405
    Filed 1/15th processed 2/11th
    Hope this helps check transcripts my wmr still says being processed

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    Nicole Richmond

    Hey, just checked my tax account transcripts, they are adjusting my return, it seems, but not much of a huge difference, but I don’t see the 846 code yet, but my bars just disappeared today. Do they update the returns frequently? Should I check again next week (transcripts)

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    I just got my 846 code today with 2/22/2019 date. Wmr shows no more path msg and a generic ‘we are processing your return ‘ message. So it’s moving along now and will see what happens next week.

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    What is the 846 and where can i find it on transcript?

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    Have 846 – Issue Date of 2/13 – nothing in WMR – Cycle 20190605

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    No. What time do transcripts update?

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    I’ve seen them start as early as 3:40ish, then continue throughout the day

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    Ginger Larry

    I don’t know much about it!

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    Danielle Knight

    05/04/2018- Got my 846 CODE this morning :) very happy camper!!!!!!

    Says Refund issued 5/9/2018

    Received date was 4/15/2018

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    I got my transcript today. Everything on it is post dated…
    filed dated of 4/9/18
    Credit dates of 4/15/18
    846 date of 3/28/18

    I filed and was accepted 3/5/18

    Are the other dates always post dated? Should I expect my refund in April, or maybe sooner?

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    2018 tax season

    just wanted to share some info I got from my TA

    ive been a long time creeper on her and I, like everyone else have been grabbing at straws to figure out what was actually going on

    1. if you did DD, your deposit will be on a wednesday
    2. if you did a paper check, your deposit will be on a friday
    3. updates happen on thursday nights

    I really hope that helps!

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    Is 846 really a thing this year?

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    Filed 2/28, but wasn’t accepted until 3/1 as per my tax preparer. I called irs today and they state they started processing on 3/8…when would transcripts be available? Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Ok, little help here.It looks like they screwed up in auditing my return and issued me two refunds as I have two 846 codes. No direct deposit in my account this morning either. Thoughts form the group on when I should expect a refund?

    150 Tax return filed 20180905 03-19-2018
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2018
    826 Credit transferred out to 03-19-2018
    1040 201512
    971 Notice issued 03-19-2018 $0.00
    971 Notice issued 03-19-2018 $0.00
    570 Additional account action pending 03-19-2018 $0.00
    571 Resolved additional account action 03-26-2018 $0.00
    846 Refund issued 03-16-2018
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2018
    290 Additional tax assessed 20181105 04-02-2018 $0.00
    971 Notice issued 04-02-2018 $0.00

    846 Refund issued 03-23-2018

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    Submitted 1/29. Accepted 1/30. Stayed that way for about 3 weeks (bars disappeared and “we’re still processing your return showed up) then i got a letter to send in form 1095 & 8962. Sent it in 2days later (2/26). They confirmed receipt about a week later. Then no movement until yesterday (3/17) when my bars reappeared, showing approved and that i should have refund no later than 3/26 & notifying me that they changed my refund amount. Transcript is available and shows refund date of 3/21. Keep hope alive everyone! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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    I filed with turbo tax Jan 29 , my WMR still says processing , I got the letter saying they need more time do nothing , I’ve called a few times told to wait as well , I can’t get my transcripts online but I have by mail ,even got one aftdrcthe 03/05/18 date that came and sent with no changes on ANYTHING …. frustrated ….

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    Transcripts finally available today! Filed 1/22, accepted 1/23. had to fax in form 8692 on Feb.28th, WMR updated this morning with two bars and refund date March 21st. Good luck everyone

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    I filed on 1/30 with TurboTax and have not seen a substantial wmr update since. Received 4464c letter on 3/12. So, who knows this year? Waiting seems to be the best and only option.

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    When is the next big update for wmr? Is it this Saturday? I filed 2/28/18 and don’t see any updates as of yet.

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    @ Jessica: I’m in the same boat with you!

    @Rob: Congrats.

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    Filed and accepted by IRS on 3/2. 846 Refund Issued updated on Account Transcript on 3/12/18 (with refund issued date of 3/16). WMR updated on 3/14 with Refund Approved and DDD of 3/16.

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    I am beyond irritated at this point. I filed and was accepted on 1/31 with EIC and ACTC. It’s March 14th and I have yet to receive my refund. WMR has said “take action” 1541 since the first week of February. Ordered transcripts. Last code says 570 Feb. 26th. Cycle 0605. I’ve called the IRS twice and twice I’ve been told that they need nothing from me. Just wait. Well I am sick of waiting. I’m relying on this money and can’t use a TA. I just don’t get how I’ve seen people who’ve filed LONG after me who’ve already received their refunds. I’ve NEVER waited this long for my refund before and I’m getting sick of being told that the IRS needs nothing from me. Then what’s with the delay!!

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    Finally got on 03/13/2018: code 846 fund released
    Was under review
    Filed 01/29/2018
    Bar disappeared on 02/17/2018
    Take action: Code 1541
    Called IRS on 03/02/2018, learnt that l was under review
    Called tax advocate on 03/05/2018, told l was picked under random review should wait for later to arrive by 03/12/2018.
    No letter received
    03/13/2018: code 846 fund released

    I had the following codes
    570 . 03/05/2018
    971, 03/12/2018

    Claimed child credit and american opportunity

    I hope you guys you will get some news
    I have filed tax for 9 years now. Never was selected for random review
    I was scared to death

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    @nanna ,, I filed head of household my older son lives with me . So would I click on somethkng other then head of household ????

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    I filed my taxes on 1/22. They were accepted according to TT on 1/29. i received my state back the 1st week in Feb. I have not received my federal as of yet. I checked my transcripts today and the acceptance date on them states 2/26. That’s a whole month after TT states they were accepted. My cycle is 20180605 and I still have a 570 code on my transcripts with a 3/12 date beside it. I received a 4463c letter issued on 3/2 stating not to do anything but wait. I called on Friday and the irs rep told me the same thing. They are processing and it’s happened to a lot of people…I just have to wait. I did claim EIC and the child credit, so I know they weren’t processing those until after 2/15. This has been a month almost since then and I still do not have any updates.

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    Yes I did get my 846. Filed 2/26/18 accepted same day. One bar till 3/5 the all bars and amount gone still being processed 152,no transcript available said N/A no return file on transcript web site. Then on 3/9 in AM transcript available for 2017 tax year and 846 with amount and 3/14/18 as refund date. WMR said still being processed. Woke up sat with all bars back and a DDD of 3/14/18. Good Luck all !

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    @Jeannine If joint use spouses. I called IRS and that is what they told me to do. It worked according to them the main account is spouse.

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    When do transcripts update . I can only get mine by mail it keeps telling me my info is wrong and I’m doing my address so somethings not right I had a 3/5 processing date and I filed Jan 29 , I did get a letter but was told to just wait which I have called 3 times still told to wait .. my WMR bars disappeared a long time ago STILL says processing …

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    I ordered my transcripts Friday and had the 570 date 3/5 then received 971 3/12 haven’t received a letter or anything I’m hoping I received a 571/846 filed 1/25 with HRB went under 45 day review 2/15 was told I finished processing 3/5…guess I’ll wait and check transcripts to see if I have any update

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    Hey all,

    filed 2/1
    Cycle code 20180805
    570 3/12
    571 3/14
    846 3/14

    570 had been holding me up since 2/16

    Hang in there guys!

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    Filed and accepted on 01/26 – received letter on 2/12 that i needed to send in 1095 forms – did so that day – TODAY my transcript finally updated to 846 with date 03/14 YAY! Good vibes everyone, stay positive! They’re coming!

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    I just got off the phone with IRS and they told me just started my process, I filled 01/25, got accepted 01/26 and received a 4464c letter on 02/12/18 dated 02/07/18. My transcripts statd 03/05 and code 570. I am so confused

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    YES! TODAY But WMR says still being processed

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    Good morning all if I filed 1/25 went under 45 days review 2/15 was told 3/7 I was done processing with a cycle 0705 does that mean I will get a deposit as y’all ? I can’t see transcripts online I had them mailed a day or two ago. I could call to see if I could have them fax to me.

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    @keri did you ever get a DDD?

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    I have a tax advocate to help me receive some or all my tax return since I owe the IRS back taxes never gotten a letter or known of owe anything. Has anyone had a tax advocate help them receive some of their return?

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    Just wanted to let everyone know I got my ddd. 3/7. Filed injured spouse for year #5 And accepted on 1/29. Got state 2 weeks ago too. 5 weeks total again this year. Only year it took a while was our first year every other year has been under 8 weeks, closer to 5-6. Don’t give up hope.

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    Yes!! Finally! It’s even updated on WMR to be deposited by the 7th.

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    I received my letter from the irs stating that they need further review and that they dont need anything from me as of now. Has anyone received this letter before? If so what happened?

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    Congratulations @Christina hopefully we all see a update soon

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    Hi! Filed IS with only my income. Filed 1/27. Cycle date was 20180605. IRS just updated refund to 3/7. Not bad just 6 weeks or so. Good luck to all of you!

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    @SMB18 So does mine any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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    No 846 update yet! 😠😭

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    My return was accepted on 2/1 and cycle is 20180605 and processing date of 2/26/18. So far nothing has changed on my transcript at all. My last code is still at 786. Of course WMR is also saying it is still processing. Anyone have a clue as to why nothing has changed in two weeks?

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    Transcript has codes 150, n/a (with a group of numbers next to it) 806,766,768, & 570

    Can someone please help me understand?

    Also return due date or return received date says 4/15/18 & processing date says 3/5/18 What are these dates for?

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    Anyone know or have thoughts on the 570 code poping up alot? Alot are saying under review bit it seems like way to mamy people.

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    just ordered my transcripts for the 1st time ever and I have 846 2/22 does that mean that the refund will not be sent to my bank until then? sorry I’m new to transcripts… thank you

    Filed and accepted 1/30 through TT
    EIC and CTC
    WMR says we received your tax return and is being processed.

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    Hey guys can anyone help me decipher this
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 840
    766 Credit to your account -1000
    766 Credit to your account -1000
    768 Earned income credit -3400
    810 Refund freeze
    811 Removed refund freeze
    971 Notice issued
    420 Examination of tax return
    846 Refund issued -1840

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    Well, I feel like I am losing hope, lol. Filed federal 1/21 accepted 1/22, state filed same day and got accepted 1/29. State has been under review forever!!! It is a significant amount(why I don’t know). Can’t check transcripts and I have the message they are still processing my return for federal.(no bars) I did file for Eitc credit. Any insight would be great. More worried about state being under review. I called on the phone and automated system said they were still processing.

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    Hi all this is my first time ever posting. I filed 1/29 got accepted the same day. Got to one bar then it disappeared. Mind you it’s been 19 days now I got the path message a couple of days later. Stayed on there for about another week. Now it’s saying it’s processing. Got my transcript. It gave me a date of 2/22 I got the code of 846. So crossing my fingers for you all. Good luck and God bless.

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    Your Deposit Date will be on he same line as your 846 code, third column over.

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    thank you so very much, you have actually made me feel way better about all of this. wow tax time is so strssful lol Thank you very much again.

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    Absolutely! Don’t stress, there are lots of posters and people on multiple forums whose PATH act messages updated to the “…processing…” on WMR, just like yours. Me included. 😀
    A lot of those same people ARE able to view transcripts online, and are seeing code 846 updates. Many of them have a deposit date of 02/22, but not all.

    What you should take away from that is that the “processing” message on WMR is not a bad thing!

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    thank you so much. I don’t have none of them. are the people whose got it updated on their transcripts wheres my refund still showing their refund is being processed??

    Mine lost the path act thing and says ” your refund is being processed” or whatever. I can not get my transcripts because no loan or credit card. so I am just wondering if the people whose transcripts say that if their wheres my refund has changed as well.

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    Go to (the IRS website for Get Forms)

    You can get various Form 1040-series transcript types online or by mail. If you need your prior year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) to e-file, choose the tax return transcript type when making your request. If you only need to find out how much you owe or verify payments you made within the last 18 months, you can view your tax account.

    To view online, though, you need to have a current or recent credit card, loan, or mortgage to verify your identity.

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    How do I check my transcripts I do not see a button for that??

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    I usually just look on here and read and get a kick out of reading these each year. And usually only make a comment when I have something share. I looked at the account transcript this morning and I have the code of 846 Refund issued 2/22/18 my cycle code is 20180605 if that helps anyone out. I lost the path message and topic code and went to generic message. I truly hope that everyone gets there money sooner rather than later and don’t spend it all in one day. Have a blessed Tax season!

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    I have 846 this morning with cycle code of 20180705 and next to it a date of 3-5-18. Is this my DDD date?

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    For those who have waited on the dreaded PATH message, I am seeing a lot of 846 codes with correlating DD dates of 02/22/18.

    Do you all suppose that will be the actual date of deposit to bank accounts? Or is there someone with plenty of experience with these 846 dates that can say whether they are exact or not?

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    If I got 846 today with a date of 02/22- is 02/22 the date that it should be in my bank account?

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    Yay club 846!

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    Gotcha I am requesting my account transcript now.

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