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      Ok, so wmr says My taxes are under review you’ll recieve a letter….don’t call us until then yada, yada, yada.
      so my husband calls the IRS, and was told twice we are proccessing? the second agent to tell us this was from the holds department….I”M SO CONFUSED!!!!!! so anyone else had this situation please let me know :)

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          Tie… Read this hope it helps If you received an IRS CP05A Notice, the IRS is examining your tax return and needs you to send verifying documents.
          General Information
          Understanding Your CP05B Notice
          If you received an IRS CP05B Notice, the IRS is holding your refund because the income reported on your tax return may not match the income reported to us by payers.

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            Reply To: Under review according to WMR but….did you receive the letter? This happens to me and it is because I got randomly picked for an audit i got the letter and irs gave me 30 days to send in documents showing my children are mine irs told me it can take into 4 months before I get my money but if you send what proofs they ask for then you should be good the letter will tell you

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              Filed on 2/5 accepted 2/6 then on 2/21 i was told i would receive a letter in the mail because my refund is being held for review and they couldn’t tell me anything further but to contact them in 60 days.. I’m beyond hurt and sad I’m trying to buy a house and i needed my refund for my pre approval letter on 3/10 but my question is has anyone ever had this happen and have they got their refund before the 60 days? Please respond if so- thank you

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                Does the CP05 letter means bad news please help clueless

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                  My tentative refund date was set for the 17th (holiday) which was also 21 days from date of acceptance. As of today the 15th my status bars are gone and says it’s being processed and date will be given when made available. Does this mean a review? Or is this do to holiday impacting the deposit date of 21 days?

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                  Ronesha Washington

                    My status says still processing will get a refund date when available plz explain

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                      @barbiedawhl, call this number for offsets….1800-304-3107, an automated system will tell you if you have any pending debts or not. I didn’t want to call either, but luckily I didn’t have any and I feel much better now.

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                        mines is processing… but I think the hold up is I owe a student loan… they’ve taken my tax returns the last couple of years… my feelings so hurts… so I don’t know what’s still owing… that’s why I think I haven’t received my ddd yet… or it could be my bank… or it could be both issues… so even though i’m suppose to get money by 2-12-14… there may be a delay…. I wouldn’t call, because they might not tell you directly… they like to keep us in the dark… they don’t want to commit to telling you anything…

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