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TurboTax says 0% of filers on 1/28 have recieved refunds…

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    Does Turbo Tax really know? If so, I guess it’s easy to see that I’m not the ony one who filed and was accepted on 1/28/15 and hasn’t seen anything.

    But, I’m wondering how accurate it is. Have any 1/28 ers out there gotten DDD’s yet, or even their refund?


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    Filed the 28th. Education credit and health penalty. Still one bar accepted.

    Gf filed hers on 30th and ddd of Feb 11th….


    TurboTax is only talking about people that filed with them.

    So far, 42% of our customers with federal returns also accepted on January 16 have received their refund.

    They are only talking about TurboTax customers.


    I filed 1/27 have cycle number 20150503 but wmr has not updated still says being processed whats going on


    I e-filed on 1/28 and was accepted the same day (in California) through TT. As of this morning I still have one bar on WMR and transcripts are not available yet. I just found another thread of 1/28 filers that have received DDD of 2/6 within the last 24 hours. So I am hoping for an update tonight. Fingers and toes crossed!


    According to TT, 53% of 1/22 accepted TT users have recieved their refund as of earlier today. If that tells you anything, things are extremely slow thus year.


    I filed 1/28 accepted 1/28 and I have a ddd 2/6

    Faith H

    Wow, that’s a sad statistic…..I filed on the 29th, I need to find out how many, if any, have received a refund.


    Filed and Accepted on the 28th. I have yet to receive my refund as well. Reading other 1/28 filer comments, Turbo Tax appears to be true.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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