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      Filled 1/28
      Accepted 1/29
      Jackson Hewitt fees taken out refund advance
      Ctc and eic
      Wmr switched to 151 with code 1242 we are sending letter 2/21
      Now wmr still has 151 with 1242 but it says to call and give extension 362
      Online access to transcripts cycle code 20220505
      810 code 2/21
      811 code 2/21
      I do have an offset also.
      I am really confused about the 810 and 811 on the same day and have called the irs but can’t get through to anyone so I’m pretty frustrated.

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          Thanks again Billie I tried 4 times and finally got through 569 works. I was on hold for an hour and a half. They told me that my fees had been released to Jackson Hewitt but are holding my return until I get a letter and follow what it says. Dont really understand why Jh got paid but I haven’t yet when they are the ones who did my taxes that there is a problem on.

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            i have been trying to get through to the irs by phone for 4 days now i dont know what method you are using but i seen a thread from last year with a number and i tried it and i got through after a 45 min wait so try if you havnt already…..

            1-866-682-7451 ext. 569,568,362 you can try which ever want i got through with ext.569

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              Just looked at transcripts again and my offset was paid 2/24/22 but the rest says issued 4/15/22

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                Thanks Billie but I tried using the phone number and the only extension that worked was 569 and the automated message told me to call back dur to large number of calls

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                  try 1-866-682-7451 ext. 569,568,362 you can try which ever ext. you want i got right through with ext. 569

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