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    Just got off a call with the IRS…Rep said I have been selected for a “random” review. My return was accepted on 1/25…I called because last week my bars disappeared and WMR said “your tax return is still being processed” “A refund date will be provided when available”

    The rep said it will delay things about 2 cycles whatever that means. Told me I could call back on 3/7/2018.

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    Jeannine adkind

    I filed Jan with turbo tax waited 60 days then got a letter stating under review then another 60 days was told under examantion butvnot an audit lol called had to send in my income verification she verified some stuff on the phone said they were behind and it’s probably be feb before they actually got to it WHAT ??? Yep got a letter saying the same thing they’d be in touch and let me kno if they needed anything else .. FEB .. wow …


    dulce ortiz

    i filed on feb got accepted right away i got a letter saying i will be under review for 60 days the 60 days where up and nothing i received another letter that i needed to send some documents i did that and that would take another 60 days to review my 60 days are past actually its been over my 60 days i called them and the lady said shes going to referred me to another department because they couldnt verify my income she said someone will be calling me in 5 days but i think its just b.s what is going on i had plans with that money why are they doing this? has anybody else bee through this?? this is so sad and aggravating at the same time



    I filed my 2016 income tax return on march have not received no letters they have been giving the run around i called they transferred me to the audit department called today examination lady told me that the audit was cancelled told me to call a TA which i just did now i have to wait cuz suppose i have to verify my income for that year 2016 i filed my 2017 received it with out a problem. I thought once audit department released the it i was going to receive my refund.now they transferred my account to another department


    Debbie Olsen

    I’m actually a Tax preparer who e filed 2/27/18 using my ptin through my company’s filing system. I was selected for manual review. Had to do the ID verification which to me was ironic because I had to prove my identity to get my ptin. I verify my and I’m told to allow up to 9 weeks but not to worry because it won’t take that long. A few weeks in to the 9 weeks I get the 60 day letter which extended it out past the original 9 weeks. The 60 days were up on 6/4/18 I call to find out what’s going on and I am told my return has not been processed but they will send a referral and to give it another 60 days. The tax advocates are a joke not helpful at all. I’ve already had to sell my car to prevent a hardship which means I’ll soon be without a job. I already know that when the second 60 days is up I’ll be told it’ll be another 60 days. It’s all a stall tactic. Those being told their wages weren’t reported are being flat out lied to. The hold up is the funds aren’t available to pay refunds.



    Hi, I was accepted by the IRS was suppose to receive my return the end of Feb, looked on where’s my refund had a message stating that my return had been applied to a past due tax obligation, I s/w the IRS the month of March the month April the month of May and so far this month for June, I was advised that I had been audited for the years of 2014,2015 and had a debt cancellation for 2016, I hadn’t received any review information in the mail because I had moved for those years, I s/w a IRS rep and was told I was eligible for audit reconsideration and that it could take up to 60 days well I’m wayyyyy past 60 days. I got a TA and got a pin code but I’m still waiting. Was even told by the TA that someone may have tried to fill my children each year after I filed. I’m so confused and lost cause this has never happen.



    I FILED 1/25 ACCEPTED 1/29 WAR BAR APPEARED AND THEN DISAPPEARED ON VALENTINES. Called IRS got the run around with call back in 21 days did that then it was 8 weeks, did that. Then I got pissed, called Tax Advocates. They responded within a few days gave me a ddd date of 4/30. 4/30 came and went no refund.McAllen advocate again got a supervisor on the line she gave me a ddd of 5/17. Still no refund, got the supervisors supervisor on the phone, got a datext of 06/05….. NADDA!



    FINALLY!! F/A 1/29 got 4464c dated 2/27 called another 60 days got a TA middle of May and finally my transcript updated today with the 846 refund issued for 6/6!!


    Nicole C

    I’m still waiting also. Filed in January. Got letter I was under review. Then letter stating I can take eic again and should receive refund in 6 weeks if I don’t owe anything. I don’t think I owe anything. Checked the treasury department no record. WMR just says still processing. If they took it wouldn’t it say?


    ciaran lewis

    I filed my taxes on Jan 31,received my state taxes in 2 weeks, received a letter stating I was in review March 1, for 60 days, My 60 days was up May 1,I called and was told a referral was put in and to wait additional 60 days, which brings me up to June 30, Was told nothing is wrong just still under review, 4 months and still no tax return,TA dont help,I dont qualify,this is beyond crazy..




    This really sucks did my taxes on Jan 29 called on February and was told wait 45 day waited 45 day then tell me no wait 60 days waited 60 days only for it to be still under review please give another 60 days called and they told me that I had to verify my wages cause my employer didn’t they are out of business I have to verify my wages and I lost everything I my storage unit cause I lost my apartment I lost my unit I had all my things in with all my w2 and paystubs cause I lost my job and now I living in a hotel with my children with so friends untill I can find a job which is not easy . This year has started out real rough but I keep telling myself I’m alive and I have a roof over my head and a hot meal and a hot shower along with my kids. BUT now what do I do if I lost all my stuff how do go about verifying my wages if I have nothing to give. Best thing to do is have faith but does the ppl in the IRS realize how they are messing with ppl lives. Just a little venting thanks everyone for reading. I’m staying positive. NO MATTER WHAT EVERYTHING WILL WORK ITS SELF OUT.






    filed 02.01.2018 accepted 02.02.2018 letter dated 02.22.2018 60 day review period called irs first week of march stated posted in there dept 03.12.2018 wait another 60 days called the last week of march rep reffered account to the under review dept to let them know its been over 60 days try to advised me to get a tax advocate approved 05.05.2018 ddd 05.092018 the irs didnt adjusted anything still received my full refund



    Has anyone that has been put on a 60 day review received their refund yet??? I’m on day 62 and nothing yet ……please someone give me some good news



    @katie: 1-800-829-0582; then when asked for extension use 652. Good luck! I was told after my 60 were up, they were sending a letter to “that department” that had the hold an it can be another 60 days. Sigh



    My 60 day review is over. What number can I call to speak to a real person?!



    @Liz you can go on the IRS site and request your transcript. A lot of people have trouble creating an account to look at them online but you can request one by mail. ALSO if you call you can request one via fax. You just need to verify some previous tax year questions. The codes on there will tell you whats going on typically if you can decipher them. Google comes in handy for that.



    How do you get a transcript? On there it will say if there’s a mistake? I’m trying to understand all of thes post……day 60 is tomorrow for me and after reading this thread I’m losing hope that tomorrow it will finally update :-( please help



    WMR updates between 3am and 6am. If you filed in January are are still waiting or it’s been 9 weeks since you successfully I’D verified I would get a TA. The IRS is loco this year. They are even taking a long time to respond and process what the TA request (they are supposed to respond in a week and process within 2 weeks). But you won’t know what is going on otherwise, your shit is just sitting on somebody desk. I filed in Feb. and got a TA in March, my money is to.be deposited on Monday. My TA got managers and everything involved like a week.ago cause my examiner was dragging her feet with processing my stuff. Yes I made an error but we not perfect. And it was no reason to hold my refund this long when they are me a larger refund once my error is corrected. Had they not played with my money I wouldn’t have even known. Stay on top of it whether u get a TA or not. This is your money and we all need the go social breakthrough. Good luck guys!



    I’ve been checking this website ever since February. I filied January 29th with turbo tax and was accepted the same day. After about a week my bars disappeared and displayed the message that most people have, your refund is being processed. So after about a month a called IRS and was told I was under review and I should have received a letter. So a few days later I got the letter saying I was under review and wait 60 days the letter was dated 3-5. So I waited a few more weeks and called IRS again and spoke to a very nice lady and she said well you should hopefully have you refund this week because you filied a while ago so it shouldn’t be much longer. After giving it a few more weeks I got a TA. (And I spoke to IRS 3 different times and all three times was told nothing was wrong with the return just under general review) so when I spoke to my TA she said let’s see whats wrong with your return. I said oh nothing is wrong just under review. She said well if your under review there is something wrong. She found the problem in 5 minutes. Instead of putting my 1099 under the correct thing I put it under a w4. So she put in the request to have it released do to a hardship. She called me the next week very upset saying they still haven’t touched your return and they have a protocol to follow and how she sent a mean email to the one doing my return to have someone else do it. She said that IRS is swamped and they work day and night but they are doing things so differently. She said hopefully I would have a date this weekend since I’m weekly. She is scheduled to call me tomorrow but I checked my transcript and I received a 846 this am. I was literally on the phone not even an hour requesting a TA and she called me 3 days later and was very nice. I would suggest getting a TA! I would still be waiting and I filied in January!



    @Kimmy, please keep in touch and post updates as I will. My WMR page still says same thing. No bars or anything.



    Argeed !!!!!



    @Kimmy, yes ma’am I understand completely! I got the 4883c letter, verified my identity and still nothing has changed on my where’s my refund page. Still says processing and below that tax topic 152.

    This has made my life hell as well!



    This just really sucks for ALOT of ppl …. I don’t understand I never recieved no letter no nothing there not asking if me and still after being told 45 days 2 days before my 45 days are up i called and they to told me 60 days and now another 60 days yet nothing is changed with my taxes so Im just over it… I sure ALOT of ppl are and just as slot of ppl here I need to play catch up with my money and yet I’m losing hope



    @Kimmy, I’ve read on here some folks said in another thread it was 3am but they didn’t specify if it was state or federal they were talking about as they had mentioned both in their comments. So idk. I’d like to know as well.



    That’s funny ya



    @Kimmy, I just asked the same question on another thread lol



    Does anyone know what time wmr update ????



    So I got my letter on March 5th. When I called today because I still didn’t have a DDD they said “I’ve already had several of these today, I’ll have to do a referal and it can take up to another 60 days” I really need that money but my household doesn’t qualify for a TA. This is really ruining my mothers day weekend.



    So as of today IRS is still holding my refund telling me that they don’t need any other info… HOWEVER I did have a referral put in 4/30/18 and they told me it could be up to another 4-6 weeks before I know anything



    @Spookyrides Agreed I can only imagen that all got there’s so what do they care…..



    @Kimmy: mines the same, filed 1-28, placed on a 45 day hold, then suddenly it became a 60 day hold. Told to call back next Monday. At this rate I’d feel lucky to get the damn refund by July. And there’s no one to hold accountable on their end.



    I filed on Jan 29 called on fed 27 and was told I was under review wait 45 days would end on the March 12 called after 3/12 still wait review starts on 3/12 and ends on the 27th of April Oki so I called week of 27 and was told no wait it’s not 45 days its 60 days and it started on 3)7 and ends on the may 6 (on a Sunday ) Oki called today and guess what they said oh I’m sorry looks like they haven’t done anything ill send out a referral and they contact you if not not call back in 60 more days mind you I have never received a letter nothing no clue as to what going on OH YA and I don’t qualify for a TA ya this really sucks !!!!


    Mindy wilson

    Woke up to a ddd of may 9th so happy …..



    So just wanted to update u guys I filed Feb 1 I was accepted Feb 5 wmr bars disappeared on the 11th of Feb received my letter to wait 60 days on Feb 25 ugh April 26 called its cuz I hadn’t received anything the lady put in a referral to have my refund released….I was told may 23 for and. DDD woke up today to may 9 as a ddd I hope this helps plp…….this has been long in stressful but good luck peeps



    Finally I’m so happy I’ve been checking wmr every day since I filed on January 29, 2018 and it’s 4am in New Jersey and today I finally got a DDD for May 9th and my birthday is on the 15th I’m so excited just in time for my vacations 😊



    I filed in January and wages were off. Was under review and finally got a TA in March. She had me do an amended return and she submitted 3/16. I finally got a call from her today that the IRS made the adjustment yesterday and I could potentially see my DD next week. Praying



    I was under review CP05 that’s was up April 26,used a tax advocate just got DDD of March 7 . Hang in there it’s coming.


    Kelly Rankin

    Just got off phone with IRS. was Given a date of 5/02 that my 60 day review date was up today and if i didn’t receive my funds or a letter or update on WMR i can call today. i received no letter, no update and no money…she said she has to send a referral to review department to see whats going on with my taxes…saying they are still under review and it could take up to 60 days to get any kind of update!


    Mindy wilson

    Called today rep told me there in the process of releasing my funds so stoked hoping for ddd soon myself its been a long worrisome waiting game all i can say is play the waitimg game as they want an it will come through shoot i got 2 60 day letters one cp05 an then a hold for a review it sucked but all is turning out in the end



    Sooo I filed Feb 1 but it’s said it was the 5th but received my letter Feb 25 to wait 60 days so April 25 made 60 days called first rep still under review called April 26 lady sent a referral now. I’m told to wait another 60 days this is very frustrating



    @naomionekanobe Congratulations! I am hoping for a DDD soon. I had the 424 then 420. Icalled today and they said they are just reviewing it.




    I had the exact thing and have a DDD for 5/2



    @Michael Bliss
    Yeah, I’ve seen too many posts regarding missing w2s to believe that it is not a stall tactic.


    Michael Bliss

    @xxtina: I am confused why the IRS reps are telling people that. If you efiled ( like I did with TurboTax), your W2s are uploaded when you file. I’m waiting on the same thing from 2/9/18. Got that wonderful 4464c letter dated 3/15/18, and I’m supposed to wait the full 60 days ( also told 45 days). Also, I don’t not qualify for a TA.

    The IRS has to start paying interest 45 days after the 4/17 date, so I’m guessing that like a miracle 99% of the waiters will all have their refunds by he end of May.



    @audra it doesn’t matter if your review is up. Mines was up April 23rd and still nothing. Basically you will be told for additional 60 days. I finally qualified for a TA. My return was on hold because my employer didn’t submit my wages. So I had to fax everything over to my TA and she told me that I should recieve my refund within 2-4weeks.



    My review was up April 26 2018 How long does it take after that for the funds to be released Anybody?



    F/A 1/29 got the 4464c in February and I Finally called today as my 60 days is up and was told by the very nice women that my refund was still not ready to be released per the system but because it has been past 60 days that she can write up a referral to the processing department informing them to either release my refund or provide me with information they need to release my refund but go figure this could take up to 60 another 60 days. 😡 anyone have a similar situation and gotten their refund yet?



    @naomionekanobe F/A 1/29 4464c: 03/05/18 Code: 570

    Transcript: Return Due: 03/05/18 – 04/15/18 whichever is later
    Received: 02/19/2018
    Processing: 03/05/18

    I don’t qualify for a TA and get refused so I just continue to wait.





    Just waited. TA always refused to help me.



    Congratulations @naomionekanobe

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