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        I don’t think this is actually true. I just filed on Friday evening (2/06/15) via TurboTax and both the federal AND state returns were accepted. No issues filing State of Alabama returns with TurboTax.

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          My MA state refund was accepted 2/1. Called MA DOR got message refund would be in bank before 10 days up until this morning when I received message saying return had been received, more info may be needed.

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            I am starting to worry. We filed with TT originally on the 22nd but all were rejected due to TT having an error on their end with uploading double w-2’s. They sent us an email letting us know they had fixed the issue and to resubmit them. We did the morning of the 23rd. We just got a DD date for our federal for next week, however we have two states we had to file with. The one state still has a message that it may take 4-6 weeks to review our taxes and the other state says it is done processing but the check has not been mailed out yet and that we should receive our refund within 4-6 weeks. Makes me wonder with both states if it’s taking this long because of the TT issue. Has anyone heard what they are doing with the returns that had already been sent in before they realized there was an issue? I am grateful that we finally have a DDD for federal, but would be nice to have the other back too.

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              Here’s an update: http://money.cnn.com/2015/02/06/news/companies/turbotax/

              And people will still file with them, TurboTax is not really at fault. Idiots that file fraudulent tax returns use TurboTax because it’s a trusted software. Any tax software can be used to file fraudulently. And of course state departments of revenue have to point the finger somewhere. I’m in TN so I don’t care about a state return.

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                Turbotax is dead. Nobody’s going to file with them next year.

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                  This doesn’t affect federal right? I already received state.

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                    NOT FOR ME TEXAS IS TAX FREE

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                      This is actually important for everyone

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