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      Really hoping for one. Filed and accepted 1/29 and 1 bar on wmr. 0.00s on account transcript w/ ‘no return filed’ and wages saying same as of this afternoon.

      Will I be updated tonight you think?

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          Filed 1/30, Accepted 1/30, 1 bar, no transcripts.

          I have seen posters state that WMR doesn’t update over the weekend BUT I have also seen posters claim to have received their update & DDD on a Saturday. I wouldn’t give up hope on it updating tonight. We will see if it goes down around 3 AM…

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            I’m wondering the same thing myself but haven’t recieved an answer

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              Filed/accepted 1/22, lost bars, transcripts N/A.

              Lol, oh the IRS…

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                No cycle code, account transcripts just reads 0.00 and ‘no return filed’. This JUST became available to me this morning over the night’s update so hope there’s another tonight that gives me access to the rest of my transcripts and some cycle codes.

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                  I still only have one bar and I can view my transcript. My cycle code is 20150505. Is this good? Have they approved my taxes?

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                    I have one bar too with cycle code of 152 .does anyone know if there will be an update tonight ????

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                      Do you have cycle code?

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                        Bump. Wondering if anyone knows if there’ll be a transcript or wmr update tonight!

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