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      Okay so I filed my taxes on the 28th of jan… accepted early on the 29th…

      WMR never updated at all! spoke with a IRS agent on 2/7/2014 and he told me that nothing looked wrong with my return and I should receive them o February 12, 2014 … ( He offered me that date.. didn’t ask for it ) lol… anyway wake up on 2/8/2014 and check WMR and it says :

      ” We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.
      Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then.”

      I have EIC and CTC on this return for two kids.. So I just don’t know what to think now. Has this happened to anyone else before?

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          Mine is say ing that now I sent them the info by fax a week ago how much longer will it take

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          Rebecca D

            Happened to me last year (2014 return). Waited the 3 weeks, then called the irs. Was told I was “selected for review”. Filed on first day returns were accepted; my return was accepted the next day. No update on the wmr, just showed that the return had been accepted and was being processed. Kept calling back, was told every time that I didn’t need to send anything else in. No changes between this 2014 return and 2013 tax return. The gist of it, I filed and was accepted in the latter part of January… finally got my refund in April.

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              IDK what’s up with my refund. I have the worst luck when it comes to luck so I’m guessing I’m under review & I’m going to have a hard time getting my refund. I filed on opening day this year & I’m sure I’ve got mistakes considering I was trying to beat my kids father to the punch on filing my kids b/c he threatens to do it each year even though they live with me full time..so I’m thinking since I can’t find out anything there’s a problem. My returns are much like the past returns but I don’t know what’s going on. WMR doesn’t tell me anything, can’t order transcripts & I’ve heard nothing. I’m upset b/c this always happens to me.

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                I filed the same way as always and with the same person I’ve been using for years. I filed in January and still have not received a refund. there was nothing new on my return that was not there last year. I was told when I called yesterday that my review was never completed so it should be 6 weeks before it’s here or (hope not) but a letter saying what I need if anything.

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                  This happen to me last. Year and I sent everything they were requesting and I would call every. Week. Didn’t get my refund till late October 2013. And I had sent all the info they wanted since march

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                    No not divorced. I have 2 children with an ex (never married) and one with my husband. They wanted the shot records for my youngest son (my child with my hubby).

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                    Jami filed & accp on 1/30 still one bar on WMR

                      This has happened to me twice in the past 20 years. It could be you’re employer had withholding wrong (in your or other employees social security or medicaid witholding)…or you are just the unlucky one getting the random review. This is their way to quality control..lol… the rich people simply hire accountants to hide their amounts owed and people waiting on refunds get randomly selected for review. If your tax return is like it always is then I wouldn’t worry, however, it can delay it for months but it doesn’t have to if you handle it with sweet, kind, apologetic persistence. One year it took 3 months longer but , having learned the hard way the next time it happened only a two week delay. For me both times must have been a random review because they never asked for any additional information or anything. keep calling them every week because it is sitting on an agents desk in a pile. Give them a sob story like ” I am so so sorry to bother you I know how busy you are but my electricity is about to get turned off, I lost my job, and my car broke down and I can’t get to the store to buy baby formula (not kidding come up with a string of bad luck and just be sincere) …what can I do to make this go quicker if you tell me what paperwork i need to get together at least I can make sure I have it etc… I am not lying this is what I did with a little tears thrown in. You can say please call me if you need paperwork but I need to give you a different number because my phone is getting cut off tomorrow. It took me twice to call but then I got a person with sympathy.. also if you call a few times then when you get someone on the phone they will see you have called and you can say “last time when I called the lady told me that everything was done and that my check was being sent and it has been a week can you please tell me what is going on” just please and thank you great one..lol good luck

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                        Not to burst anyone’s bubble but I don’t want people to have false hopes while experiencing this. I went under review last year with the same message as above. After 3 weeks after receiving that status on WMR I finally got that “notice” in the mail. They wanted to me prove my EIC credits. I had to send in everything about myself and kids… birth certs, ss cards, shot records, school records. It was a pain. And after gathering all the necessary info I had to play the waiting game and it took them until DECEMBER 2013 to give me my refund. That whole process was a nightmare and would never wish it on anyone. Now I can’t say this experience is the same for everyone cause it seemed everyone else under review were getting approved pretty quickly. But anyone who is under review I would not expect your refund until at least April.

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                          Jami filed & accp on 1/30 still one bar on WMR

                            shot records ….. omg…is that even legal? were you divorced by chance because I have heard of that if both parents were trying to claim EIC and CTC and the irs had to determine who the kids lived with…this is crazy. Now I am starting to worry about mine. I filed on the 30th accp on the 30th and nothing but one bar and a 152 tax code.

                            Anybody that gets tagged for a review I would call them ASAP and tell them this happened to my friend and ” (tell the story that was posted above about the shot records etc… and point blank ask the IRS agent do I need to send you that stuff because I want to stay ahead of the ballgame and send it right away. Flat out ask them “what department do I mail it to or do I put it to the attention of somebody” .. If you don’t do this you are just sitting in a pile. If they tell you no then call in 5 days and talk to someone again.. Each agent s different, some are lazy and don’t want to do anything more than they have to, some don’t care about helping people get things done faster but there are a few who do and if you call enough you can make it happen. there is a record that you called and so you can say the last lady I talked to told me this or that…. finally you will get someone who can approve it or get er done with whatever is holding it up. plus if you call enough it will look like they have been working hard on your case and you have been given the run around and someone will tell you some bs and the opportunity will come up to talk to a supervisor and if she looks at the record and sees all this communication she or he can make it happen..just don’t sit and wait for a letter… call tomorrow and ask a person and they will tell u if it is a random review and every thing looks good or if they need paperwork –just don’t sit around and wait call and get to top of the pile and in a week if you dont get a letter–or if u do–call again..trust me

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                            There was something that may have flagged your return for review for example if your claiming a newborn child or all of a sudden your claiming credits you’ve never had before or even I’d theft. The second option is it’s just a random review. But if you show them the paperwork they will to see it take no longer then two weeks

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