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TT pathers who are still N/A accepted test batch

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    Curious to see how many Turbo Tax users who claim EITC and ACTC, accepted before 2/12-test batch, still have N/A on transcripts…..

    Also, did you have fees taken out of refund?

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    So for the last 3 years I have filed early/test batch and waited for many weeks. No updates on wmr or transcripts for 4, 5, 6 weeks.

    This year my w-2 was held up for some reason.

    Filed 2/27, accepted 3/1.
    846 showed on transcripts 3/5
    Wmr updated 3/6
    DDD 3/10

    TurboTax, paid fees up front
    No recovery credits

    Going by my own experience I’d expect that many will update this week and be receiving your monies week following.
    Good luck and hang in there!

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    My transcripts updated with adjusted return amount, but with codes 971 and 570, no date. WMR says still processing. Tax topic 152 came back and refund amount went away.

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    Silvia Warren

    No movement still my transcripts still say as if 2/22. Wth is going on. Filed the 20th so I still have some time before I can call the irs. I’m not pass the 21 day mark but it’s never took this long!!

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    Nothing. No movement.

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    Do you guys think that the as of date for 2019 transcript are a good thing? Mines updated recently and I’m hoping that means it’s a DD. I’m a look back EITC filed early also

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    I have read on other sites and posts that those that still have a as of date of 2/22 may have been pulled for a ID verification.

    Now I am stating again, I have READ. I don’t work for the IRS. Not just one post either there is a group on FB that started receiving letters in the mail this weekend.

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    Found out i am in the error resolution group. Turbotax accepted feb 11…wmr i bar with irs is processing message.
    Cant see my transcripts but filed joint and husbands say n/a as of date 1/22 …..did you ever get a letter?

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    Where did u find that info from? My transcripts still show as of 2/22.

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    Filed 1/30 accepted 2/11
    Look back, eitc, actc, unemployment and schedule c.
    Transcripts still show n/a and as of date is 2/22
    No fees on TT
    using a credit union bank

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    Check your accts. I just checked my bank acct. and my refund was deposited on 2/24. I’m a pather, used turbotax, fees deducted from refund, and I’m still on one bar on the wmr tool.

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    Lisa Jo

    Filed with TT 1/28
    Paid upfront and no advance
    Accepted 2/11
    earned income and child tax credits
    No look back
    N/A on transcripts
    “As of” date 3/1/21
    1 bar WMR
    Chime Bank

    The no updates theme is getting pretty old

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    Has nothing to do with your tax preparer unless your return has errors.

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    I read this online idk if this helps. ” Refund updates should appear 24 hours after your e-filing has been accepted or four weeks after you mailed your paper return. The IRS expect that the refund tool will be updated for those claiming EITC and ACTC, beginning on February 22, 2021.”

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    Filed h&r Jan 28
    Rejected feb 8 for missing stimulus I never got
    Refiled feb 8
    Received accepted text from H&R Block February 12
    H&r block tracker says accepted February 11
    Transcript says N/a
    As of date has never changed from 3-1-21
    One bar on wmr
    Look back, child credits, unemployment, w2

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    I actually think the look back had nothing to do with it, there is a mess of filers that are Pather that filed through Turbo Tax before opening day that all got resequenced . The IRS software updates this year have failed miserably. We are all in Error Resolution with the IRS. Those that still see as of date of 2/22 should check again….

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    I think the look back credit got us in the back of the line with that 45/60 day review!

    . I agree. I am in the same situation but used FreetaxUSA.
    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 2/11
    Look back
    Schedule C

    The only change from last year is the look back option. My 2019 account transcript was updated to a 2021 cycle code this past Friday.

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    I think the look back credit got us in the back of the line with that 45/60 day review!

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    Filed 1/26 TT
    Accepted 2/11

    Lookback and fees taken out
    No movement and NA on top transcripts

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    there;s absolutely no point or benefit in filing early if its going to take this long to get movement.I am a pather, all the credits. Used TT. Filed 1/25..accepted 2/11…and have only 1 bar, n/a still on the transcripts, NOTHING on sbtp. The IRS is a mess. It just seems random to me at this point. The delay gets worse and worse every year for the last 3 years. My daughter had a simple return..single, not a pather, and she’s been waiting just as long as all of us. Just no rhyme or reason.

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    Dan R

    Where is this “as of date” everyone is talking about found ?

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    Dan R

    Me, but no fees. Used Free File option accepted 2/11

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    Used TT as well claimed mostly all credits
    Was accepted 2/10 filed 1/30
    N/a zero knowledge of any transcripts other than last year and 2020 account& wage (which says no record of return filed)
    Wmr still at 1
    Checked sbtpg at this point cause I did a refund advance nothing received still green with 0 amount received it seems like everyone who wasn’t in test batch is getting their money

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    I used TT and claimed both credits. I used look back.
    accepted 2/11.
    I paid fees up front.
    N/A on transcripts with zero movement.
    “As of 2/22”

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    Filed 01/30/2021
    Accepted 02/11/21
    N/A on transcripts – Nothing still…almost 21 days
    WMR TT 152 – 1 bar

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    filed 01/27/2021
    Accepted 02/11/21
    Claim both EIC and child credits
    WMR one bar topic 152
    Look back
    N/A on transcripts top 2
    STPG nothing
    Received stimulas those dates show but I don’t see as of date ya all keep talking about.
    State came last week

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    I got an as of date of 3/15 as well. Hopefully that’s good. I file 2/10 got accepted 2/12. Only got one bar. This is definitely frustrating…to say the least

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    My as of date also changed to 3/15

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    Filed TT, fees taken out and a PATHER. No movement on WMR and N/A for transcripts with an as of date of 2/22 :/

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    I am a TT filer who was accepted in the early batch on 02/11/2021 and I still have N/A on my transcripts for the top two and the bottom two are available to view but only have my stimulus payments info. My as of date says 03/15/2021 not sure what that really means but thought I should mention it. My WMR still says processing and no I did not have any fees taken out.

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