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      The site doesn’t have a WA category since we typically don’t have income tax here, but this year there is a working family tax credit to track.

      I created this post to centralize the conversation on this for us in WA!

      We qualified for the credit and the website WA DOR has up to check it doesn’t have any info for me yet, but we filed with FreeTaxUSA on 2-3-23 and got an “Accepted” message on that side.

      Anyone else file for this credit yet? Any progress?

      Happy tax season, everyone!

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          Hello again, I’m still on processing. Good to hear it’s moving for you all and thanks for the updates Thank you Releaseme for starting this thread! I will stay in touch with updates 🙂

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            I use a traditional bank and received a DD in my account today. Seems to be a quick turn around after the decision is made.

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              I got my deposit today! Hope you all get a quick turnaround after your status update, too. I use GoBank and they deposit a little earlier than my mainstream accounts, so if you didn’t get deposit, it might be an extra day.

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                ItsCo, I got the same today! It’s super confusing!!! Hurry up and wait some more, haha :) Good luck! We’ll see in a week or two I guess, I’ll update again.

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                  Today was my 30 day mark and I woke up to an updated status of “decision issued” (please wait up to ten days for an approval or denial letter in the mail) which I find confusing because I don’t feel like it’s that hard to say rejected or approved on there and I submitted my app with direct deposit info. So now I’m curious to see if I will see a DD before I see a letter in the mail.

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                    I filed on 2.14.23 for this one and finally got an update to application received today. Hoping it goes a little faster than 30 days from now

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                      Still on received as well.

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                        Mine still says “application received” and my 30 days mark is on Thursday.

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                          Just bumping this thread for awareness and to report I am still on “received status”.

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                            @B — I got laid off in 2021 during the great resignation, 2022 saw mass layoffs in IT. Applied for 400 jobs in 2022 and had a single interview where I ranked 4th for two openings.

                            Two young kiddos, daycare is astronomical so wife and I can’t both work full-time, the math does itself once you are in this kind of situation.

                            Thank goodness for this tax credit, we made under $40k last year after I went back to basically min-wage to keep us alive instead of waiting longer for a real income.

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                              @B, we qualify because I stay home with three kids and my husband works. Our combined income is less than 49,000 and we have three dependents.

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                                A whole lot of people make under 49k a year unfortunately. My husband and I included!

                                [quote quote=4531374]I’m confused how most people would even qualify.
                                When I checked, it stated we would have to make less than $49,000 per year for a <span id=”IL_AD2″ class=”IL_AD”>married</span> filing joint. That equals way less than minimum wage for two workers or less than $23/hour for one worker.[/quote]

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                                  I’m confused how most people would even qualify.
                                  When I checked, it stated we would have to make less than $49,000 per year for a married filing joint. That equals way less than minimum wage for two workers or less than $23/hour for one worker.

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                                    I still have the “give us two weeks” message on mine :)

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                                      Bumping this for visibility and to report I’m still on Received status. Will keep updating! Igotmyrefund needs to add a WA State category!

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                                        Thanks for posting about this, I had no idea this was even happening this year. Just applied!

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                                          Hey, itsCo, I see someone else below (Margarette) said they called in and that we should wait until March 1st, but I am seeing the same message today.

                                          Application Received

                                          We have received your application.

                                          Applications are reviewed in the order received. Our goal is to process applications within 30 days.

                                          I’d say call them if you are curious about the status, if it’s been more than two weeks.

                                          Good luck, I’ll keep updating, too. Thanks, Margarette!

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                                            Still no movement on this for me today. Any other Washingtonians seeing updates?

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                                              My application status switched to “Application Received” this morning! We’ve got movement, people.

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                                                Hey it finally shows received. I actually called them lol I was concerned. She said it was received and wait until 1st of March now smh but looking good I guess I’ll keep updating

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                                                  This stinks that we are all seeing the same thing. I just checked (today is my two-week mark) but I still see Not Available.

                                                  At least we are all not alone! Hang in there, I’ll keep updating as I check this month!

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                                                    Working families credit status still says not available.

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                                                      No update for me yet. Still says not available. The two week mark where it should show in the system is 2/16 for me. I’ll let you know if I see any movement.

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                                                        Technical issues posting but yes I’m waiting too with same response as you. Not available lol… checking daily will return with update. Thx

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                                                            I filed for the working families credit directly on the wa(dot)gov site. I went to check my status but it still says that’s it’s not available. I applied for the refund and qualified for it on feb 2. The site says it should take two weeks to show as received in their system, but it doesn’t stop me from checking every day. 😂

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