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    Wheres My Refund Virginia – Share your experience with filing your Virginia Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Virginia Wheres My Refund? go to Virginia Department of Taxation

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    First time filing in VA state. My refund was processing but now i am being sent a letter about verification with an address and a fax number.. Has anyone ever received this letter?

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    Hi all, looks like VA is moving fairly quickly this year. I submitted on opening day 1-24-22 and was accepted the next morning. Just got an email that mine was processed this morning. DD date of 2-8-22

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    hello hello hello hello

    its that time of year again….hhheeellllooo Virginians

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    Used Turbo Tax. State return E filed on 4 March. WMR, today shows Refund issued, 03/16 scheduled deposit date.

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    Have a DDD of 03/09. I used JH. Has anyone received their deposit before the listed DDD? My federal came days before the deposit date

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    Just updated this morning with a direct deposit date if 2/26

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    Has anyone seen any movement from VA with refunds. Mine has been saying processing since Tuesday

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    I had to ID verify with photo id and 2018 AGI. Submitted 2/18 account history and WMR just updated with a date of the 6th.

    During this time I called 2x. One time they said 1-2 weeks the next they told me it could be up to the full 60 days. So for me just a little over 2 weeks until my DDD from when I verified online.

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    I finally got a direct deposit date for March 4th has anyone State ever hit before the direct deposit date

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    I ID verified this past Friday. I’m hoping it doesnt take that ling to get a DDD. 🤞

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    Does the deposit hit before the ddd???

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    I got a ddd of 2/27 today finally.

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    @Skye I called the federal number and nothing was listed there. I tried the 804 number on the VA tax site but apparently I can’t call from a cell phone. I didn’t get that bonus refund check in Oct because of UVA. I figured I would have least received an offset letter my now.

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    I agree! I was offset last year and still had my funds before 2/27. They are stupid slow this year. I’m sorry you didn’t get a DD, have you called the offset line to check?

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    @Skye Mine still hasn’t updated! I think I may have an offset for a medical bill from UVA, but this seems like its taking FOREVER this year. Usually VA is on top of it.

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    Got my DDD 2/27. They updated WMR last night. My DDD came through, and we can finally see that my husbands return is processing.

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    My online verify was very simple. Hopefully yours is too. I verified on 2/16. Waiting on my DDD.

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    I called to check about mine and the rep said I will be getting a letter because I have to ID verify, and can do so online. Then they will release the funds and it can take up to 2 weeks. Is online verifying easy?

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    I would definitely call. I did mine myself online and it was accepted the same day.

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    It was accepted on the 7th

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    How long has it been since you filed?

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    Soo tt says that va accepted my return but when I check WMR on the state website, it doesn’t work says to recheck my info…. anyone experience this?

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    Check came in the mail on V-Day. Would have been Tuesday 2/11 if not for a stupid offset from 15 (!) years ago but pretty painless this year.

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    Actually, same. I used TT card and did a refund advance with them. I’m not sure who my sister used, but now I’m curious.

    My letter stated I needed the bank info. It told me to have my anticipated refund amount, and my bank info used, ready but it verified me just by the amount. It’s been a weird year for Va. I’ve always had my state before my federal. Hoping they release funds in “several days.”

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    @skye I have no idea! They are all different I had to verify my bank info. I thought maybe it’s because I used the TT card this year.

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    Still waiting on my VA return.

    Both my sister and I got the ID verification letters. Mine was a simple process that asked my anticipated return amount and say my funds should be released in the next few days. My sister has to verify with her w2s and a copy of her ID.

    It seems as though VA sent a crap load of the verify letters out this year. Any idea of why?

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    Filed: 1/28
    Accepted: 1/28
    Was on “we are processing your return” since 2/5 on WMR.
    2/13: got a verify your ID in the mail. I verified online the same day.
    2/15: This morning I updated to DDD for 2/25

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    Checked the mail tonight and had a ID verify letter from the good ole state of VA. Never had this happen before. Followed instructions and verified online. Received message that stated in most cases, refund would now be issued over the next several days. I was wondering why it was taking so long. Accepted towards the end of Jan. FYI if you’ve been processing a while in VA.

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    Correction, not has been processed but has been completed.

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    So I created an account and for 2019 return says “has been processed.” Does this mean it is actually complete and I should expect a DDD soon?

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    @Maria. Thanks. I got the offset letter today and it was dated 2/10/2020 I am hoping my check comes tomorrow.

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    @ Maria This is my 7th year filing with T.T. However, I decided to use their card this year and now have a verify letter in the mail, too. My guess is that since I’ve always used my Credit Union for my state refund, the T.T. card caused a red flag. From I’ve heard and seen, it is a simple process and shouldn’t take to long for them to release the funds.

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    @crystal Checks usually come pretty quickly. If its been mailed you should get it in a couple of days.

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    I received a letter today to verify and it said to check WMR in 4-6 days. This is the first year I’ve used TT and their card. I wonder if that flagged it for fraud?

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    Been on “we are processing your return” since 2/5 and just got verify you ID today in the mail.

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    01/13/2020 Filed with Turbo Tax electronically
    01/29/2020 Return accepted per Turbo Tax
    02/05/2020 about midday est Va where’s my refund site finally shows return in process

    I will update when I get a DD date and when I actually get the money.


    Due to offset check mailed on 2/11/2020
    Anyone know how long it takes to get check in mail ?

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    I finally got a message back from VA in my online account. They acknowledged they received my return on 1/29 and said they are processing returns in the order received and to wait 4 weeks. My return is not even showing up as processing yet. WMR tells me to verify the info I am entering is correct. I guess we just have to wait. VA is usually pretty fast don’t know what is going on this year.

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    My account says it was processed on 2/7 but I still don’t have a DDD. I think I may call Tomorrow if I have no update today. The past few years I’ve gotten a letter to verify ID but it never took this long to get a letter so I have no clue if thats what is holding mine up or if they are just being really slow.

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    Accepted 1/29… DDD 2/21 updates this morning

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    I am in the same boat. Account history shows processed 2/05. WMR still says processing.

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    I filed with TT on 1/24. not sure when it was accepted. According to the VA Tax website my account shows my return was processed on 2/5 but the WMR shows my return is still being processed. Ugh.

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    Sometime between yesterday and today I updated to a ddd of 2/14 and sent via check per wmr because of an offset.

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    Filed 1/24 with TT accepted 1/27 and I have a state deposit date of 2/14

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    I never got an accepted email either, so I called and they have not even received the return! And I used Jackson Hewitt. I know they are accepting them because I just did my moms taxes on Saturday through Turbo Tax and hers is already processing! If you used Jackson Hewitt I would look into because they lied and said my return was stopped (both Fed and State) when this was not the case for either!

    Jackson Hewitt sucks.

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    Filed early January, got an email with acceptance on 1/29 for VA and still not even showing up on VA check your refund site. Just says verify SSN, and year are correct. I don’t know what is going on with VA I have never waited this long for an update.

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    Filed my VA state taxes early January, got a notification it was accepted on 1/29 and everytime I try to check status it tells me to verify the SSN and year are correct. Virginia never used to be this slow.

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    I filed on 2/5 with TurboTax and Got “accepted” for federal the same day, but I never received an “accepted” Email for my VA refund. Also, not showing up on the VA refund status website

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    Just updated to a ddd of 2/20. I filed 1/30 and was accepted 1/31. Good luck y’all!

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    My mom filed after me and hers is processing. I am so over Jackson Hewitt. They messed up my federal and now my state is not even processing.

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    I think Virginia is just moving slow this year.
    Filed on 1/21 Accepted text on 1/23 HOWEVER
    When I called this morning the VA Tax Representative said it was submitted on1/27 and they accepted on 1/30 and that it’s being processed and to give it time.

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    Some Guy From The Internet


    Verification is easy, I did it online through VA’s tax website by making an account and signing in. It takes like 5min, and you’ll still get your refund on time if you do it that way. They can instant verify. You’ll see a change within 24hrs. If you mail it in or use your tax advocate, it’s going to either cost money (TA), or take an extra 3 weeks (mail).

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    A L…get a tax advocate.

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    A L

    Yes it is, any advice?

    #4346012 Reply

    A L…is this your first time ID verifying?

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    A L

    Filed 1/27, accepted same day. Went to processing 2/6. Got ID verify today. 6 to 8 week wait mail or fax, 15 business days online verify.

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    Impatiently waiting

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/30

    Updated this morning to a DDD date of 2/19. Unfortunately 2 days after my birthday lol

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    Filed early January, accepted a few days later. Status says has not been processed……still. mine does not even say processing. Ugh

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    Still waiting to be processed

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    Random Guy from the Internet

    Filed 1/31 accepted same day, changed to processing at approximately 5pm on 2/7. Still waiting on a DDD as of 1:15pm.

    #4344708 Reply

    Still processing from 2/5

    #4344694 Reply

    Still processing from 2/6. Hoping to receive ddd soon.

    #4342963 Reply

    @alled6…i used jh and mines still proccing..

    #4342596 Reply

    Submitted on the 27th and had my DDD for today.
    My kids also submitted same day and they are still processing.

    #4342110 Reply

    Anyone has a dd yet

    #4342358 Reply

    I filed thru TurboTax Jan 28th. It was accepted on Jan 30th. Was just able to pull it up in the system yesterday (feb 6th) evening to show that it is has been received and is being processed. I think this is the first year ever I’ve gotten my federal before state.

    #4342258 Reply

    I don’t understand how so many people have processed and received ddd dates and some, like myself, are not even processing yet or get our info is incorrect. Has anyone used Jackson Hewitt and processed?

    #4341947 Reply

    DDD 2/12

    #4341669 Reply

    Checked my account history. It tells me my return was processed and 2019 filing has been completed.

    Filed 1/21/2020
    Accepted 1/28/2020
    Processed 2/5/2020
    No DDD yet

    hopefully following in your footsteps and I get a DDD soon!

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    Still Nothing


    Thanks for the info. I had a feeling they’re just being slow. It seems like people who filed 1-2 days before me are just getting caught up now.

    #4341414 Reply

    I filed my sisters and fiance’s on the 30th. It was accepted shortly after but still nothing for them either. Its moving but extremely slow.

    #4341390 Reply
    Still Nothing

    WMR still tells me to verify my info. I can’t see anything. Filed & accepted 1/31 with H&R Block.

    #4341275 Reply

    Just checked wmr and it now says refund issued 2/14/20. Finally!!! Now to wait on federal.

    #4341125 Reply

    I created an account and checked my status… still hasnt even been processed! WTH Jackson Hewitt.

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    To access VA tax account history, login to your account (with the correct link, it should take you right to the login) but if not it should be at the top right of the website. Create an account if you don’t have a login. once logged in go to View your account history under MANAGE ACCOUNT

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    I just updated to your refund done processing but I don’t have no date but yay for finally be able to find it

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