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      I was accepted on 1/13. I received a letter today from the irs staying that I am under a thorough review and to wait 60 days before contacting the irs. I did not need to take any action, just wait. It also said that I may receive the full refund, partial or none of it? Had this happened to any one else ever? My return was very simple and entered on tt correctly. I’m at a loss for why this happened . = ((

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          Finally and do I mean finally I will be getting my taxes back after six months of wanting as I posted on here a few months ago about my taxes after I got that notice the 60 day review had pass and I didn’t hear anything from the IRS and on “where’s my refund” it said the same thing so I call up IRS again and I told them that my review is over whats the problem and why is my taxes being held I did everything legit like always and the representative told me that she didn’t know anything and that my taxes was being held by another department within the IRS and that she will send them a referral letter that would take up to 30 days for either they will release my taxes or they would send me a letter stating why my taxes is being held I was so piss.Another 30 days I’ve to wait so this pass Saturday I happen to check where’s my refund and thank god I seen two bars saying that my taxes was approve and I will be getting my taxes this week.So If you’re under a review and your review has ended and you haven’t heard anything from IRS call them up and tell them to send the other department that’s holding your taxes a referral letter which should take up another 30 days for a response.

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          shawn j lewis

            Filed 2/2 got code 1121 2/19 and now under a second 60 review any updates?

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              anybody under review get an update yet? As for me I haven’t…I did call the IRS today and was told it was being worked on and just give it time, but she wouldn’t tell me how much more time I needed to give it…Filed 1/23…Accepted 1/23 and still waiting

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                I’m in the same boat as you all. I didn’t receive a letter in the mail. Wmr said that it was a delay in my date & to call a # if you have any ?’s. Spoke w/a rep who took my name dob ss# addr. & then said I had to wait 60 days. ? Is so we contact them after the 60days or just wait a letter!?

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                  Got a letter now stating I have to fax or mail in the numbers from the 1095-A for the marketplace. I am so angry as this is their screw up and now it is going to take another 6-8 weeks for me to get my refund.

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                    I filed on January 20th and was accepted a few hours later. On February 14th I received a cp05 letter sayin I was under review. The letter was dated for February 23rd. I have not heard anything at all other than this letter. My information has been the same the past 7 years. The only thing different this year is I have Obama care but my 1095 was correct. It is very frustrating. I’m to the point I don’t care anymore it comes when it comes.

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                      I file my taxes on January 20,2015 and then about two weeks later I received a letter from IRS stating that my taxes is under review and to not contact them into the 60 day have pass.I was so piss because I always do my taxes correct and never try to get over on it. This ruin my entire vacation plans because I was going to go up to Orlando for the theme parks and also use the money towards a car.Here I’m on vocation still waiting and checking daily on “wheres my refund” but it says the same thing “A refund date will be provided when available” I believe it already have been 52 days since I received the letter so I’m hoping my taxes come through really quickly because times are rough right now.

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                        It has been 42 days since I filed. I was instructed not to call until 62 have passed. My wmr has not updated. I wish you all luck and hope yours does not take as long as mine. I hit a letter telling me to just wait.

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                          I filed and was accepted on 1/31 and it still shows being processed and with update with a deposit date. We have healthcare and got a wrong amounts on form 1095-A. Just got the updated one today. It states that we don’t have to do an ammended return because we filed and accepted before 2/24. But I spoke to a woman at the irs this mornings and said that our return was under review…there were no notes stating why….I am assuming it has to be this because we have nothing different on our return. She said I should be getting a letter within two weeks and it will say if I have to do anything further. I just really need my money. This is rediculous!

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                            I was just put under review on Friday. I filed 2/14 with TT. IRS received and accepted my return on 2/17. I never moved from the first orange bar on wmr. I called yesterday and a very nice lady told me that I was in fact under review. I haven’t received any letters and irs hasn’t sent any, either. When bars disappeared, it only showed we are processing your refund and no tax topic. Today 3/10, it’s when the 21 days are up and this morning now it shows tax topic 152. I know we have an offset and got health insurance, which we overpayed, through obamacare, but did any of you receive their refunds already?

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                              I think my has to do with an old job misreporting that misreported in 2013 that said I make 10700 from them when I made 4060. Combined with other jobs I would’ve made 20 something thousand and would owe them. Job sent in corrected w2 in the late months of the year?

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                                I filed TT 1/24 HH, Claimed my sister that I also claimed last year no problems, was accepted within an hour, has stayed on first bar with code 152 at bottom of WMR. TT, WMR WS, and hotline still say to expect refund in 21 days but got review letter 2 days ago and have nothing that shows I was even getting it. I am so confused.

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                                  dizznyse215 When did you file and was it months?

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                                    Last year I got the same letter I didn’t get my refund until the middle of May

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                                      I am still waiting for my letter also…If waiting for the letter is any indication of how long of a wait we are in for for our refunds…I’d say its gonna be a long wait..This just blows

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                                        @Nikki yes I can order transcripts but it only shows less than actual amount.

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                                          Has anyone gotten letter yet?

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                                            My husband was under review last year and they just wanted to verify that my son was living in the house with him that year (because my son ssn was stolen the year before) and it only took an extra week so don’t panic. Ex usually ppl get their refund 2 weeks after acceptance he had to wait 3 weeks

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                                              I filed an was accepted on the 12th I still have no dd date so I called the irs an they told me my return was still accepted but under review an that I was mailed a letter 2 weeks ago which I have not received. Will I still get my refund or what do I need to do to speed up the process. I tried ordering transcripts but it won’t let me

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                                                I am under review also..I am waiting for a letter from the IRS…I claimed HOH, claimed my daughter and grand daughter as I have for the past 4 years as they live with me and I support them both my daughter doesn’t work at the moment so now I guess I just wait for their letter and see what it is they want…Not happy, but hopeful it will all work out in the end

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                                                  I got my transcripts and codes 570 and 971 are listed. Filed with TT on 1/18 and accepted 1/20. Haven’t receieved a letter yet.. What do these codes mean?

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                                                    Serrell I’m in the same boat also filed with tt. I was able to order transcripts today. Got my info from where’s my refund of a letter coming in 30 days. File my grandkids daughter does not work they all live with me and I have all the burden of proof. When I looked up account transcript yesterday had a 424 code that meant it would be looked at

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                                                      Serrell I’m in the same boat also filed with tt

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                                                        @serrell what is your tax situation ? Are you HOH or single? Do you have additional new dependants? Living with family moved since last tax season identity theft? Something has to trigger it maybe we can better help if you have some details of your situation? Maybe?

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                                                          that happen to me last year I was under review the system pick people to review them. I kept getting letters until one day I snapped on a agent after months. I told I needed that money because I ‘m a single parent and he gave me the number to a hardship advocate who then helped me get my money so don’t wait 60 days because those letters are generated after 21 days call the hardship advocate and I promise they will help you. but if you don’t call they will string you along. js!

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                                                            Similar thing happened to me years ago.

                                                            While living with in laws, I claimed both my kids for eic.

                                                            It caused an audit because technically the in-laws could have claimed them, even if there was a dispute, they had the right.

                                                            The irs set a date, we went and it was so easy because we are poor and have little other than w2.

                                                            By then my in laws filed, proving to the irs they had no intention of claiming out kids and then they approved the refund but man it took months to fix.

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                                                              Noone else is claiming them because they have lived with him for 10 months in 2014. They are his nephews and our sister was also living with him. He supported all of them because she did not work before nor after release and she wans him to claim them.

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                                                                Jen or any others do you guys know why your being reviewed such as codes

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                                                                  I filed the 20th. Accepted that day. I have Insurance.

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                                                                    Jen when did you file? Did you have insurance ?

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                                                                        @moneydiva: I may have read your question wrong, but that’s usually the time guideline to go by. Re-reading your question, it seems as if they may have met that burden.

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                                                                          @moneydiva: Dependents must live with the person who claimed them for more than half of they year. If no one else claims them, it may not draw any red flags but then again, it could.

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                                                                            I got a review letter today too. As of yesterday I had zeros on my acct transcript. Lost bars today on wmr. I have an offset. Not sure why I’m under review though.

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                                                                              I have question…
                                                                              My brother has claimed his own son for the past 9years but for 2014 our little sister went to jail and he took in our 9 month nephew in. She was pregnant again at the time and had the next baby two weeks after she was released so she went to live with him and he took care of her and both the boys. He filed and was accepted on 1/29 and claimed our two nephews and allowed his son’s mother to claim him. Did he rightfully claim our nephews as they were living with him until the week before New Years?

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                                                                                This happened to me a few years back I had to prove that I was the guardian of my kids and I didn’t receive a refund until mid September. good luck

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                                                                                  Did you have any codes on WMR? Did you have bars? I lost my bars 2 or 3 days after acceptance (1/20).

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                                                                                    I can’t access my transcripts either due to identity protection crap. This morning I have gone from one bar to none and the message that they are still processing my return and they will give me a refund date when it becomes available. I haven’t received a letter…at least not yet. Its funny how your address doesn’t match their records but you are able to get the mail they send you. Just know you aren’t alone in your frustration.

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                                                                                      No, I tried online but it kept saying my information didn’t match up as per my address. Stumped there as well.

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                                                                                        Just curious to know if you were ever able to order your transcripts….

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