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      Not trying rub this in anyone’s noses, just trying give useful info that may benefit some. I got my refund today at about 4:30. I filed and was accepted 1/24 with only one bar on wmr. I was able to view my transcripts with a cycle date of 20150403 and code 846. Also I’m a netspend user. Actually the deposit was pending since last night at 9pm but never showed on netspend account. The reason for the hold up was because the netspend account is in my girlfriends name so she had to call netspend to authorize it. So if some of you are using someone else’s account to dd then make sure the original cardholder authorizes it. Good luck to you all. I know how frustrating this can be as some of us really depend on this money (I lost my job 1 1/2 months ago so I really needed this). And thank you all for the support and info.

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          That’s awesome that you got it congrats I’m so happy to see another 20150403 and actually see a deposit. I have the same code and am hoping to see something this weekend don’t really need the money but do need a bigger vehicle.

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