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    Wheres My Refund Virginia – Share your experience with filing your Virginia Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Virginia Wheres My Refund? go to Virginia Department of Taxation

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    @Medadmin718 I am going thru the same thing filed 4/2 accepted 4/3/. Received letter 4/7..sent over ID’s and w-2’s was told 8-10 weeks…did you get a DDD yet?

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    Direct Deposit was rejected, WMR says check was mailed 3/6/2018.. 21 days later still no check, but received letter on 3/24/18 dated 3/19/2018 that check was being mailed. Why was the DD rejection letter sent 13 days after my refund check was supposed to be mailed?

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    Can some one please help me.., I havent revived federal or state tax still., filled on 1/29, ID verified on 3/5, sent Virginia state tax office the W2 and the ids what they wanted but still no change to my WMR still says the same old., Still processing and a refund date will be available when it’s available..
    Any one went threw the same??

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    Filed 2/1 accepted 2/2 still nothing! It’s coming up as if I never filed but states that it was accepted. I received my federal on 2/22 so I don’t know what’s going on. I came here hoping to find an answer but it doesn’t look like anyone else has had this issue.

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    Is anyone eles still waiting?

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    Filed 2/7, Accepted 2/7 for fed and state. On 2/12; state said I had a DD for 2/20, but it’s in my bank this morning on 2/17

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    State check came today. Issue date of 2/12/17. Took 4 days, not bad. Good luck everyone!!!

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    Filed 2/1, accepted 2/2. DD scheduled for 2/15 appeared in account 2/14.

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    Thanks @Elizabeth. I just faxed info last night, after they closed. Still hadn’t been processed in when I called. Was told to check back Friday, or next week. Hope it’s as quickly as yours was!

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    I filed 1/27/18….got accepted on 1/29/18…received letter on 2/10/18 for ID and W2. Faxed information on 2/12/18. Received Notice online at 2 am for refund issue date of 2/16/18 via check. The refund was reduced. Hope this helps.

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    @jennifer This just happened to me and I sent in my information and call and was told 8-10weeks.

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    Filed 1/19. Accepted 1/24. Account history says done processing on 1/29. Called, says I gotta fax w2 and id. Anyone had to do this and get their return quickly? ?

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    Filed 1/13, federal accepted 1/13 state accepted 1/16. Got a letter last week for online verification, got a ddd for state of 2/16.

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    Was stuck on processing… Today i got a letter from state saying i needed to go online to refund verifications and confirm it was really me that filed. After doing so, it said I should receive my refund in several days …. Whenever that may be. Will update again when I know

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    Still nothing!!

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    Had a DDD for 2/12/2018

    It is in my account today.

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    I have a issue date for 2/6 but they sending a paper check. Still haven’t received the check yet! Do it really take 10days??

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    So my state return is on hold until I verified my drivers license and w-2. This happen to anyone eles?

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    Filed and accepted on 2/3, my account history says it processed on 2/7. When I check the status of refund either by phone or online it says nothing processed matching the info Ive entered. Its draining trying to understand. Last year I had paper check in hand before online updated. Grrrrr va

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    So I have an offset will they automatically send me a paper check even if I opted for direct deposit? Will it still update on the paper check is issued?

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    @Sarah – I’ve only seen it update once a day at different times of the day.

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    Still nothing! Does anyone know if it updates during the day or only once a day?

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    Wow still nothing filed 29th accepted 2/1 processed as of 2/2 no approval date yet! Thats just crazy! No offsets do not owe a penny. What gives??

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    Updated 2/9/16 with ddd of 2/16/2018 fiilled 2/5 accepted 2/6

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    Filed 2/1, accepted 2/2, DDD of 2/15 reported today.

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    Filed 1/26..accepted 1/28 DDD 2/09…. state refund dropped a day early. I bank with USAA.

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    Filed 1/28, VA accepted 1/31. Just updated to refund will be issued on 2/12 (I chose paper check, thought they were going to take my property taxes like usual) about time!

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    So my account history said my refund was processed on 1/29 but va wmr showing I’m still in processing :(

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    I filed state and fed in mid Jan. State was approved Jan 26. Was given a DD of Feb 7th and it was deposited to my account this morning. I’m a pather so I’m still waiting for fed, but my transcript give me a DD of Feb 12th.. So, hopefully I get it by the end of next week..

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    Has anyone been approved?

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    @Wellconeone – That same thing happened to me last year and I feel your pain :( The City of Richmond is quick to snatch your money for taxes but slow to use that money for the purpose intended (i.e. – road repairs, school funding, etc.). I can’t wait to move out of the city.

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    Well i said i would update y’all.

    Even though I’m salty lol. I called the state of va taxation to check refund status. So my state taxes are processed but are being garnished for property taxes?!?! On my car. One car $725 yikes.
    Going down to City billing today to approve them to take from state taxes.
    So i can get my $60 refund from Richmond 😂😓🤬

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    Filed 1/29. Accepted 2/1. Processing on VA WMR on 2/2. Reads complete and processed on 2/2.
    Waiting for them to open so i can call.
    I read a lot of people’s not updating but calling and receiving DDD.
    Will update when i find out more. :)

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    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/29
    DDD 2/12

    @Nikki year before last I had mine set up for direct deposit but there was an offset and they took part of my refund and sent me a paper check for the remainder. I would call and check with them to see if that may have happened to yours.

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    Just got a letter in the mail today from VATAX requesting additional information before they will release my refund. Totally sucks but my refund is being held until potentially March after they receive a copy of my W-2 and a secondary form of I.D.

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    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/29
    Updated to DDD for 2/12 on 2/3

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    Filed 1/25. Updated to refund sent 2/6/18 by check even though it was supposed to be direct deposit. So idk even know when I will be getting my refund since they went it by check

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    updated to refund issue date 2/12

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    I registered as an individual on the VATAX website to view my account history and it says my return was processed on 1/29/18. Today is 2/3 so I don’t know why my refund hasn’t posted yet.

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    Filed 1/29. Accepted 2/1. Processing on website this evening 2/2.

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    Va state approved 1/29 updated to processing 2/1…no other updates yet no DD

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    My VA return was accepted 1/29, VA website says processing as of 1/31

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    Im not sure if that effects state but I did my taxes and got accepted but state is still pending idk what that means but I’ll wait until Monday

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    im new to filing state taxes, i claim eitc. how does the path act affect state refunds?

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    Filed and accepted 2/4. VA WMR says DD scheduled for 2/15.

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    Definitely register on the taxation website like others on here suggested. I didn’t get much information from the generic refund tracker but was able to get a little more information from registering and looking at my account history. Even though state accepted my return on 2/1 it wasn’t processed until 2/6. It updated this morning to say my refund was issued on 2/15. (Hopefully in my account sooner). Hope this helps! Happy taxing!

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    Frustrated with the VA process

    TO ALL INQUIRING WHY YOUR VA REFUND IS TAKING LONGER TO PROCESS. I was advised by a VA Tax Rep. that taxpayers who filed earlier than the VA start date will likely receive a letter requesting more information to process your return. Filing early prompts their system to ask for more information to insure a fraudulent return hasn’t been filed. If you filed AFTER their start date then you will likely receive your refund much quicker. BOTTOM LINE: If you filed your 2016 VA tax return earlier than the start date you may want to consider waiting until the season has officially started when filing your 2017 state tax return.

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    I filed on 01/28, accepted 02/02. Tax account says I was processed 02/08. Where’s my refund says still processing. Hoping maybe the money will pop up sometime next week.

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    Excuse the typos.

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    Heads up VA… My friend fri her taxes 1/31…and got her state TODAY although the Via taxation site gave her a status of still processing. So, periodically check your bank accounts..!

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