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    Just wanted to make a topic for people to go to when they have been put under review and share their experiences.

    Filed 1/12 HRB online. Accepted 1/30. I was processing 1/30,1/31, and 2/1 and finally updated to this:
    We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.
    Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then.

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    1.ok Filed on 01/18 tt said accepted on 01/25 but irs states 1/28
    2.no for 8863
    3. can only order account trans
    4. no code on letter
    5. letter sent 02/01
    6 return over 7k but has been for last 5 years
    7. eic hoh and w2
    8 new address also an pulled transcript under old Irs still show old address but letter came to new address

    thats my story also spoke o an agent on Wed and Friday this week ask if there were any issues both stated no and wmr an 800 both still say processing an 21 days

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    ITS MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW!!!! lol but seriously I do, I told my hubbs that next year I am NOT filing early. I filed early last year and was stuck in limbo and now the same this year blah!

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    Filed the 30th…accepted the 30th….no clue when I went under review. Ordered account transcript (for court) on the 5th. Nothing in the mail at all. EIC, 2 dep, self employed, HOH. Nothing has changed since prior years. Return of 5k. I’m a childcare provider.

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    1. Early Filer
    2. No Ed Form
    3. Ordered Acct Transcript/Can’t order Return
    4. No code for letter
    6. Return over 15k
    7. EIC, CTC, CCC [Earned Income, Child Tax, Child Care Credit]
    8. New Address

    @kay your return goes to the address in which you typed in the beginning so if you typed your old addy then you wont see it at your new one. My local post man said that government mail does not get forwarded even if you selected to have your mail forwarded so that might be why you don’t have your account transcript yet

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    Wmr still says 21 days….and nothing about a review. My 21 days will be over on the 18th….which is approx 7 days from now….which is how long my review was going to take….hmmmmmm……

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    okay guys lets find out what we all have in common…

    1. yes I am a early filer filed on the 7th accepted the 23 per TA but I think i got sent back through around the 30-31
    2. Have Ed form 8863
    3. ordered account transcript ONLY 2/2
    4. no code for letter at all
    5. Letter sent 2/01
    6. Return over 7k
    7. EIC, CTC,P&L(profit n loss) self employment
    8. New address… but pulled transcript under old

    BTW… just checked the mail no account transcript 7 days later…

    Trying to find a method to this madness… if I am over stepping…. please say so and I will tone it down…

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    yeah my letter did no have a code either

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    @impatiently & fnr That’s what the rep told me that returns that were accepted early were tested went through the full process and at the point of refund the letter was generated because IRS was not accepting returns only testing the system. So now the returns are being accepted and our returns have been re sequenced and are really processing now. Explains why most letters have a 0 and not an actual code and most WMR’s say 21 day processing

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    That cp05 I’m not sure what it is I have a letter like Kay where there is no additional code just a zero so from what I was told I was being re sequenced after being apart of a test batch, @swiggins your wmr is totally different from mines as I’ve always and still have the 21 day message. See what it says Monday and if not try to call the holds department see what they say.

    @fnr when I spoke to regular reps they never mentioned being reviewed the first time I said I was afraid of i.d theft and then the rep opened my full account put me on hold and came back with the review. When I called other reps they too said they didn’t see anything so I always mentioned that I received a letter [at that point I really hadn’t] and it was the same thing they put me on hold came back and said “I just need to do what the letter says and wait” 1 rep said it was for my protection that they hold the funds…I never got a straight forward answer until speaking to the rep from the holds department.

    WMR still gives 21 day processing message
    Can’t order return transcripts
    Filed 01/17
    Accepted 01/24
    No education credits just EIC, W2’S, claimed my 2 children, husband still in military I happened to work 2 different jobs and my kids went to a new daycare this year

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    swiggins2001 did your status bar dissapeer or do you have the bar and has it ever gone away?

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    wmr stated 2/4-2/7 that we were under review and i finally ordered both my transcripts on 2/7 and went back to processing on 2/8. spoke to irs rep yesterday and she said we’re under review and should receive a letter dated 2/25 if there’s additional information needed cp05 but the only code on wmr states tax topic 152 and hotline only says processing?????

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    @duece….I was told the same thing….but no letter…yet.

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    i have no code either…just a 0.

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    its starting to look like a pattern for us maybe were ok i hope

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    I was told by 3 agents 2 after i recieved letter dated 2/1 the letter is nothing to be alarmed about. Also should expect refund within 21 day time frame from 28th which is 2/17.

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    your more than welcome… I’m like you I wanna know…. lol…. that letter scared the crap out of me…

    also this where I got the info about the codes and what they mean just so everyone doesn’t I’m just randomly throwing the possibility in the air…


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    oh and BTW if you google the letter you will see the exact same thing happen to A LOT of people last year on 2/1…

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    I think it was I have a letter from the first too… if you look in the upper right had corner it is supposes to be a CP code telling us the reason for it so when we call they have something to reference it to… but mines just says 0 I started looking at the codes to see what each one meant…. I can’t find anything for 0 at all… now it might be different for those who got there info from WMR but… I think this letter for now is a glitch… Plus from reading about the forms it is 100% computer generated… I’m doing some more research so I will let you guys know what else I find out…. trying to be as helpful as I can… :)

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    Did anyone call and get told it would only take an additional 7 days to process?

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    I have not received a letter yet….but have heard from several people that returns accepted at the VERY beginning of the season were kicked out as a result from a software problem.

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    I wonder if that was the glitch that we just got resequenced and just got the letter by mistake

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    fnr0420 .. my situation is identical word for word including same dates.

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    Ok i looked at the 4464c letter last night when I got home and It was mailed on 02/01/2013 accepted on 1/25 irs says 01/28 now with that being said I spoke to an IRS rep on 02/06/2013 and on 02/08/2013 and i asked both if there were any issues and both said NO and since the 1st WMR says still processing and 800 number also says still processing 21day msg no with all of that being said WOULD YOU ALL THINK ITS OK WAS I ONE THAT GOT A 4464 C LETTER PLEASE ANSWER

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    I have the first orange section on wmr. Still processing…called yesterday, and was told I’m under review, but it should be cleared up in 7 days??? I ordered an account transcript (I need it for proof of filing for child support). I have not received a letter as of today. Same things I have filed for YEARS.

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    Does anyone since being accepted still have no status bar? Says still processing a direct deposit date will be provided when available?

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    @Inshallah1 did you try to retrieve a transcript? or do you have a form that is delayed till next week? Just trying to help figure out why you got the letter? did you claim a new child this year? anything of that nature?

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    I have noticed that alot of people who were pulled into review have had the exact SAME tax returns the past few years! This makes me angry. Especially when you call and they tell you there are no red flags, and no letter sent out.

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    @ bigtimeny1…no I don’t see anything ref cp504…its seems to be a rather generic letter saying basically that I am under review and the IRS is stepping up measures to prevent fraud.
    Only thing I can think that would triggering this is that I have a different employer after 7 yrs of the same

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    man, i don’t have the patience to be on hold lol

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    Inshallah1 what did the letter say and do you know if it was a letter cp05?

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    I filed 1/30 IRS received 1/31 was showing Orange bar until 2/6 and has shown “still processing “ever since. I have talked to three reps all who said I had no red flags or off sets. I just spoke to someone earlier today that said everything was fine. Received a letter today dated 2/4 saying I was under review…WMR never said any error code

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    @Kay wow that sucks I’m sorry to hear that but I know your money is coming and you guys will be in your home sooner than you know :)

    @Monet that’s great news! The number I posted the people seem generally much knowledgeable, nicer and willing to assist.

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    hello all I have been reading the post and when mrsdaw posted the number 18668973315 I called because I filed on Feb. 1st and was accepted Feb. 1 but I have not been able to access wheres my refund. when I called I got a nice lady that told me my refund was accepted on the 4th not the 1st and it was scheduled to be DD on Feb. 13 and no later than Feb. 25 so if you want to know the status just call.

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    @mrsdaw I was too started crying… my apartment was broken into a few months ago and me and my son lost everything… they even stole his under ware…so this money could help us buy our very first home… I started googling info on the letter and found out about the codes attached… went over the letter with a fine tooth comb trying to find a code but it wasn’t any… thought that was weird so I started calling… got the wait till answer and the info i stated from the hold dept… thought about what I did and the transcript thing was what I came up with… not saying I am right but if I know there is a hold cause of the delay it would stand to reason that they sent the generic letter out to cover the time it takes for processing… so as long as WMR states… processing with no code or says that I am officially under review… I’m not going to call just yet….plus the fact that every one is flooding the IRS line with I want my DD and where is my check questions I’ll just wait… Me and my lil man can ride this storm out for a little longer… praying for all of us to get our $$$

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    @Holly Although I can’t give you a 100% answer I would say to read both mine and royjb post, seems like in his case he actually had to get a hold removed and in my case the hold was just for testing and was already lifted.

    @kay I was loosing my mind up until I hung up the phone with Ms. Garcia, I have been researching like crazy, becoming OCD with WMR and trying to order transcripts I was even reading stuff from 2009

    @taxpayer if you have a hold on your return that is not related to any of the current tax delays like 8863 then I would certainly call the hold line and see what they say it’s a lot better than worrying I know it made me feel so much better

    For the meantime I think I will give my stalking ways up at least until Monday Morning lol.

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    I’m going to just leave it alone at least until this 8863 issue is resolved… now if you didnt claim that form by all means check to see what is going on… also check the its.gov site for other forms that have been delayed the check your return to see if you have them…

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    so if i just leave it alone will it still be processed no matter what? is that what they’re saying? we need to call in to have them remove the hold?

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    I was also accepted WAY early also I got my accepted letter from TA on the 23rd…

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    @mrsdaw thanks for the info…I am still going to wait till something updates after the 14th I have a 8863 and a profit and loss from self employment which were delayed this year… I will keep you all posted on what happens…. I also just want to say thank you all for your help and support with out it i know I would be loosing my mind…

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    Here is our story so far:
    Filed on the 1/16 (HRB) IRS accepted it 1/30 was able to order both transcripts on 2/4. Still said processing on 2/5 so we called. They told us everything looked fine and that it was still processing give it until 2/20 and call back. Called again yesterday to see what was going on and if we could get a DDD. They lady told us it was under review. We didn’t do anything wrong, NO letter had been sent out. No codes were given. She also couldn’t give us an average time it takes to review.
    My question is: If we aren’t getting a letter, or error codes then what is going on?

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    I highly advise everyone to call that number. I spoke with a Ms. Garcia who was a sweetheart and she was very helpful. She stated that the IRS has a new system this year and for that system they accepted a few returns as a test. [I was accepted on the 24th] Those returns accepted as a test were just that a test, by no means was that your actual acceptance date since they did not begin processing until the 30th. So the test subjects returns fully went through the system and were assigned a number and then when they opened the flood gates on the 30th they were sent back through for what they call re-sequencing. That triggered the 4464c letter. She looked over my return line by line and told me there were no red flags and that it was actually being processed she even verified my banking information to make sure there would be no hold ups when the time comes around. I thanked her so much because I have gotten nothing but jerks on the line unwilling to assist. She also stated that if you were really up for review your WMR would update to say that along with an error code. If you were accepted early I would assume maybe you are in the same category as me but it always feels better to hear that for yourself so call call call and goodluck everyone. I will keep you all posted and I ask that you do the same. Have a great weekend!

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    I called today and actually got a nice rep on the first try. She checked my info and told me the small deposit I received was just my federal withholding. (Which I already figured). She then told me I technically wasn’t under review but my return was pulled because I filed my niece and she was filed by someone else last year. She said my return was in a pile and it’s a possibility it will be examined by a IRS agent within 90 days!! She said its also a possibility that they would kick it out and send out my refund but for right now my return is in some kind of retarded IRS limbo state. Long story short: I’m pretty much fucked until they decide they’re done with me

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    Yep, the number I called is the one mrsdaw posted above. BTW, thank you mrsdaw. :)

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    I found a number for the Refund Hold Department just in case anyone else would like to call it is 1-866-897-3315. Please keep us posted everyone :)

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    The lady I talked to was very nice. She said it COULD take the extra 7 days…but didn’t let on that it was anything serious. I went as far as asking if I needed to start making copies of all my receipts and parent payments (I have had a daycare for many many years).

    Has anyone gotten their refund even though they’ve been reviewed?

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    @roy Great news! What number did you call?

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    I tried to call 3 times yesterday they won’t tell me nothing even called the holds department for info he was very nice said that they could only look up my info for 2011….WMR stills says this for me

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.

    Please check here or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go, to check on your refund status.

    I also still have not received my account transcript as of today…. one week later… maybe it will come Monday or maybe just maybe (praying) that’s what the letter about… it had no code to reference to at all…. I decided not to call until this whole delay of the 8836 form has been settled…Also after I got the letter I went flipping google search crazy and A LOT of people using TT are getting the letter and the codes on WMR… I’m just praying for good news for ALL of us…

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    The lady I talked to today says the updates in the processing system caused some returns to be kicked to review for no reason at all. When she looked at my account, she went line-by-line and say no codes or flags. After having me on hold for about ten minutes, she came back on the line, said she removed the hold on my refund, and placed my account back into the normal refund delivery system. She said I should be able to see my direct deposit date in a couple days.

    If you have been told by an IRS agent that you are under review, or that your refund is on hold, ask to be connected to the “holds department”. They can tell you more than the regular reps, and they have the power to make changes on your account.

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