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      Good afternoon,
      Just wanted to post for those who like to compare (like myself lol)

      Filed via TT- 2/1, accepted by IRS 11 minutes later,
      Fees out of refund
      2/17 WMR had no update still 1 bar,
      ID me account created 2/17 able to view transcript online
      846 2/22 on transcript
      2/18 WMR updated to DDD 2/22, which is odd for me. I have been a weekly every year, for several years, always update via WMR on Saturday, so this was different.
      Still no update on SBTPG site but EMAIL from TT saying refund on its way. I usually get the email the day of or day before my actual deposit. I’ll keep you all posted

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          Refund deposited yesterday, 2/21 at 4:55pm PST. A day early.

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            Mine shows Funded now…don’t know how long ago it completed but about 2 hours ago mine showed Unfunded but had my tax refund amount and amount paid to you with posted date of 2/22. Everything is completely filled out now. I read from others that TT stated they will start releasing at 2:30 PM PST today. We’ll see! Hope it does…that would be nice.

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              @Melissa Kreu im seeing holds for those that got an advance and didn’t pay fees upfront!!! Sbg holding

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              Melissa Kreu

                DDD 2/22
                Credit Karma
                No fees (free file) through TT
                Refund Advance
                SBTPG updated to Funded very early this morning.
                Still no deposit in my CK acct

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                  @Proudma30 mines also shows unfunded now after showing funded this morning

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                    Accepted filed 2/8 got ddd yesterday for 2/29 TT email tax on the way yesterday as well to CK paid upfront fees deposit just hit account!!!

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                      It will start to fill in, let it sit open. It’s taking longer too, but it will change to the correct amounts while you’re on the page. This is happening a lot. I made a post about it after I almost threw my phone for lying to me LOL

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                        Now it’s back to saying unfunded what the heck

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                          1/30 filed, accepted
                          2/22 DDD
                          Fees taken out, no advance.
                          Updated this morning to funded yay.

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                            I got an email at 4am saying that fees are being taken from TPG our tax partner to start checking account tomorrow for deposit. I check TPG site still says unfunded but everything is filled out from what I’m getting back how much my advance was etc. What is this I don’t remember this email last year

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                              I got the advance and fees from refund.

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                                Literally JUST updated to Funded, with all areas filled out. I know it just happened because I checked 10 minutes ago. Lol. The deposit date says 2/22 though.
                                Yay! DD vibes to ALL!

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                                  SBGT just updated to funded/amount paid to you updated! I had fees taken out, no advance. No DD from chime yet though.

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                                    I’m seeing people posting that SBTPG says funded now, most said they paid fees upfront though. So I’m guessing the TPG was only to repay refund advance. I’m still unfunded but my fees are from my refund. Any of you Funded and had fees from refund? Thanks for your replies everyone

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                                      I got my email yesterday before Santa Barbara. Updated. Just hoping with rumors aren’t true fingers cross good luck to us

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                                        Same for me, except I’m not sure if tt sent me an email… Hoping for funds today

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                                          Sbtpg just updated to show amount paid to me, and says date posted 2/22, but still says unfunded… Only a matter of time before it hits CK card..

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                                            Sbtpg still unfunded, got tt email but tt site still says payment pending

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                                              Ddd just hit

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                                                And that’s what they want you to think! Too bad their partner, TT threw them under the bus! 😆😆😆 You know they’re holding it for interest. 🙄

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                                                  I actually checked earlier, after reading some comments on another post, and my order detail on TT said payment completed. SBTPG was and still is unfunded LOL

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                                                    @Gogeta not getting the email isn’t a big deal. That’s what I read. HTH

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                                                      I think that email comes through for those that paid upfront fees but I could be wrong! So far that’s what I have gotten from those around me!!

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                                                        My SBTPG is also still unfunded, so I’m not sure why my TT says fee payment was completed

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                                                          @LolaR that makes me feel a little better… I thought that email was something important that I was missing

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                                                            DDD 2/22
                                                            Fees taken out of refund

                                                            I got no email, still unfunded and TT says payment pending.

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                                                              Filed 1/17/24
                                                              Accepted 1/22/24
                                                              DD 2/22
                                                              Never received an email from TT saying refund was on the way. Fees on TT says payment complete. Anyone else in the same boat?

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                                                                2/26 DDD for me filed and accepted 2/8 turbo tax e-mail about refund on the way is correct for those that got it!!!

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                                                                  @Daniel lmk whenever your refund hits please, and I’ll do the same. Hopefully it wont have a repeat of last year. I am grateful for it though for sure.

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                                                                    @Daniel lmk whenever your refund hits please, and I’ll do the same. Hopefully it wont have a repeat of last year. I am grateful for it though for sure.

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                                                                      @CasOne I should’ve paid upfront. You’d think I would’ve learned after getting my refund after DDD last year. But no. Lol

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                                                                        Exactly the same here, minus the TT email.

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                                                                          Same here but paid fees upfront this time! 2/8 filed and accepted…got email from TT today and always get funds that Friday or Saturday normally!!

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