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      When will it drop?

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          I wish you luck. SBTPG got mine on February 25th, funded same day, told me they dd it to my account and my bank didn’t accept it, but my bank said that never happened. Then they told me that they mailed me a check on the 4th. Today is the 18th and I still haven’t received it.

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            Any update?

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              Well, fees were taken today according to SBTPG.. hopefully tomorrow

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                Cycle date 20221005
                Code 846 date next to it. 03/16/2022
                Filed thru Turbo tax via direct deposit Credit Karma
                Filed mid January
                Accepted: 01/25/22
                So much for that get refund 5 days early? I really hope I get it before 03/16.

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