Turbo Tax Advance Refund?

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    First I must mention that I have stalked this forum for the past three tax seasons and just love how helpful everyone is! I have filed with Turbo Tax since 2013, however this is the first year I was offered the refund advance using the turbo debit card. Does anybody have experience using this? Does the advance fund the card, one my return is accepted. Also how do I know if I was actually approved for the advance? When choosing the option for the advance I had to agree to receive my whole refund on the card. Any information would be helpful!

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    Can you Re-apply for the advance ?

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    I was “denied” for the refund advance. I’m trying to figure out why? Of course, it’s Saturday night and I can’t talk to anyone until Monday. I’ve applied for refund advances many times and have never been denied.

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    Chris K

    Okay guys and gals,
    I’m going to put this in the simplest form possible and make it the easiest so to speak lol.
    1) You was approved and first century and borrow works did their “check” as greendot did.. You didnt receive your funds?
    2) You have called to figure it out and all you can get them to tell you is that email was an “error”..
    3) You was on the phone and panicking now because nobody hardly speaks english and they keep saying the same thing over and over again and you get nowhere?
    So with all that being said, I have recieved my greendot card, no funds on it and was approved for $1,000 and no I didnt recieve mine either.. I did the same thing like everyone else wanted to get to the person who knows what’s going on with my money! I had to speak with several people.. It was a hassle and I’ve never had a problem and been approved and went through in the past.. I finally got as far as sending the email that was sent to me to an email address the gave me and its been days with no response.. I haven’t called them back or nothing because it didnt help the other times.. If you filed your taxes correctly and accurately you will get your return back as long as you dont owe any OFFSETS! There is a number you can look up and call to see if you owe anything.. prompts are super easy press 1 or 2 and see on either if you owe a debt.. After that it’s a waiting game to see when the irs is going to let your funds go and get sent.. Don’t panic yet! Yes the refund advance would have been great but I really think there was an error! But that being said make sure you download all your documents and what you have signed and keep on hand. Definitely don’t want them to let your funds go and then take out the advance refund you was “suppose” to get.. Keep a record of everything!!! If anything changes on my end I will shoot out another msg! Everyone trips out coming tax time.. Sit back and relax with no errors on your end you should have your money by 2/17 at the latest..

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    For those of you who are getting denied for the refund advance w/ no explanation given, I did a little digging and found this info out. This is verbatim from Credit Karma regarding this years TT refund advance…..

    If you’re considering a TurboTax Refund Advance loan, here are a few other things to keep in mind.

    No credit impact — Applying for a TurboTax Refund Advance loan won’t hurt your credit scores. Your eligibility is based on your anticipated refund amount and other noncredit factors.

    Not available in all states — You’re not eligible for the loan if you’re filing an Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island or Vermont state return.

    Certain forms make you ineligible — If you need to file Forms 1310, 1040SS, 1040PR, 1040X, 8888 or 8862, you won’t be eligible.

    Prepaid card will be mailed — While you can start spending your prepaid Visa card online sooner, your physical card should take five to 10 business days to arrive in the mail.

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    Courtney N Vannest

    Hey guys I have been keeping up with this since I got my advance … I got my card in the mail yesterday it wasn’t working to pay for anything… I’m thinking you have to take it to the ATM and do a balance inquiry BC that’s what I did and then I was able to pay my bills buy stuff and get money out of the ATM just trying to help some people out

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    Filed 1/23. Accepted 1/27. Advance on virtual card about 24 hours later. No issues using virtual card. Received physical card today

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    I called the President of Intuit office this morning and just received a call back. After speaking directly with a representative I was told that I should call the number to green dot (on the website) and was given a number and was told that it was a direct number inside green dot that handles turbo tax cards directly. Only to call and find out that it’s the number to the bank issuing the funds. Smh

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    April Hardin

    Whats the 800 number anyone have it

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    April Hardin

    Has anyone gotten their advance??

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    We filed yesterday, received the approval, set up the Green Dot account, and the IRS has accepted the return, but the balance on Green Dot is still 0 and we have received no further communication. Is there a way to track the status?

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    Sydney Lee

    I’m having similar issues. Was made to believe I was approved, then got the email from greendot, not century bank with the same “not approved” but no reason given. TurboTax gave me a number to call which, after 20 minutes holding, was told it was a “technical error” over and over again by the idiot on the phone and not once did he answer my actual question. Wouldn’t let me sepak to another agent or supervisor. Couldn’t even tell me why. I’m so scared now that I won’t get my refund at all and I desperately needed the advance.

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    I thought we were able to track our physical card. I havent gotten an email even saying mine was printed. Has it just shown up for anyone else? It would be nice to have it before my refunds come in.

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    @brenda so when you did your taxes it said you got approved. Then I set up my green dot info and then got a email that said I wasn’t approved after turbo told me I was already approved so you got the same email? I’ve been reading and it says that the bank will send you a reason why you didn’t get the advance. I filed last year with turbo and got it now all of the sudden I don’t after it said I was approved for $2000 I think this is ridiculous what was the point of me consenting and applying then you say I’m approved for an amount only to get a email from green dot not the bank that’s processing the advances which is a bank named first century bank. And no one can explain to me why I was told yes than no. Smh!

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    I can’t access my 2k at all. Won’t tell me where my card is at when I click the button. All it says was there was an error. Called and they said it’s an issue their working on… Okay well I did this for a reason and need that money to pay for my car to be fixed. They said you could use the temp card within an hour online and I can’t do crap with it. It better work when I get the physical card.

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    Wow same issue hers I’m on hold now as we speak. All transactions declined

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    Wow….. Me again… Y’all… I just don’t have words anymore. I have to laugh to keep from crying.

    Yea I recommend EVERYONE who got suckered into the “shop within an hour BS GREENDOT card” to contact the BBB and complain.

    Once again on hold for 40 min ans what I got was that they have expedited a new card through FedEx and it’ll be here TOMORROW. I even asked him to repeat it twice because I don’t even know how that’s possible. By tomorrow? Really? And they didn’t even ask if that’s what I wanted he said it had already been DONE. Even though I should have the original card in the mail tomorrow …that just means that one wasn’t going to work either.

    So the old temporary account is shut down. With all BS-Temporary information.

    what pisses me off further is there was obviously something wrong with the temporary information to begin with because every place I tried to use the info has RED FLAGGED ME LOCKED ME OUT OF MY ACCOUNTS.

    Unbelievable. They sucker you into that GREENDOT bs. At this point I pray I haven’t been robbed.

    I’ll be complaining to BBB I know one voice isn’t enough….but ALL Y’ALL NEED TO COMPLAIN as well.

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    Just got this from turbo tax messenger on Facebook don’t know if it’ll help but overall this whole thing is bullshit :

    Me: Quick question I see alot of ppl saying you have to call green dot and get a replacement card express shipped to you is that true or is it something that will be fixed soon as it seems this has been an issue for 2 days now

    Them: Hello Kolde,
    I do understand your frustration however please allow time for them to resolve the issue. At this time we are aware and as soon as there is a resolution we will let you know.

    Me: I already know that i messaged earlier I’m asking a specific question so if you could please read it and answer it with out a copy and paste response I would appreciate that

    Them: No that is not true like it states there is a known issue with the green dot cards and they are working on resolving the issue as soon as possible.

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    Brenda ortega

    @ashley same thing happened to me. Im so pissed. I didnt agree to a greendot account unless i got the loan and i didnt. Looking into legal action at this point. They played people to open an account.

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    Dont even bother. It’s not working, even for people with the physical card, and even though it says you have money.

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    When I filed my taxes I was told by turbo I was approved for the advance.
    I received the card and everything. Now I received a email that says I was not approved and should receive my card shortly. Has anyone experienced this? I was approved then I wasn’t.

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    I used the advance this year. I did my taxes yesterday and today they sent me an email telling me it was approved for 1,500. Now I just have to wait for the card, but they also give you the card number, expiration date and the 3 numbers in the back of the card if you want to order online you could use.

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    Check with Sbtpg

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    Shanice Jackson

    I’ve been pre approved for the load, my federal has been accepted any way to track down my refund advance through the bank? I’ve called turbo they say it’s about the bank now, have to wait on them. I’m wondering if I can track down my refund? Any help?

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    So, it’s a loan? Does that mean its credit based?

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    Your Refund Advance loan request submitted through TurboTax has been approved by First Century Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, for a loan of $500.00.

    Your debit card is on its way and will arrive in 5-10 business days. Log in and get your temporary card info so you can start shopping online! Plus, track your card delivery status, and take advantage of your account benefits, all before your physical card arrives!

    36 hours after IRS accepted. No advance fees. Can’t beat that.

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    If you filed with TurboTax you when I get a refund advance deposited onto Tt Debit card until after the IRS accept income taxes which is not until January 27th

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    @kim did you get an email stating your refund advance was approved or you just checked the card an hour later and your refund advance funds were there?

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    My return was accepted yesterday and my account was funded an hour later. Just waiting for my card in the mail.

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    I thought it you wont get funded until AFTER the IRS accepts your refund not TT. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what the verbiage states on TT site. Why flood the IRS lines with silly questions ?

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    I filed last year On February 4th and was accepted within 15 minutes and had the turbo advance on a temporary card they emailed me at the exact same time.

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    I apparently was approved for a refund advance. I filed on turbo tax on January 16th. It’s approved Jan 21st. If says a turbo debit card is being printed out as of today and gave me temporary online card number to use but there’s no funds on there yet. It’s been about 24 hours since IRS approval- support is clueless so I have no idea if and when I’m getting this “advance”…I’d be pretty annoyed if I did this just to be given their shitty prepaid card and no advance

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    I got one last year with TurboTax. I got it shortly after my return was accepted on the turbo prepaid card. It did have a few to have it taken from my refund when i got it but it was not much.

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