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    Anyone who fall under the PATH act look at their transcripts yet? What dates do you see? Just curious..

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    Lea Mcdougal

    I was able to order my transcripts today but my path message hasn’t changed yet. Fingers crossed for a ddd tomorrow morning!


    Brittney Wolfe

    I did today. My cycle code 20180503. It says pricessing date is Feb 22nd. But I have codes 806, 768, and 766. No 846. But last year my transcript said refund ssued on feb 25 and I got mine on the 16th to my BB card. Any input on all this??!



    I have cycle 0604 and feb 25 for processing and same codes as everyone for w2 and credits



    I’m the same as valarie…no 846 on transcripts yet…20190705 3/4/19 and 4/15/2019 for deposit due date but nothing else



    I have codes 150, 766, and 768
    Then it also states
    Cycle. Date
    20190705. 03-04-2019



    My cycle is 20190505 processing 2/18/2019.

    So Im weekly AND Path.

    What will be interesting is the 15th falls on FRIDAY and transcripts UPDATE ON FRIDAY… so will the odds be in my favor and get a DDD this coming Saturday OR will it be next? Im thinking its a 50/50 shot! :)



    My cycle is 20190702. I have codes 150, 806, 766 and 768.



    Your cycle code ends in 05 so you are a weekly and update on fridays for Transcripts and Saturday for WMR (or that’s at least what I’ve seen).

    Your 2/18 is a processing date which doesn’t mean much for your refund.

    Do you have code 846 on your transcripts yet?

    PATH? (EIC or ACTC credits)



    Cycle is 20190505 and date is 2/18/2019. What does this mean?



    I know it! I didn’t see your info about if you’ve gotten transcripts or not but I think what I’ve figured out so far is no one has any knowledge until their account transcript posts with a cycle code. This will tell you if you are a daily (transcript updates on Tuesday and WMR on Wednesday) or a weekly with updates on Friday for transcripts and Saturdays for WMR.

    To me it seems like all PATH filers that have transcripts don’t have the 846 code (or that I have seen). This is most likely due to the hold on the credits.

    I’m a daily and just got my transcripts this morning and had the 150, 806, and 766 codes but no 846. I’m guessing my WMR might (MIGHT) update tomorrow with a second bar and then my transcript MIGHT update next Tuesday with the 846 code and a date next to it and then Wednesday WMR MIGHT update Wednesday with a DDD. I think dailies get DDD for fridays and weeklies get them for Wednesday’s. At least that is the trend I’m seeing on the boards through the last 1-2 tax seasons.

    I say might a lot because I honestly don’t know and I don’t know if transcripts process over the holiday (Monday) being as they seem automated but I’m not 100% sure if they are.

    All I can do now is watch and update others on my progress and see if I’m right or wrong and it might help others down the line figure theirs out.



    I see, I was under the impression I was going to receive my return after March after looking at my transcripts. Though, there IS still that chance of it happening. This waiting game is so tedious, I would love to just have an idea of what is going on lol.



    Processing dates do not have any correlation to DDD…read this forum’s admin post from last year:

    I’ll try to explain it as simply as I can with the best of my knowledge. That date is more or less a “process by date” so that returns don’t get stuck without a resolution. As the date approaches then the system is flagged to scan the account again to see if there was a problem that caused it to no be resolved. For the most part having your refund released (846 code) resolves the account and it closes it out. For those of us on PATH that means we cannot receive that refund prior to 2/15 so the system will scan the account and see the credit codes that fall under PATH and assign a new “processing date.” Those dates are always a Monday date and everyone who processed during that cycle will have the same date. This does not however mean that everyone will receive their DD on the same date as there are other things to factor in.
    Long story short- the “processing date” does not correlate with a DDD and can actually be weeks later than when you actually receive your DD.



    I no longer see processing date. It just says As of Feb 11 in a few places now?….but still no ddd or 846



    Mine just updated today!

    Updates for me this morning! WMR still shows one bar in the app but I now have access to my Account transcript that is filled out. Before it was just listed with 0.00 and an as of date of 2/25/19.

    Now it is showing the three codes:

    150: tax return filed
    806: W2 or 1099 withholdings
    766: Credit to your account
    The 846 code is not listed.

    My Account Balance shows my refund amount and my as of date still says 2/25/19.

    My cycle code is 20190702 so I am a daily. My date next to the cycle code shows 3/4/19.

    Last year my cycle code was 20180803 and the date by that was 3/13/18 but my 846 code had a refund date of 2/26/18. Looks like our return started processing a week earlier this year and I was kept as a daily.

    My return Transcript has been N/A until today as well so that’s finally available and so is the record of Account transcript. Wage transcript is still blank and still shows no return filed so I’m guessing this updates later.

    I have the ACTC credit and college credits.

    Filed 1/30 with HRB and accepted 1/31. My blank transcripts became available at some point last week but did not completely update until this morning.

    Hopefully this means WMR movement this week since I’m PATH.



    Mines said ddd of Feb 18th.



    @ronnie. look at your account transcript not the return. You will see it above some codes like



    I did, where do I find the date?



    I got my transcript today only w cycle posted 20190405 no codes no proccess date wth does that mean and no ddd date mine was accepted 01/14/19



    Mine says 20190405 what does that mean? Pls help



    I’m a weekly 05 is Thursday, so by end number 04,Wednesday, 05 Thursday, 06, Friday mine is the code 20190505
    2019 year i
    05 processing day of the week
    05 weekly day Thursday

    My processing date is feb 18th which mean irs send off your refund and completes your transcript with code: 846

    On my weekly day 05 Thursday on the 21st get my refund


    Jessica Murray

    I got my transcript by mail. My cycle date says 20190405. What does that mean? And I don’t see where any of these codes are. Can I look at the transcript online with the tracking ID? How do I do that? I had to order mine by mail because I don’t have a credit card or mortgage or anything like that.



    I can see my transcripts, cycle date, etc. What do I need to look for or what does the cycle date mean?

    I am HoH, child credit…



    My transcript.has the processing date of February 11, 2019.



    I filed 1/17, WMR showing the PATH message, but I’m able to order transcripts. Cycle code is 20190405. Does that still mean I have to wait until February?



    Geisha doll_43 that is 100% false for people with a W2, it only works for people who have a 1099 or claim self employed. All it means when you see your wages reported on the SS website and you have a traditional W2 is that they’ve recorded your W2 information that your employer sends in.



    I filed on 01/18 with TT and got accepted on the 22nd. My status on WMR is still 1 bar and havent change to PATH message yet. When I try to order my transcript by mail from IRS site my 2018 is already available. Could this mean my refund was already approved and WRF just havent updated the status yet??



    Also told me account disabled to try in 24 hrs, I’m very confused



    Files on 1/17 with tt accepted on 1/22. Tried to go on and order transcripts tonight and got to the screen to enter info and address than the other screen that says last 8 of cc number to verify identity and it told me unable to verify with the information they have on file. What does that mean? I recently updated my cc address could that be the issue?


    Edwin Johnson

    According to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, the IRS cannot issue refunds before mid-February for tax returns that claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. This applies to the entire refund, even the portion not associated with these credits.
    Check Where’s My Refund in mid- to late February for your personalized refund status. It’s updated once a day and remains the best way to check the status of your refund.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.


    Geisha doll_43

    No problem… I know this is a stressful time and we all want our refunds but we all know if we are PATHERS everyone should just stop trying to get transcripts at this point of time.. Just like last year the IRS can complete your taxes but if you are a PATHER 9 times out of 10 you’re not going to get your refund until the middle of February… There’s no way around it… Last year on this very same site people were at each others throats because they began to panic and get stressed and worried.. Hopefully it won’t be like that this year… Good Luck to you!



    I was able to order 2018 tax return transcriptsand account by mail today. Filed 1/17 Accepted 1/22 Path.



    Thank you so much! Nothing reported yet.


    Geisha doll_43

    The one sure way to know if your taxes are completed is on the Social Security website. You have to create an online account and once you do that you sign in. If it shows your 2018 wages that you earned then you know your taxes have been completed. That’s when you should check your transcripts. Hope this helps.



    I have a question, maybe someone can answer?
    Once you are able to order your transcript and it has all the good codes, 150, 806, 766, 768, does that mean everything has gone through and been approved and you are just waiting on the 846 and deposit date? Or does it just mean they received your info and it’s currently being processed, with potential for the codes to change to an audit, review, etc?



    Viewed transcripts online today after yesterday it saying N/A for year 2018. They look pretty complete just no DDD code since I’m a pather. Hopefully tomorrow the 9001 code changed to path message for me since I’m a weekly.

    What is the first DDD dates for pathers? The last 2 years I got mine on the 22nd of Feb. But since the 15th falls on a friday and I’m a weekly will I not get a date until the following week? That would SUCK



    Im a pather and my cycle date is 20190405 so makes me a weekly update. Processing date shows 02/11/2019. Yesterday my transcripts were blank but today it shows all my information. Of course no DDD or 846 code but this is good info because im sure tomorrow WMR will update to path message which means progress . Ive been stuck with 9001 code since the 15th.



    Alright everyone! Remember to keep the path updated in the morning! Good luck!!!



    If your ddd doesn’t have code 846 next to it, it won’t actually be sent out.



    i was accepted 1/17 and filed 1/15. i have the 9001 code and 152 tax topic. not path update for me yet. when i try to view my transcripts online they are say N/A for 2018.

    is anyone else having the same thing happen?



    I have noticed everyone’s transcripts have Monday and Tuesday dates. Has it always been like that? Their WMR is also showing ddd for Monday’s and Tuesday’s




    Great news.. Look for code 846 on your transvript. Should be a date on that same line, that will be your refund ddd..



    Last year my cycle date was 20170602, and I got my refund on 2/22.

    I am a PATHer, but my return was accepted on 1/22 this year. So, what does this mean for me this year?



    I was able to see my transcript today after WMR updated with the path message.. Looks like I am cycle 03 and it says Feb 11th, so I am assuming that is the DDD.



    Wow. This really is the best news ever! Keep us updated on anything!!



    I’m waiting on the irs to send me a code so I can view online. I was able to order mine by mail



    Filed 1/12
    Accepted 1/14
    Transcripts were available today 1/23. From the cycle code and dates on transcripts, it looks like A refund may come feb 15th.


    Marge Eats Ham Sammys

    This is a good thread! Filed with TT on 12/21. Accepted 12/22. Transcript is not available yet. We should definitely keep this going.

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