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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Virginia – Share your experience with filing your Virginia Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Virginia Wheres My Refund? go to Virginia Department of Taxation

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    How do ya get to account history.
    I still not showing anything except wrong information

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    WMR says processing, account history says processed 2/6 (today) and ‘filing has been complete.’ No ddd yet. I wonder how long it will take to get now.

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    As of yesterday evening I finally have seen an update on the site. It is now in processing. I filed 1/27 and was accepted on 1/29. It may be another week before getting a ddd.

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    Filed 1/21
    Accepted 1/29
    Return is finally showing in VA WMR as processing!

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    Lisa Neese

    I had to mail my VA tax form in to the state. Has anyone else had to do this and if so, how long did it take them to process it?

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    01/13/2020 Filed with Turbo Tax electronically
    01/29/2020 Return accepted per Turbo Tax
    02/05/2020 about midday est Va where’s my refund site finally shows return in process

    I will update when I get a DD date and when I actually get the money.

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    How did you get account history?

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    My state was accepted in the 29th. Up until this morning I haven’t been able to get anything on the website either. Just checked this afternoon on my account history and it says my return has been processed as of todays date. So I’m now Waiting on my ddd.

    #4339335 Reply

    Yes I not getting anything on the website either I can pull up 2019
    But for this year I keep getting please verify information is correct

    #4339277 Reply

    Just called the 804 number.. They confirmed it is received but it’s not in processing yet which is why nothing is coming up on the site. I guess it is safe to say they are behind.

    #4339271 Reply

    @Elizabeth Yes, same issue here. Not sure what is going on.

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    Refund website still not acknowledging my state return. I put the correct information in, and its been well over a week since I got accepted. :(

    #4338888 Reply

    State website is updating & giving DDD’s now.

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    @Hailey I am having the same problem too.. It was accepted on the 29th and I still can’t pull it up on the site.

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    I’m having the same issue with state refund. I always get prompted to verify information even though I was notified from TT it was accepted

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    On jackson Hewitt it says in process, but when I look up on the VA state refund site it tells me to verify my info. So I don’t know. Its aggravating though. I’m having issues with Jackson hewitt with my fed too so I dont even know if they submitted it!

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    Is anyone else having a problem with the website saying their info is wrong when you put it in “where’s my refund” it’s been a week since it was accepted and it still won’t let me check the status. Everything it right,

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    Teri Ma

    “You can pull your account history up.Mine said done processing on the 21st still no ddd.Filed on the 28th.”

    Checked account history. Says it has not been processed. Strange.

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    mary caldwell

    You can pull your account history up.Mine said done processing on the 21st still no ddd.Filed on the 28th.

    #4302539 Reply
    Teri Ma

    Anyone else getting the following error when checking status. The website says currently processing Feb 10th. Ours was accepted on Feb 5th. I would assume we would be able to check status. Filed Federal on the same day and already got refund.

    • Verify that the SSN, tax year and expected refund amount entered are correct.
    #4301267 Reply

    Still saying procesing as of 2/25 they are already working in the 10th of February. Not understanding the process…smh. my easy accepted on 1/31.

    #4291622 Reply

    My Va finally updated to DDD 2-28. Filed 1/28. Accepted 1/31. Records show I was processed 2/17, but just updated with a deposit date this morning.

    #4290895 Reply
    mary caldwell

    Accepted January 31st and it’s still saying my refund amount is wrong. The website says they’re processing February 3rd now I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong

    #4290012 Reply

    Updated today to DDD 2/27

    #4288634 Reply

    Still get your info not right but I know it’s all correct ????? I’ve always got my refund before now …worst tax season yet 😣

    #4288157 Reply

    Finally seeing some movement. No DDD yet tho.

    #4287503 Reply

    I’m still getting an error msg tht I need to check my ssn and refund amt

    #4286553 Reply

    My VA refund status just updated with a deposit date of 2/27

    I wish it wasn’t a week away still, but I was relived to see there was no errors or troubles with my return.

    Good Luck to everyone

    #4285922 Reply

    Anyone seen any money from VA yet? I can’t seem to get the refund tracker website to work for the state even though all my information is correct.

    #4285332 Reply

    Finally some movement. My state is now being processed just checked the website.

    #4277856 Reply

    My Virginia tax return was accepted 2 weeks ago but shows this message when I select Check My Refund Status. All of my information is correct so I don’t know what’s going on.

    * Verify that the SSN, tax year and expected refund amount entered are correct.

    #4271745 Reply

    The Governor signed the bill. They will begin processing. They advised there will be a slight delay. But that’s fairly good news. This is the first year I don’t owe Virginia money. 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

    #4269387 Reply
    Regina Cox

    So fed up with waiting on my Virginia refund this year. This stuff should have been resolved before tax season. Not fair that we have to wait!

    #4267050 Reply

    Jeffrey that’s due to the new tax laws that were effective Jan 2018. Unfortunately, it is correct. Go into your HR department at with and change your state deductions to 0 and you’ll be safe next year.

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    My MFJ return for Virginia seems wrong. I used TurboTax this year and last. Withholding approximately the same. Taxable income slightly reduced. Last year I itemized on my federal return, this year with the higher std. deduction did not. Last year Virginia refunded ~$480 but this year I have to PAY $95. Does this make sense? Any ideas?

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    Good news! It looks like there has been a deal reached for VA tax plan, that is set to be approved in House and Senate next week according to WTOP. They even added an emergency clause so that as soon as it gets signed by the Governor, it will become effective immediately. Fingers crossed this means we are nearing the end of this craziness!

    You can see the full article here:

    #4262825 Reply

    This is sad it’s out tax money and they wanna fight over what to do with it ….how about you give to to the people who worked for it .

    #4262628 Reply

    Are any of you other Virginians ready to start causing some uproar?? I’m actually surprised theres not more happening already!! What Virginia is doing is wrong!! They decide to wait until tax season starts to have this war with each other & the Virginia tax payers are the ones left to suffer!! GIVE US OUR REFUNDS!!

    #4256943 Reply

    My federal was accepted on the 22nd, but I haven’t heard a word from Virginia yet; and I normally get my state refund before my federal. Guess it will be the opposite way around this year.

    #4255439 Reply

    I know they aren’t processing yet, but filed 1/22 and haven’t been accepted. Still waiting.

    #4255180 Reply

    Just got a text message this evening that it was accepted. Filed 1/28.

    #4254620 Reply

    Yep. I sent mine the 17th and they still haven’t been accepted. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the message that they are accepting but not processing. Sounds like it may be a mess for state taxes this year.

    #4254541 Reply
    Stephen Urbaniak

    Anyone here in VA beware. They are accepting tax returns but ARE NOT processing them due to the federal tax cut law and that they are “drafting the Commonwealth’s response.”

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    @Medadmin718 I am going thru the same thing filed 4/2 accepted 4/3/. Received letter 4/7..sent over ID’s and w-2’s was told 8-10 weeks…did you get a DDD yet?

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    Direct Deposit was rejected, WMR says check was mailed 3/6/2018.. 21 days later still no check, but received letter on 3/24/18 dated 3/19/2018 that check was being mailed. Why was the DD rejection letter sent 13 days after my refund check was supposed to be mailed?

    #4238759 Reply

    Can some one please help me.., I havent revived federal or state tax still., filled on 1/29, ID verified on 3/5, sent Virginia state tax office the W2 and the ids what they wanted but still no change to my WMR still says the same old., Still processing and a refund date will be available when it’s available..
    Any one went threw the same??

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    Filed 2/1 accepted 2/2 still nothing! It’s coming up as if I never filed but states that it was accepted. I received my federal on 2/22 so I don’t know what’s going on. I came here hoping to find an answer but it doesn’t look like anyone else has had this issue.

    #4231353 Reply

    Is anyone eles still waiting?

    #4222112 Reply

    Filed 2/7, Accepted 2/7 for fed and state. On 2/12; state said I had a DD for 2/20, but it’s in my bank this morning on 2/17

    #4220446 Reply

    State check came today. Issue date of 2/12/17. Took 4 days, not bad. Good luck everyone!!!

    #4218387 Reply

    Filed 2/1, accepted 2/2. DD scheduled for 2/15 appeared in account 2/14.

    #4217413 Reply

    Thanks @Elizabeth. I just faxed info last night, after they closed. Still hadn’t been processed in when I called. Was told to check back Friday, or next week. Hope it’s as quickly as yours was!

    #4216318 Reply

    I filed 1/27/18….got accepted on 1/29/18…received letter on 2/10/18 for ID and W2. Faxed information on 2/12/18. Received Notice online at 2 am for refund issue date of 2/16/18 via check. The refund was reduced. Hope this helps.

    #4216173 Reply

    @jennifer This just happened to me and I sent in my information and call and was told 8-10weeks.

    #4215953 Reply

    Filed 1/19. Accepted 1/24. Account history says done processing on 1/29. Called, says I gotta fax w2 and id. Anyone had to do this and get their return quickly? ?

    #4215747 Reply

    Filed 1/13, federal accepted 1/13 state accepted 1/16. Got a letter last week for online verification, got a ddd for state of 2/16.

    #4214824 Reply


    Was stuck on processing… Today i got a letter from state saying i needed to go online to refund verifications and confirm it was really me that filed. After doing so, it said I should receive my refund in several days …. Whenever that may be. Will update again when I know

    #4214638 Reply

    Still nothing!!

    #4212600 Reply

    Had a DDD for 2/12/2018

    It is in my account today.

    #4211769 Reply

    I have a issue date for 2/6 but they sending a paper check. Still haven’t received the check yet! Do it really take 10days??

    #4211738 Reply

    So my state return is on hold until I verified my drivers license and w-2. This happen to anyone eles?

    #4211419 Reply

    Filed and accepted on 2/3, my account history says it processed on 2/7. When I check the status of refund either by phone or online it says nothing processed matching the info Ive entered. Its draining trying to understand. Last year I had paper check in hand before online updated. Grrrrr va

    #4211321 Reply

    So I have an offset will they automatically send me a paper check even if I opted for direct deposit? Will it still update on the paper check is issued?

    #4211255 Reply

    @Sarah – I’ve only seen it update once a day at different times of the day.

    #4211156 Reply

    Still nothing! Does anyone know if it updates during the day or only once a day?

    #4211152 Reply

    Wow still nothing filed 29th accepted 2/1 processed as of 2/2 no approval date yet! Thats just crazy! No offsets do not owe a penny. What gives??

    #4211057 Reply

    Updated 2/9/16 with ddd of 2/16/2018 fiilled 2/5 accepted 2/6

    #4210268 Reply

    Filed 2/1, accepted 2/2, DDD of 2/15 reported today.

    #4210043 Reply

    Filed 1/26..accepted 1/28 DDD 2/09…. state refund dropped a day early. I bank with USAA.

    #4209257 Reply

    Filed 1/28, VA accepted 1/31. Just updated to refund will be issued on 2/12 (I chose paper check, thought they were going to take my property taxes like usual) about time!

    #4209224 Reply

    So my account history said my refund was processed on 1/29 but va wmr showing I’m still in processing :(

    #4208831 Reply

    I filed state and fed in mid Jan. State was approved Jan 26. Was given a DD of Feb 7th and it was deposited to my account this morning. I’m a pather so I’m still waiting for fed, but my transcript give me a DD of Feb 12th.. So, hopefully I get it by the end of next week..

    #4208174 Reply

    Has anyone been approved?

    #4207565 Reply

    @Wellconeone – That same thing happened to me last year and I feel your pain :( The City of Richmond is quick to snatch your money for taxes but slow to use that money for the purpose intended (i.e. – road repairs, school funding, etc.). I can’t wait to move out of the city.

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