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      After speaking with 3, yes THREE, heinous women on thursday at the IRS, I decided to give calling another try yesterday. Told the rep I was instructed to call via WMR (not true, but it worked), she took mine and my husband’s information and looked it up. Came back and informed me she showed a DDD of 2/11. At that time WMR was still showing on bar for both my husband and myself, so I find it comical they claim it has as much information as they do. Anyway, here is our situation, for anyone who may be in the same boat:

      Filed 1/22 – accepted same day. “Randomly” chosen to be resequenced, wasn’t ACTUALLY accepted until 1/26. Married filing joint, nothing special, simple return. My husband is active duty military, so it was pretty straightforward.

      Now, I don’t mean to be rude, but here is the part that annoyed the living crap out of me. EVEN IF we were selected to be resequenced, which clearly we were, there is zero reason why even then that anyone’s refund should have been processed and deposited to anyone that came even after our second date. It honestly makes zero sense to me. Just as those of you who filed prior to 1/22 should have had priority to us, it makes no sense that the IRS would kick someone back to the 26th and then proceed to complete the returns of people who filed 1/27, 1/30, FEBRUARY even. I mean, no wonder they are flooded with calls when people file and are told they are accepted in the early 20s of january are still waiting to find out what’s going on with their returns, while people who file in February are getting returns deposited within a week of filing. I don’t want to sound childish, but if you don’t have a complex return, there is no reason for that and quite frankly it’s reallg unfair.

      But anyway, as of this morning WMR has finally updated and is showing a DDD of 2/11. I’ve been reading that others have received their deposits a couple days early, and the card we are using does early depositing, so there is a chance we may get it monday, but we shall see. It’s still comical to me that people have DDD’s of 2/9 that filed long after us, yet we still got even later, lol. Oh well, my husband said next year we are filing in March to avoid being lumped in with trillions of people all at once and to avoid it sending me into bitchy mode reading the posts from people filing 2/2 and getting annoyed by the contents of what they’re saying, lol. No offense to those of you this applies to, of course. It’s just very frustrating.

      And for those who don’t want to read my rant, here is the cliff notes version:
      *Filed: 1/22 – “accepted” same day
      *Resequenced and actually accepted – 1/26
      *Never bothered with transcripts
      *WMR updated overnight 2/7, DDD – 2/11

      Chose to use Accountnow this year as we have been using it for about a year now and receive my husband’s paycheck about 5 days early. Will update if we receive and it becomes available on Monday. Good luck to everyone and I hope those of you that are frustrated get some answers soon!

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