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Unemployment Refund 290 Tax Code

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    Hey Y’all okay so I’m a single filer with school credits on my tax return. I received $9,000 in unemployment last year. Today I check my transcript and it went from 5/31 to 7/26 with a tax code 290 and $0 next to it. No DD date or anything. Is anyone else In the same boat? What does this even mean….

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    I live in MN .. nobody with this 290 and that date have gotten a payment yet?????

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    Stacy C

    I have the same as everyone. It’s been that way for three weeks.

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    I have a code 290 for 7-26 with 2 dependants. Still no refund… anyone else in the same boat?

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    Ok, my 290 keeps changing dates. It’s up to August 30th now. Started out in July. This is ridiculous.

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    I also have Additional Tax Assessed $0 7/26/21… I have given up hope… I shall die in poverty

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    Just checking to see if any of y’all with the 290 Additional Tax Assessed Code received your refund. Still no update on my transcript

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    I have a 290 code as well
    Single child who is 18 and still claiming I have self employment along with Unemployment
    290 additional tax assessed 17254-588-05043-1 cycle 20213205 date 8/30/2021
    I am hoping I get a UIB refund keeping my fingers crossed
    can someone update if they received this code and got a UIB refund

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    I have a 290 code for 8/9/2021, a 290 code for 8/16/2021 and an 846 code for 8/6/2021. Got nothing in my account, no offsets but does that mean it will be released by the 16th. The 290 code for the 9th has a code 20212905 and the 290 code for the 16th has a code 20213005. Both stated $0.00. The 846 does not have a code just the date 8/6/2021 refund issued. I’ve talked to I don’t know how many people and no one could tell me anything.

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    Olmite Charles

    I don’t know when I’m going receive my refund

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    Olmite Chary

    I never received my refund

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    Hi Guys

    Just want too see whose still in the same boat awaiting unemployment refund with as of date July 26th and code of 290 with $0.00 Head of Household and 1 Dependent this is beyond ridiculous

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    Unemployment Refund 290
    Tax Code

    Does an unemployment code of 290 mean I am not due a tax refund?

    according to below no it does not mean that, It has been said on other websites that it shows a hold being removed. I don’t have any personal updates on it as of yet hoping to see something by tonight if not tomorrow

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    Unemployment Refund 290
    Tax Code

    Does an unemployment code of 290 mean I am not due a tax refund?

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    I too have code 290 with $0.00 next to it. My cycle day is for Thursday so I’m hoping to see something by this weekend. HOH 1 dependent college student. My friends, we filed our taxes at the same time both got their unemployment tax refunds about two weeks ago a week from each other. they are both Single filers.

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    Yes I did have the 290 code with 0.00 and the date of July 26 next to it.

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    @ Atlien

    Did yours have a 290 code with 0.00$ next to it but st the and had the date of 7/26/21??? Have that on transcripts and I’m wondering if I will receive mine today then 😣

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    I just received my unemployment refund. They never updated me with a 846 code on my transcripts. The money just popped up today. So I’m assuming that code we got was a freeze being lifted off of our accounts or something like that. Everyone else with july26 should be getting deposits today as well. Good luck everyone.

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    Uh no. Lol that is 100% NOT accurate lol this is not the amount you will receive as a tax refund or unemployment refund. Lol please stop saying this.

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    REPLY TO :

    If you scroll down you’ll see REFUNDABLE CREDIT PER COMPUTER in the “Income” section there you’ll see an amount. I believe that is the amount due to you on July 26th.

    Wow I just checked and it says $1,000. So hopefully I receive that!

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    Sofia Costa

    290 tax code

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    If you scroll down you’ll see REFUNDABLE CREDIT PER COMPUTER in the “Income” section there you’ll see an amount. I believe that is the amount due to you on July 26th.

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    See this is what pisses me off. Millions of American’s are still waiting for their tax refund from the Corrections department and instead of taking an expedited approach like they would if it were processed normally, the IRS is causing further delays by randomly selecting returns that can be further audited therefore pushing all of us back due to limited bandwidth at the IRS. UGH!

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    Mine seem to be attached to the same dates we received stimulus…..hmmmm so I don’t know

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    I have the same message. My dates went from May 31 to July 26 as well. I’ve been scouring these forums to see if there is any kind of pattern to see if it still indicates us getting a dd sometime soon.

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    I also found this on another site

    It may mean that your Return was selected for an audit review, and at least for the date shown, no additional tax was assessed.

    The tax code 290, “Additional Tax Assessed” usually appears on your transcript if you have no additional tax assessment.

    When you get the 290 code on your transcript, you may either have an amount next to it, or $0.00 will appear there.

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    I am a HOH with 2 children MY ex claims one I claim one Ex does not file taxes because he does not want me to get the $ he owes in back child support and it also prevents me from additional $ in claiming my child. Two years ago he went for awhile not paying child support again I asked for permission from the court to claim both children that year and it was granted
    I assume that is why I have a 290 code.
    A 290 code means you were selected for AUDIT

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