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      Does Turbo Tax really know? If so, I guess it’s easy to see that I’m not the ony one who filed and was accepted on 1/28/15 and hasn’t seen anything.

      But, I’m wondering how accurate it is. Have any 1/28 ers out there gotten DDD’s yet, or even their refund?


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          Filed the 28th. Education credit and health penalty. Still one bar accepted.

          Gf filed hers on 30th and ddd of Feb 11th….

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            TurboTax is only talking about people that filed with them.

            So far, 42% of our customers with federal returns also accepted on January 16 have received their refund.

            They are only talking about TurboTax customers.

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              I filed 1/27 have cycle number 20150503 but wmr has not updated still says being processed whats going on

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                I e-filed on 1/28 and was accepted the same day (in California) through TT. As of this morning I still have one bar on WMR and transcripts are not available yet. I just found another thread of 1/28 filers that have received DDD of 2/6 within the last 24 hours. So I am hoping for an update tonight. Fingers and toes crossed!

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                  According to TT, 53% of 1/22 accepted TT users have recieved their refund as of earlier today. If that tells you anything, things are extremely slow thus year.

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                    I filed 1/28 accepted 1/28 and I have a ddd 2/6

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                    Faith H

                      Wow, that’s a sad statistic…..I filed on the 29th, I need to find out how many, if any, have received a refund.

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                        Filed and Accepted on the 28th. I have yet to receive my refund as well. Reading other 1/28 filer comments, Turbo Tax appears to be true.

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