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Transcripts updated during the day?

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    Just a quick questions – HRB accepted 1/20 – still no movement
    I know WMR is only updated overnight – but are transcripts updated throughout the day or only overnight?

    Hope we all get ours soon!

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    @Tia ,

    I understand the anxiety. My wife thinks I’m crazy. She says “just let it go and wait”. I’m in the same boat as you are. What I told you is what I tell myself to try and keep me from actually going crazy.

    For now I just have to accept I didn’t get into the first batch of deposits and wait until my status gets updated. No need for me to freak out until I actually am given a reason other than my own fears of screwing something up on my return.


    Yesterday I checked transcripts and they were avail for 2014, but none of them had any information. I checked about twenty minutes later and information was available. This was between 8 and 9 in the morning. I’m guessing that they very well could be updated during the day, as is WMR. I’ve checked WMR in the morning to see it at a different status in the afternoon. **shrugs**


    I’m in Texas also. Accepted 1/20, no transcripts, one bar… Filed w/ H& R


    @tradami I think that would be my best bet, and include this site as well. Although I think it is very helpful to have, I think it fuels my anxiety even more.



    You could always just check every morning. Whether your deposit date is friday or not, knowing any sooner wont make the money come faster.


    I am going to continue to check hourly.


    I think that would help to know how often they update the transcripts so I dont waste my time looking through out the day


    I’m in Texas and have the exact same situation. HRB accepted 1/20 no transcripts

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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