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    Hello all,

    I have filed with TT for 5 years now and I never had the refund advance. How do you apply for the loan? Or is it offered and i just never get an offer?


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    Anyone know how long it takes for SBTPG to deposit on turbo prepaid card once ddd is issued/return approved?

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    Has anyone done the $1.99 moneygram to get money to your bank? How long did it take? I have chime so deposits are released immediately.

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    Filed 1/16
    accepted 1/27
    my funds advance was available 1/29.
    I have had issues using it. my DDD is finally 2/26 so i’m crossing my fingers for a early deposit because that was way past the 21 days

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    @ Alaina Alice this is from TPG’s website:

    Once the IRS or State deposits a Taxpayer’s refund, all associated fees are deducted from the refund amount and your tax preparation fees are direct deposited into your bank account on file with TPG.

    The funds normally arrive in your bank account the next business day (weekends, Federal Holidays excluded).

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    Jennifer Starr

    @Alaina Alice, when I asked I was told that only Federal refund goes through SBTPG, so only Federal would have the fees and advances taken out.

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    Alaina Alice

    Does turbo tax take from state or federal to payback the loan?

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    It depends on which state as well. My daughter in law tried for one last year but TT advance loan not available in NC

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    You have to pass a basic credit check to be eligible for the advance as well as having a low fraud ratio. Your tax return most likely has a high risk of being delayed due to discrepancies which is why they denied you

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    @Wendy, do you have a ddd yet? Would it be possible to wait a bit, people are now getting their money.

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    Wendy Hayden

    Bnwh36 – I was approved for an advance when I filed my taxes. Then I got a notice, stating my taxes were rejected due to an incorrect input on last year’s verification numbers. I fixed the mistake and refiled. My taxes were accepted, but I got an email stating that my advance was denied. Can this be corrected?

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    Ok just my experience. Not saying it gonna be the same for everyone.

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    @Jason, each State and Tax Company is different. Some people have had their entire State intercepted. Leaving them w $0 State left. FACTS..

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    They don’t take there money back out if state. I’m in Ohio and got my state 10 days after I filed. Got 2000 advance waiting on rest which will probably be Tuesday. My guess wmr will update tonight after midnight sometime. What it usually does.

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    Sorry brian. My response is being moderated. Did you get an email after you got accepted? Did it say “approved” or are you going from the pre-approved amount when you filed?

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    @ Brian
    No. You were Pre-approved for $2000. It’s offered to filers who filed before feb 10 or 15 and then you have to meet criteria to get offered it. Now that irs accepted your return, green dot will look at stuff like if you’re really late on student loans, owe Gov agencies, like tickets, taxes, child support kinda thing(not your credit report), then decided to lend any $ and how much. I could be half, all or none. Good luck. You’ll get an email soon.

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    @Brian, yes! You have been approved. The money will come out of your refund, before it is released to you!

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    Brian Haynes

    I was approved for 2000 dollars on the refund advance but my return was not accepted until feb 10, 2020 will i still get my advance

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    Nope. I hate that clicked on that advance. Now my both refunds have to go thru SBTPG too. If I didn’t have to go to an out of state wedding. I would’ve waited. Keep an eye on aztaxes.gov and sbtpg as well as your turbocard and wmr

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    @Farhern, unfortunately you have to pay it out of pocket. See if you can make some sort of arrangement, no reason they wouldn’t want to work w you. Priorty number 1 for loan companines is retrieving borrowed money. This is really sad! I know these loans are helpful in a pinch, but can end up hurting you in the end!

    All the best hun ..

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    Iola B.

    FYI for anyone using the Intuit Turbo Tax prepaid card, if you use it for purchases that require a hold, i.g. rental cars, moving trucks, the hold amount may not be released until you have had the card 30 days

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    Just an FYI for those who got the Intuit Turbo Tax prepaid card with an advance… if you use it for a purchase that requires a hold, i.g. rental car, moving truck, the card wont release the hold until you’ve had the card 30 days

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    A L

    Does TT take it from you federal or state or whichever comes first?

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    Has anyone who received an advance In AZ, received state or federal refund yet?

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    This place is bare since everyone got advances. Usually people on here blowing it up cause it’s almost the 15th.

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    Here we are again


    I’m sure you’ll have to pay it back one way or another😥

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    Felicia H

    I have a question… I got the cash advance, but just found out my refund has an offset for a precious year that won’t cover the advance and offset. What will happen? To the remaining advance Amount I have to pay back.

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    We filed on 1/28
    1/28 accept its and state

    On 1/29 had my advance the only problem was getting the virtual numbers to work called them up by Friday everything was good even had my card and was able to use the atm.

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    The turbo tax card does not work with venmo or any of the cash apps.

    In regards to those saying they were denied.. I was approved, yet it took 3 business days after the email saying to setup the card, for the advance to clear on the temp card, for me to use it.

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    What I will say about JH, There are no hidden fees. They have advance interest free loans and, the advance is typically in your account by days end. But that’s all. Filing fees, forget about it!

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    I was approved for the advance filed at 5pm friday the 7th irs and state accepted 45 min later. It’s now 1pm on the 10th and my balance is showing 0. So very frustrating. I called greendot and turbo debit they said just wait for an email saying my approved amount. Checked the tpg site, its only showing my expected refund amount. So frustrating. Next year im going to someone else

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    Brenda ortega

    @kelsey that means you were denied by the bank forthe loan even though tt approved you. Happened to me too.

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    I thought (well, read ), taking out an advance means your refund will be held longer, first to pay it back, then it goes goes through an additional process? Not certain if I read, or, comprehended right!

    Used TT, this yr. JH last yr w an advance loan. Received my refund 28 days later. Most of the wait, I’m certain, was all the issues last yr tax season including PATH ACT.

    This yr, I decided no advance was needed, filed Fed for free w state for $40. Didn’t really need an advance last yr, but it looked like a sweet deal..

    My advice, try to save and invest if possible! Otherwise this time of yr will be nail bitting, nerve wrecking, sleepless w paranoia to boot. Not worth the stress {○_○}

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    We filed our taxes on 02/06, got accepted about 2 hours later and then had our refund advance within another hour. Everything went smooth as silk, virtual information worked perfectly. I will definitely be doing this next year if they offer it. I added the virtual information to PayPal and we were able to pay bills and order things online or buy things in the stores. Mostly went to bills, but I’m just happy we had no issues.

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    Hi everyone!!!! Refund advance today it’s rocking
    Filed today 6:59pm
    Accepted today 7:20pm
    Refund Advance it’s already in my account for online shopping 1500 it’s true!!!!!
    No problems at all

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    Has any of the ppl who have wrote on here from 2-04-2020 received their advance yet??? Was wondering if this option was too good to be true!

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    So i filed my taxes and was pre approved as well as IRS accepted on February 4th. Still showing zero. ?

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    EIC hold is not new they hold it to verify information and they start releasing mid Feb to late Feb. I file taxes for mostly everyone that claims the EIC and get approved for advance of at least $500.

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    What is the website I need to go to to set up my temporary card and log in info

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    Jay Snap

    So just an update for anyone that is in need of the advance for bills and what not. I was preapproved for the 2000 loan. I filed last night (2-4-2020) and was accepted about 10 minutes later at 7:30p.m. central. I figured that i did make it through the final approval for some reason since Turbo Tax said I would hear something about the loan typically within an hour of Acceptance. Well I never heard anything from them and it was not until today at 11:15 a.m. that I recieved an email telling me I was approved. So if you dont hear bacj within and hour or even 12 hours dont give up, you may still have passed the final approval. Good Luck Guys and Gals.

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    Anyone here use the Turbo card in the past? I see a lot of different information as to whether or not they deposit tax refunds early. Does anyone know if they do from past experience?

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    @Gretchen I received my advance and I have EIC and ACTC

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    I am claiming eitc- I got approved for a $500 advance on a turbocard- after reading some of these I’m now worried that the advance will not be available because of the IRS holding eitc refunds – can anyone clarify this?

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    Jay Snap

    Its only been a few hours though so I guess Ill wait and see.

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    Got approved for the advance.
    E-filed my taxes.
    Set up my turbo debit card/account.
    2 days later… Still says $0.

    I read something online that mentioned if you received the Earned Income Tax Credit on your taxes, (which is pretty much just a little extra bump for those that had lower income for that year) that you can’t get the advance at this time due to some error they’re trying to work out. I’m assuming it has to do with the the fact that every year the IRS puts a hold on returns (2 weeks) for those who receive the EITC because the tax break gets abused by many.
    So for whatever reason it may be, Turbo Tax isn’t throwin the bread early for some.

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    Why so mean @dre

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    @dre must have really hit a nerve have fun with the most coins you’ll probably see in one deposit ever lmao peasant pleb

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    @poorpeople-gonna get straight to the shut the F*ck up bet your buying something dumb you habe 0 rights to open your mouth either say something positive or GTFO!

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    lmao all these poor people aching to go blow their biggest check of the year on flat screens and other impulse purchases lmao America full of deplorables

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    Jay Snap

    Has anyone received an email saying they were not approved, after they were pre-approved and there federal return was accepted. I havent gotten anything saying I am or I am not approved.

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    cynthia early

    I was approved for a loan and my advance is still not on my card a week later!!!

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    I believe this is the first TT has done the refund advance. I was able to pay bills use it on amazon. You can use it with Walmart pay.I sent money to mom on the Facebook messenger app and she was able to send it right back to my checking account and was able to get cash.

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    So I was preapproved for a $500 turbotax refund advance. My federal return was accepted but my card balance is $0.00. It’s been 4 hours…Does it take this long?

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    yes i got my money just around 1 hr after irs accepted, have already paid a bill, i am curious though, does cash app charge a fee if i add cash from card or is that only when i send money directly from the card?

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    I got my email with virtual card info in 10 min. I was able to send money to a friend on cash app no problem. Also was able to make purchases and even pay a bill just providing card info. Have had no issues at all and when I get my actual card will go to bank and see teller and withdraw the rest and deposit in my bank instead of withdrawing 400 a day.

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    @jb I got my advance 15 minutes after filing an hour ago.

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    my return was accepted 45 mins ago, but im guessing i wont see my advance in 15 mins after reading this forum

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    Danielle Stinson

    I was approved and accepted within 20 minute of filing. My advance was approved and I got my email to set up login however. Accessing these funds is nearly impossible. It’s literally for online purchases only! It sucks cuz I sent it western union and paid over $50 jus to get a portion to try to see if it would work. Went to do the rest the next day and all transactions denied and sent back to the account. No Venmo no cash app no money gram no Xoom no Walmart no nothinggg! I will never do the refund advance EVERRRRRRR AGAIN!

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    Marquetta Mason

    Where is my returns

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    Marquetta Mason

    I haven’t recived my returns

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    Girl P

    Okay I just received my cash advance for 2k @ 12:00 noon exactly! So give it 24 hours!

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    Used turbotax for years always have my refund sent to my account. But this year I was suckerd and approved for the advanced. Couldn’t use my temporary card. I’m honestly kicking my self in the butt right now. I use green dot daily I have a Walmart prepaid card and never have any issues. But oh my this is a train wreck. Is there any we can call and have our refunds go to a different card or something? Or do I need to just wait it out and see what happens?

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    My returns was accepted by irs yesterday at 830am and I was pre approved for the advance but I’ve heard nothing about the advance since been waiting on a email does it normally take this long

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    Did anyone send money via paypal? I did and it was sent via echeck. I had a prompt that it would be completed by 2/3/2020. When I login to my turbo card account it shows the money already being taken out, but the money still has not sent to my fiancé’s paypal. Has anyone sent money via paypal and echeck and it actually make it to the other person?

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    Girl P

    @brineedsmoney wow thanks so should the funds be available since I’m able to login it says 0.00 balance I do have my temp card information! Yesterday I wasnt able to login at all! And for the sbtpg site do I have to create an account?

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    @ Girl P…if you created the turbo prepaid card account, the temporary card information is there.

    If you had fees taken out, check sbtpg.com to see if it’s there. Make sure to enter your federal tax amount

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    Girl P

    I filed yesterday around 12 noon was accepted by the irs around 1pm a hour later. I was approved for cash advance as well but have not received temporary card or anything! Last year I received my cash advance 10 mins after filing and getting accepted sooooo.. Just waiting!

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    It was more like 36 hours for me before funds were deposited and I’ve heard a lot of others with the same time frame. Some people never got it at all and were denied after pre-qualifying.

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    I had a refund due to me because I tried to use moneygram to get my funds due to “technical difficulties “ all of my transactions were declined. The transaction is still “pending “ after a week and can’t get any help. Don’t really know what to do now and can’t get any help

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    Jada D

    I filed at 6:03pm on Feb 3, IRS accepted at 6:18pm. It’s now 7:26am on Feb 4th and I still have received my advance. The website says money will be deposited in 1 hr.

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    Nancy guess we are both the 1% then. I’ll try calling tomorrow if it still isn’t there.

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    Has there been anyone who filed recently (within the last day or so) that hasn’t received their loan? The site says 99% of users receive their loan within 1 hour of being approved. It’s been 12 hours for me and still nothing deposited after my federal was approved. Or am I just that 1% lol

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    I was approved, accepted, and had loan deposited to my virtual card but, no way to access it! I can’t sign in. How the hell am I supposed to get my virtual card? I downloaded the Turbocard app and it says my login info is wrong and to change anything requires my actual card number. Grrr.

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    Turbo tax offers it at the very last page of filing. I have e-filed for years and always blew right past it!!! Regretfully!!! Its right there before you sign.

    #4336972 Reply

    Pat Fussy

    Gene taxpayer you sound pretty hot.

    #4336970 Reply

    Pat Fussy

    Hey hey hey I’m here to play tax time games yay! Dani’s comments are asinine calling people liars cause she didn’t get her refund as quickly as she thought she should have.

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