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    Just wanted to make a topic for people to go to when they have been put under review and share their experiences.

    Filed 1/12 HRB online. Accepted 1/30. I was processing 1/30,1/31, and 2/1 and finally updated to this:
    We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.
    Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then.

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    They need to … give us oyr money then figureout what they need to figure out later. Fuck . Ill em back if they find sumn wrobg but fuckkkk. Im sick of waiting. Im living as if i will never get one … i have been on edge ,2 months prior tax season.

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    ok so I didn’t receive my refund like others around me I called the Irs they had no info to give until my 21 days was up I filed on the 7th of February 2017 it just kept we received your refund and it is being processed so the lady me on the 21st day that it was under review and there was nothing I needed to do further just keep the letter when I receive it so that was on a Monday the February 21st so I called back that Friday guy told me I was under reievew theres nothing I need to do further well my refund still was say received and still processing so I call the next Monday and the guy told me to call back when I get the letter but its nothing but a random review well today march 5th I got a DDD of march 8th no later than 13th its been approved so just hold ur horses pray and let God do his work, also I ordered transcripts on the 28th of February I don’t kno did that speed up the process or not..hope this is helpful to someone

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    Fred Yee

    Thoughtful discussion – BTW , if someone has been looking for a IRS W-2 , my husband came across a blank document here http://goo.gl/gGnID2

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    Ledna Branch

    It has been passed 21 days so I called IRS and was told my tax was under review and I would get a letter in 30 days. I went on EPS and it shows my refund processed however deducted to equal zero so nothing is disbursed. On my Where’s my refund ” the message my “Refund is till being processed and and date available when it happens with code 152.” What does this mean? I am scared.

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    michael margetts

    you would have to de[posit it it to at the montreal bank in campbell river b.c.

    savings account
    thank youMichael M

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    I used TurboTax to file 2013 taxes. I decided to paper file because I have an Injured Spouse Form I have to do every year because my wife forclosed on her house before we got married.

    I mailed the taxes with the Injured Spouse form on 1/12/14. I got notice from Where’s My Refund that papers were received 2 weeks later. Next day, it said processing.
    Months go by, and no word from the IRS, no status update. My wife called and the lady said they have until 6/12/2014 to handle Injured Spouse Allocations. It is now 6/20/2014. 1 week after their deadline, my wife called again, and they said they were waiting on a document to be sent from another office (really vague).
    I’m still “processing”.

    Who is holding these people accountable? Why is this so difficult? I’ve been waiting for ages to get my refund and the result is I have now been sued, because I was planning on using this money to pay off some debts. Now I’m screwed! Thanks IRS, go suck an egg.

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    okay so this is my first time filling, filled 02/11 got accepted the next day. months went pass so I called and they said no verification of employment and that I was under review. after the review time was up the guy I talked with sent a referral & told me to wait another 4-6 weeks. it is now near the end of may & im going to school in less then 2 months I was counting on that money to buy the things I needed for my freshmen year.

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    Robert T


    Super User EPO39b…did you get a commission for that useless info you posted?

    I eFiled my 2013 return through H & R Block on Jan 22nd 2014. The return was accepted by the IRS on Jan 31st. I received a letter the first week in March dated Feb 24th that my return had been selected for verification and that I was to do nothing at that time and that the verification would be resolved in 60 days, at which point I should contact the IRS. 60+ days later I contact the IRS. I am informed that a referral letter will be sent to the IVO (Integrity& Verification Office) that they have ANOTHER 30 days to conclude the verification and release my refund. It is now the second week in May and I still have not received my refund. Every phone call to the IRS office takes 45 minutes of wait time to speak to a live person and then I am told that they have to wait for the referral to expire before any action can occur. I contacted the Tax Payer Advocate for assistance in this matter. A WASTE OF TIME. My humble opinion is that the Tax Payer Advocate is a Federally funded “hand holding” measure that does NOTHING that will actually benefit anyone.

    I was laid off 2 years ago and returned to college as a full time student. A significant part of my financial budget for this semester was that tax refund. Now I am behind in my bills. I owe friends and family money. My auto insurance has lapsed due to non payment. I got a title loan on my 2001 car mistakenly thinking that surely the IRS would not need OVER 3 MONTHS to make a phone call or ask my former employer for documentation. They proved me wrong.

    I am now a committed advocate to abolishing the IRS forever. The day that happens? Good luck with those extended emergency unemployment benefit forms you Jerks.

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    Jeanne Meier

    Good luck folks! They pulled mine for 2012 saying it was under review, then sent me a list of info they wanted proving every penny of my income and other things – basically a very lazy way of auditing me. I sent it all in and they denied it. I called and was told that they are withholding the refund but are holding me accountable for the taxes. It doesn’t even seem legal to me. I sent in an appeal and have heard nothing. Now, just filed my 2013 taxes and it is also under review. I don’t expect much from them. Fortunately I just moved out of Michigan and never plan to return, but if I was living there I wouldn’t even bother.

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    I filed 2/5/2014 it got accepted 2/6, when I checked the IRS the bar was on stage 1 and on 2/23/14 the bar stop showing and now all it says is Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. There is nothing under notes. I spoke to a rep today and he said mine was pulled for review- it should take up to 8 weeks. So by April 18. 14. He didn’t say anything about red flags or a letter. This year I did file married joint and this is the first year me and my husband did it. SO I am hoping its that. I have no idea what else it could be. SMH it does suck that the IRS can take their time to issue our checks but are so fast to take every penny before we even see it. but I guess that’s life.. smh

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    Deangelo Crusoe

    I got a letter sayin I need to prove im hoh n prove my son is my son. I sent my lease and paternity papers. Should that b enough

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    Jen in Oklahoma

    I received an under review letter that says I don’t need to do anything. It says I will know something by April 17th. I filed on 01/31 and was accepted on 02/03. What’s the cause of this?

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    Correction to my earlier post ***i received tax topic 151 not 152

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    I got the code 1252 last year with the message of tax topic 152 and stating I would receive something in the mail and not to contact the irs until I did so. It ended up being a correspondence audit, over the EIC, which baffled me as all my prior returns the last few years have been pretty similar, but to give everyone a heads up I waited to receive the letter and it asked for documents to prove I was HOH such as bg&e bills, rent receipts, etc and to prove my children lived with my all year I had to get letters from their school and pediatrician on their letterheads (IRS was very specific about that)! I filed on 2/22, received irs letter 3/12, mailed documents certified on 3/31 and heard nothing back whatsoever and then out of nowhere my entire refund I was supposed to receive was direct deposited in my account at the end of July….yes the end of July!!! Needless to say I was happy to receive it but it was a huge headache and this year I have yet to file-I want to but nervous it will happen all over again, since I read stories about people having this happen to them for several consecutive years! Hope this info helps someone, I know last year this site was my saving grace while I was going through my tax refund hell! Best luck to you all!

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    I am a first time filer I E-Filed on Jan 30. 2014 through Turbo Tax a week or 2 later I got this message:

    We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.
    Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 151, Your Appeal Rights

    So I called 1.866.897.3315 on 02.18.2014 because I have not gotten a letter or anything yet but I do owe 400.00 in student loans now I was on hold for quite some time after being on hold the phone kept hanging up I kept calling back until I spoke to Ms. Parker I.D. Number 100161269 who advised me that
    Can not release refund because of the student loan from 2008 so they are going to pay the student loan off first then I should receive my return she did not have a DD but she was very helpful she actually called me back and told me to call this number 1 866.897.0177 so I called this is about the earned income credit that is what the recording says I was on hold for a long time before I spoke to Vincent Price I.D. Number 1002778713 who advised me that there is nothing in the system for me right but if I am selected for an audit and usually if you claim a dependent for the first time you will be audited then I will need to fax in additional information but he told me to give it another week to see if I get a letter saying I am being audited he was very nice and helpful..

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    I have also received a your return is under review…although, now where is my refund is down. ” We are sorry Where’s My Refund is currently unavailable. Please try Where’s My Refund again later”
    I don’t know what is going on and my refund is under $4000.00

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    What does I may not get all or part of my refund mean

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    I am currently under review, my taxes accepted 2/15, received notice that i needed to send in ‘verification’ papers for the EIC/dependent credits, faxed them in and they received 3/13, called at least once a week to twice a week, its been over 45 days and they say it still hasnt been reviewed yet.All they can say is they get lots of paperwork and are still working on the ones from the end of February/beginning of March. Really?!!! Are they really that dumb or that understaffed. This is VERY frustrating as everytime i call they say it should be done next week, then i hear the same thing the week after, then they tell me day 45 it should be done. What BS!

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    still nothing for me

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    Any updates

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    Sent 2/1
    Accepted 2/15
    DD 3/4
    DD pulled 3/5
    Told my file would be reaccepted 3/9
    4-6 weeks from filing

    Will never file electronically again. Putting together lawsuit against HRBlock.

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    Spoke with tx advocate yesterday. She told me that all adjustments were made and the codes were put in to release my refund. She Said I should have a Ddd in one to two weeks. I really hope so but will not get my hopes up.

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    I was put under “extended review”. I contacted the IRS and was told that I was under review. I was informed that I should expect a letter that would detail what is needed and the exact reason for the review.
    I received a letter 3 days later stating I was under review and that they needed nothing from me.
    I contacted the tax advocate line and explained my situation. She stated that I would be contacted in three days.
    Four days later (6 if you included the weekend), I received a call from a tax advocate.
    She stated I needed to provide proof of my employment with my claimed 6 employers. The Lady then told me to obtain 6 letters on company letterhead from each of the employers. When asked why the W2s were not sufficient she said they can be faked. I was also told that employers were given longer to file the w2 and that is why a lot of us are under review. Over the course of trying to obtain these letters (2 of which I was able to obtain) I found out from her that only 2 letters were actually needed. Unfortunately they were not the ones obtained.
    I am trying to keep this short but yet detailed. I am still battling

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    Okay so an update on my situation. Reviewed for HOH and EIC. After faxing all my info and waiting the prescribed 2 weeks from the date the advocate sent it to irs review department, I got a phone call this morning saying that they approved my refund, that the info I sent was sufficient (33 pages). Now they have to input it back into the computer system and let it process, wait 21 days, which I think is BS because I have my return transcript with the full credit on it. I know that my refund has been processed and is awaiting them to release it, which I hope takes less than a week. TAS is a load of crap, I sent in a three day notice with my info and it has been 3 weeks already, the review department took the entire two weeks that they had to approve and now I am just waiting again. Seems to me they could have just looked at the info and released the refund by now. Guess I should consider myself blessed that I do not have to wait 45 or 60 days like some people are. it is hard though to consider oneself blessed when facing eviction. Next year I will definitely not plan on using my refund for essentials, then I will not have this problem.

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    I don’t come here and update cos I still have nothing lol. Still same msg on WMR since 2/16 & no Dodd.

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    3/2 – Refund finally approved with a DD date of 3/12. I guess they actually are starting to process the EITC returns now.

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    What happened to everyone that was writing on this forum with updates?? Ever since the website went thru their updates for a few days, nobody updates the status of their returns here anymore…..

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    Filed: 1/30/13
    Accepted: 1/30/13
    ~$1100 return, EIC, no dependents, 1 W2

    2/1 – Still being processed
    2/19 – Status changed to “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.”
    2/25 – I haven’t been able to see the status on the WMR page
    2/28 – Finally called IRS and found out I am under review and could be for 4-6 weeks. Still can’t order transcripts. No letters received in the mail.

    That seems like a pretty long time frame to look over something that simple. I thought they would check for accuracy when they processed it, but apparently not. Hopefully it will be done sooner, but I’m pretty sure it wont.

    On a side note, I mailed in an amended 2011 return a week after e-filing my 2012 return and will receive a check for that in less than a week. Maybe filing electronically isn’t the way to go anymore.

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    Hey my fellow under reviewer… I got my return transcripts in the mail today…I called again… Trying to find out more information on the hold/review… and at this point I have NO IDEA what is going to happen… was told they were looking into my information making sure everything was on the up n up and who know how long it will take… she told me if they need more info that they will send me another letter… to find out this it only took 4hrs on the phone being disconnected 4 times and transferred 6… Hoping for no more letters and a DD soon… I have no idea how long I have been on hold but I called last wed and found out about it…oh well I guess I can stop waiting for it now at least I know something Good luck to you all

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    @ccs753 I think it is just a process as I faxed over all my docs last week and she told me she sent my information over and asked everything to be completed by 2/27. She told me we were scheduled to talk again on 3/4 but I could call her on 2/28. This to me sounds better than 60 days the letter is saying it may take. Hopefully it will all get done sooner for you.

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    it is insane, I send over all information requested to the tax advocate, along with a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit. Then she asks for the letter the IRS sent me, so I fax that also, now the faxed paperwork they have received is 33 pages. When I call to confirm that she received the fax she tells me yes and she will send the info over either this day or the next and I should expect to hear from her by March 6. What part of 3 day notice does she not understand?? How freaking long can it take to verify the info and release the funds, my refund is already credited to my account just let it go already.

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    Deposit date, not review date.

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    How do you know if you are REALLY under review? F/a 1/30, had orange status bar until a week ago then went to processing reveiw date when available. Ordered transcripts 2 weeks ago, recieved them a week ago. That had a date of 2/25 on it. Not sure about any codes on there though. Called IRS Friday and they told us it’s under review, to expect a letter sent out on March 4th. Looks like a lot of you already have letters or notices on wmr but so far nothing like that here. Really frustrated waiting!

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    yeah holly, mine said that. i have been reading up about that letter and found out that it is a letter of error on behalf of the irs

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    Nothing new our Tax Advocate called back Friday. Wanted us to fax her a copy of our taxes, review letter, w-2, last paycheck stub of the year.
    So I got that all faxed over Friday afternoon. So now we wait some more.

    I have a question for everyone who got the CP05 letter.
    At the top does it say:
    Important information about Combat Zone tax deferment
    We’re holding your refund until we finish reviewing your tax return

    Just what the hell is combat zone tax deferment?

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    @kay kay. I completely AGREE

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    oh n btw I still have not got my account transcripts or anything else from the IRS since Feb 1… so i guess that’s a silver lining in this dark cloud….

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    good evening all thought I would update you on what’s going on: 2/20/12 received state refund… was able to order return transcript either the 20-22 unsure of what date now… 2/21 called finally and talked to a very nice lady… (asked to check if my DD information was correct) said I had a issue with my state being deposited (lie) she verified my info was correct then I asked if she could see a DD date. No she said that my return was on hold but couldn’t tell me why…smh then she asked if I received a letter on the 26th I stated no I never got a letter (lie)…. she told me to look for a DD sometime around the beginning of next month and it could take up to 60 days from the 31…..which puts it at about easter sunday… I have decided to give up on getting a refund cause at this rate it doesn’t look like I am getting one… WMR still says the same a refund date will be blah blah blah…. but if I get a change I will let you know… I’m done

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    1/28 – filed
    1/28 – accepted 11 hrs later from filing
    1/30 – around 10pm finally got a status on wmr with ‘Return Received’ (1 bar) & still processing
    1/31 – ordered acct transcript but couldn’t order return transcript
    2/6 – received acct transcript & 4464 c letter (dated 2/4) & has no code on it whatsoever. it had no action required. wmr still the same.
    2/14 – wmr had no status bar but still the same msg w/return received.
    2/16 – wmr still had no bar but msg changed to Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. i ordered another acct transcript to see if i get any codes because my transcript had nothing on it…it was blank w/a as of date of 2/18th.
    2/18 – wmr still the same…no status bar w/msg. i still can’t order a return transcript.
    2/19 – wmr still the same (no bars since 2/16). i still can’t order a return transcript.
    2/21 – got acct transcript that was ordered on 2/16 Pic of acct transcript – totally blank just like the first one. exact same thing as the first one. only diff was the as of date. first one was 2/18 & this one is 3/04.
    2/22 – Pic of WMR as of today (since 2/16)
    Pic when trying to order return transcript – still can’t order a return transcript.
    2/23 – WMR/hotline is still the same.

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    I been looking online to see if other people have been through this before and I heard some got theres in may some oct. and they paid them from a 100 to 150 interest but i don’t know how much they were getting back.this is some bs.WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO (TAKE ACTION) LIKE IT SAYS ON WMR AND PUT A END TO THIS BS.

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    @sheashell… It basically means that they need more time to us our refunds and dont have the balls to simply say it…

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    i still have not received any transcripts or letter and my wmr messages says they will give me a date when available….irs says its under review and on hold but hold dept not holding it…no code on wmr also…should i call again…???

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    what proof of hardship did the advocate need

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    I received a CP05 letter in the mail yesterday does anyone know what that means the letter dated that they didn’t need any information from me so I don’t know what the review is for….

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    Hi everyone. So I am in the same boat as everyone. I filed on the 30th and then got a 4464c letter in the mail with no code. It was dated 2/5/2013. I did call the holds dept. and the lady i spoke with said there were no holds.

    For the whole time i was getting the generic 21 day message, but yesterday it changed to the will give me a dd when available.

    Well, today I was able to order a return transcript (finally). IDK if that mean Im done processing or if I am going to see a dd soon but just wanted to let everyone know my story. Hopefully I get a dd soon, then we will know there is hope.

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    this what wmr says “We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.

    Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then.”….one agent from “holds dept.” says we’re processing another random agent also says processing…WTH!!!

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    sorry, this was a duplicate response because first one didn’t show. i thought i could delete the duplicate by clicking edit but it doesn’t let me delete it…just edit.

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    i can’t get tax advocate :(. can’t prove hardship. ugh

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    duce they told me same thing…hope its true…he didn’t tell me how long but he said he would have it released

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