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      This one is new to me, so I thought I’d see if anyone else has experience they can share.

      I’m the personal representative for an estate that required posthumous tax filing for 2022, a fairly straightforward senior return with a pension, social security, and a whole-life policy surrender all reported on 1099Rs. Filed the return in mid-Feb and about a month later received a letter asking me to send or fax supporting information verifying the withholding figures on the return. So I faxed over the 1099s on March 25. I didn’t, however, think to check WMR during this time so I don’t know how the status may have progressed. There is currently a “Take Action” bar in scary red letters that says “see below for more information” but nothing below it other than the standard “we’ve received your return and it is being processed” message. I hope that means they’ve received the information I sent and are processing it, but the fact that it is still flagged “take action” is concerning. And because the taxpayer is deceased and the death has (obviously) been reported to Social Security, I cannot access tax transcripts to get more detailed information without jumping through a bunch of paperwork hoops to provide the death certificate and probate letters of authority and all of that. The actual amount of the refund is negligible but I would very much like to close out the last of my responsibilities to the estate and this is the last remaining uncertainty on that front.

      So I’m asking the internet hive mind: Has anyone else dealt with a follow-up request from the IRS? What is the normal WMR progression in this situation? How long did it take for them to process the supporting documents and issue a refund?

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