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      I filed on 01/06 and was accepted on 01/12 and did not know anything about transcripts until some time last week, because I was wondering what the delay has been and WMR has just shown my refund in process this whole time. I stumbled upon this site and looked up my transcript and discovered I have the 896 for the ACA and a 570 with a 0.00 amount and a 971 after that. I have a cycle code of 20150405 but no 846. The 896, 570, and 971 all show dates of 02-16-2015 and the 806, 766, and 768 all have dates of 04/15/2015 and the appropriate amounts listed. I have no bars and no tax topics on WMR, just that my return is being processed. I used tax act and filed as HOH with the EIC for one dependent. I still have not received any mail from the IRS. I am going crazy with worry hoping I am not going to be one of the horror stories that isn’t going to get my return until December. I am having a baby in May and I really needed that money because we are moving. My husband is here on a green card and can’t work yet because we are in the process of dealing with our immigration case for his work permit. He is a registered nurse but right now we are relying solely on my income and this is so stressful! I was hoping to have that money to help once I go out on maternity leave and now I am terrified that it won’t happen. I can’t even sleep I am so worried about what the heck is going on. I was out on maternity leave in 2013 and my income was significantly less and so I am thinking that combined with the fact that I filed early is what flagged me for review. I wish there was more information on the transcript. Not knowing is literally making me sick.

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          I have the same codes. Exactlu that order. Anyone have any updates

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            Has anyone else with a 971 received their notice yet? I’m still sitting on pins and needles with no updates to anything in the last week.

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