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Transcripts finally updated! But what does it mean?

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    Filed 2/3 with TT. Called the IRS on 3/4 and was told to fax in 1095-A and 8962, which I did on 3/5.

    No movement until today…WMR still shows the PATH message and “Your return is still being processed” but I can access my transcripts.

    I have cycle 20201205 with a date of 04-06-2020. Is that my DDD?

    Then I have a bunch of codes with dates for each.

    Codes with 04-06-2020:

    Codes with 04-15-2020:
    766 (3 times with different credit amounts)

    Any help deciphering this would be greatly appreciated!

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    yeap Im still waiting for mine (2019) and (2018) refund


    How much longer do I have to wait?

    No one here can answer that question. Unfortunately, there are some people who filed nearly a month before you who are still waiting.

    Confused in Georgia

    How much longer do I have to wait?


    The dates are different because the IRS has a quirky method of accounting.

    It means something to them, but it’s not always clear what.

    As far as getting your refund, the most import TC code to look for is 846, along with the date behind it. You’ll most likely need to see TC 571, showing that whatever caused your 570 freeze has been resolved, first.

    Confused in Georgia


    Why are the dates different?


    @Confused in Georgia 570 is a hold code the 4464c is a review letter

    Confused in Georgia

    Taxes accepted 2-24-20

    4464c letter 3-6-20

    150 3-30-30

    806 4-15-20

    570 3-30-20

    What does all this mean?


    @justwondering2784: Correct.

    Is it the balance you were expecting? If not, my guess is that the 971 refers to a letter you should receive explaining the difference.


    Can someone help me please,

    My transcripts updated over night! I have codes:

    150 Date 4/13
    806. Date 4/13
    826 date 4/15
    And 846. 4/9
    My question is I will get the balance next to the 846 code correct?


    Treborjant, TC 570 is generally an account hold. Often it’s for wage verification.

    I’m not sure IDV’ing generates ANYTHING on transcripts. I had to IDV this year, but my transcript just has the 4 standard codes — 150, 806, [whatever the one for EITC is] & 846 — but no 570 for IDV & no 971 for the 5071C letter.

    So, unfortunately, your 570 is more likely a 60-day review than IDV.


    Could code 570 be for ID verification? That’s the only letter I received and that was over a month ago. I successfully verified, got confirmation and “still” disappeared from the WMR message. My transcript appeared finally a few days ago and the last code listed is the 570 and date to the right of 4/6. I’m concerned about this 570, unless it’s the id verification. Can anyone shed some light?


    For anyone on the forum waiting for an update after faxing in their 1095-A and 8962, my transcripts finally updated today with code 846 and a DDD of 04/01/2020.

    So by the time I get my refund it will have been exactly 4 weeks since I faxed in my docs. Hope this helps ease someone’s anxiety out there!



    I finally received the letter to send in forms 1095-A and 8962 on Saturday…literally weeks after I had already faxed them in lol


    Thanks for the info. I figured that’s what it might mean, nice to have the confirmation.
    I didn’t end up getting a DDD on Saturday. I got my Tax Topic 152 back for a couple of days, but then it disappeared again Sunday morning.


    I called a friend who works with transcripts. I have the same dates as you. She said the 04/06 and 04/15 is an estimated time frame for getting taxes back. She said it could happen sooner but that those dates are when they expect funds to be released


    @adrienne they never sent u a letter ? I filed with TT also and was not promoted to enter my 1095a so i assume this is the reason for my refund being delayed – no bars, transcripts are NA and well I called them today they said to wait 6 weeks for a letter


    Thank you @scuffysd11!

    Odd that all of the codes have dates that are weeks away. Hopefully I get my DDD tomorrow or next Saturday :)


    If u faxed the forms ur just waiting for them to process those then, shouldnt b too long now. Im same cycle code as u got my ddd 3/25. If u dont get ddd this week then for sure by next week.


    150 is u filed & is processing
    570 is pending action
    806 is the fed taxes u paid
    971 is they mailed u a notice
    766 is a credit or reversal of offset

    Wait for code 846 which is a ddd
    U should get a letter telling u what u need to do to get rid of the 570 code, then U will see a code 571 which means action completed, then code 846


    Another letter?? SMH. This is never ending lol

    Well at least when I do finally get my refund it went up by $60 after turning in the 1095-A and 8962, so that’s good news.


    Sorry, you need to see 846 code that means you are processed, 971 means a letter was sent.

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