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      As a tax preparer, we have received a lot of complaints from our clients that took advantage of the Amazon Bonus Refund offer from Turbotax, and received a 570 hold code on their IRS account transcript. The return transcript are available in all cases so we know the return is sucessfully processed. Most returns have either a 0402 or 0405 cycle code.

      We know the refund is being route through SBBT in order to purchase the Amazon gift cards. We suspect IRS is blocking refunds routing through SBBT.

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          Amazonuser, Are you saying hold is being placed on those who used the service to purchase Amazon Cards AND paid fees through them as well could be affected? Or could it also affect those who only used the service to pay their tax fees?

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            We are suspecting that if you use TT Refund processing service to pay TT fees, or took advantage of amazon bonus refund, you will likely subject to 570 hold which means delayed refund or worse, an audit.

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              wait so what’s going on?

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                Additional information: The 570 code stands on its own, it is NOT related to the health care issue, as all of the clients impacted have health insurance all year through their job.

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