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Transcripts finally updated 2/25 watch party

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    Hello all!
    Filed: 1/15
    Accepted 1/20
    I’ve had zero movement until today.

    Today my return transcript is finally there at least.

    Post here with your recent updates

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    Update last Friday to As of Date 3/28/2022
    766. 4/15/2022
    768. 4/15/2022
    570. 3/28/2022
    971. 3/28/2022

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    I also have codes 570 and code 971

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    Filed on the 25 of Feb.
    Accepted 26 of Feb
    My processing date says 03/28/2022
    As of date says 03/28/2022
    I have codes 766, 768
    My cycle code say 20221005
    With a CREDIT TO ACCOUNT 04/15/2022
    Can someone help explain what this means please.

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    @ Daddy-o
    Mine did same update as yours did with 570…
    Update this morning with 971 notice issued.
    But no date showing when deposit will go in.
    The amount of refund is the same as when I filled.
    So any ideas anyone what’s going on??

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    I got 570 last Friday 2/25. And I just got my ddd of 3/9 today! 570 code stayed there for one week.

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    Updated to 971 code this morning from 570 generated few days ago still delayed message on wmr.

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    Iisah okc

    Filed and accepted 2/1. Wmr gave delay message on 2/19. Transcripts updated to 971 and 570 code 2/25. Transcripts updated to 571 code and 846 ddd 3/9. It’s coming everyone

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    Things r a little delayed this year and do not seem to be following the same cycles everyone is familiar with, but it’s coming! I thought I was a weekly, I end in 05 and have been in previous years because I do have an IP PIN.
    Anyway, I updated today with a DDD of 3/8/22!

    I filed and accepted 2/9- had one bar until Mon when I switched to the delay message and then updated last night. WMR hasn’t updated yet but I saw my transcripts this morning with 846 and date of 3/8/22.

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    Accepted 2/7
    WMR delay message 2/26
    Called IRS 3/1
    Advised in errors dept/ Error “fixed” 2/28 and no letters mailed
    No movement on transcripts
    Weekly 🙄🙄

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    @Highly Irritated love your name! I hope we do update tomorrow. I’m so over this, need to plan better for next year. I’m doing bad!

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    Highly Irritated

    Did anyone update yet? Weeklies we should start seeing movement tomorrow.

    F/A 2/1
    W-2, Schedule C, ATC only
    Delayed Message on WMR
    570 & 971 Codes on 2/25
    Can see that my return was reduced by early ATC amount

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    Still 570 code here nothing new.
    Why is wait so long?
    Getting aggreavting

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    Post here when you get updates! Guessing Friday for me

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    Post here when you get your 846!!

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    Iisah okc

    Filed and accepted 2/1. Delayed message 2/19. Transcripts updated today with codes 150, 806, 766, 768, 971 and 570. Refund reduced by 300 and no 846 yet

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    BTW, I filed on 2/1, was accepted on 2/2, had 1 red bar on 2/2 until 2/19, been on the delayed message since 2/19, and didn’t have access to my 2021 transcripts until today 2/25 at 3pm.

    Praying for everyone to get DDD’s by this evening or Monday at the latest.

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    Just got access to my transcripts at around 3pm! No kidding, you guys…. I’ve been checking them since this morning, and had N/A until around 3pm. I think they update transcripts throughout the day, and not just at night! If you saw N/A earlier today, you might want to go and look again! You may have updated like I did! Just giving the heads up!

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    Accepted on 1/26
    Got code 570 on 2/18 with an refund reduction of 2k
    Today exactly one week later I got code 846 ddd 03/02
    If you have code 570 for more than a week I recommend getting in contact with the IRS.
    If it has not been a week yet just be a little more patient and believe me I know its hard but if you got any update at all on transcript last week they are working on it especially if your refund was reduced. It means that they fixed the math error
    Good Luck everyone!

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    Filed 2/10 accepted 2/10 one bar on wmr never updated never got transcripts but I just got my dad on my card! Folks just check your accounts also your money could b sitting there

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    @patrice717 when did you get the 570 code and how long was it there for you?

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    I have netspend and my deposit hit at 2pm today!

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    Ms tax

    Thank you daddy-o
    They gave me 1,000 more 🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳
    We almost there!!

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    Ms tax

    Ok alot people say they saw movement on a week finger crossed.

    #4517803 Reply

    Also, the amount you’re getting back will be at the top left next to “account balance” it will show a “-$“ before it

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    @ms tax yes no point in calling at all. You’ll have it within two to three weeks from when you see that 570 code from what that lady just told me.

    #4517799 Reply
    Ms tax

    Anyone help with my transcripts please at the bottom it says

    You get the point the numbers or amounts -$$.00 is that my expected refund. If yes it’s 1,000 more and I have codes 570/971.

    Also there’s no point in calling????

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    Just got off the phone with the IRS.
    Filed: 1/15
    Accepted: 1/20
    Today my transcript finally updated and showed 766,766,768,971, and 570 codes (2/25).

    The lady I spoke with said I’ll see my refund around 3/14.

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    Filed 1/24 accepted 1/25. Wmr said “it’s still being processed”.. I had to id verify online 2/14 and still had n/a with transcripts until today. I received my dd date of 3/2

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    filed/accepted 1/31 as a weekly and transcripts finally updated overnight but the amounts are way off from my original return.
    i have an as of date of 3/14/22 and codes 971 and 766. Trying to decipher tran is a pain especially with the different amounts lol

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    I’m always a weekly… So I checked this morning and I do finally have transcripts. No DDD yet. But I filed on 2/15 in person with H&R and paid all my fees upfront. Until this morning, my file just sat at N/A. So hopefully next Friday I’ll finally have that 846 code!

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    Filed: 2/11
    WMR: One bar
    Transcript: N/A, however, my “AS OF” changed today from 3/7 to 3/14…no codes

    #4517538 Reply

    Mine doing the same no 846 code yet.
    Showing 4-15-22 for credits tho.
    Cycle code same as yours an no deposit yet either
    But got 570 code.

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    I think the bottom number is my refund. I screwed up originally with the advanced CTC.

    #4517609 Reply


    Transcripts updated but some confusion.

    cycle posted 20220805

    Refund Amount: -11,720.00

    Bal Due/Over Pymt using TP Fig per Computer: -11,720.00
    Bal Due/Over Pymt using computer figures: -3,720.00

    What does this mean?

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    Did anyone update to 570 but no other codes. I don’t have 971 I have 766 -15 processing date 3/14/22 but other than that I don’t have a 971 noticed issued or anything so is that bad or will it resolve itself

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    #4517564 Reply

    Ddd 03/22

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    Accepted 1/21
    Still no update on my transcripts (N/A)
    Stuck on delayed message for over 2 weeks!!

    The only change I can see is the “As of” date changed from February 21, 2022 to March 22, 2022 under <span id=”IL_AD4″ class=”IL_AD”>Account</span> Transcript

    Have you tried calling the IRS and getting info?? I can get you a number.

    #4517556 Reply

    I showed delayed message for 2 weeks before any updates. My wmr is still showing delayed but transcripts are showing codes. I’m going to check in a few hours for a ddd

    #4517554 Reply

    I feel like I’m going to get the delayed message tomorrow since I haven’t updated to a DDD or anything yet. I did file 2/16 so it hasn’t been that long but just from looking at other peoples turnaround time I’m not very hopeful

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    Accepted 1/21
    Still no update on my transcripts (N/A)
    Stuck on delayed message for over 2 weeks!!

    The only change I can see is the “As of” date changed from February 21, 2022 to March 22, 2022 under Account Transcript

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    My transripts updated and I have a 571 code and 846 code with a DDD of 3/2! My refund is reduced but it was already discussed and I knew about it..

    I filed and was excepted on 1/31.

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    Still no codes or anything. Just the as of date changes. Guess I wasn’t picked up this week unless it’s still early and could change later. Super disappointed

    #4517542 Reply

    @mimzy they reduced mine as well and I have the exact same codes you just posted and dates as well

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    Filed: 02/14/2022
    Accepted 02/14/2022
    Transcript updated this morning
    DDD of 03/02/2022

    #4517539 Reply

    My codes updated as well!

    #4517530 Reply

    Transcripts updated the “as of” to March 14th 2022 from June 2021. No other codes or notices. Anyone know what that means? It might still be updating so I’m going to check again in a few hours

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    Mine is still n/a 🥺😩

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    Anxiety made me check again and now I have codes !

    They reduced my total by 1400 for my last child born May 2021 , so hopefully they will add him back , that’s the only adjustment I see

    Code 776 (x2) dates 4-15-2022
    Code 768 4-15-2022
    Code 971 & 570 3-15-2022

    So far it doesn’t show notices/letters sent out to me

    Praying nothing goes wrong and I can see further movement towards my DDD !!

    #4517527 Reply

    I have ddd 3/2 yay good luck everyone !

    Filed 2/11
    Updated wmr 2/19 one bar processing
    Transcript updated 2/25 with ddd weekly 05

    #4517526 Reply

    Did anyone update yet?

    #4517521 Reply

    I am the same
    Accepted on the 5th
    Transcript update this morning with no ddd.
    805 was suppose to be yesterday?

    #4517516 Reply

    @mimzy mine says the exact same thing.

    No idea why it says 4/15/2022
    I also have the same cycle as you as well

    #4517515 Reply

    Is it too early for me to despair? Still no updates to transcripts at all😞

    #4517513 Reply

    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/25
    Got “delay” message around 2/10
    Acct trans N/A until this morning , cycle 20220805
    No codes

    As of at top says 1/3/2022
    Received date says 4/15/2022 ?

    No idea what any of this means. Just happy to see 2021 instead of N/A lol

    #4517511 Reply

    Well I talked to the IRS yesterday because it’s been over a month and they said they started “working on my return” on February 9th and that is who didn’t see updates should get our refund by the 1st but could take up to 6 weeks. I haven’t been able to see my “2021 return transcript” until today. So definitely a better sign.

    Still no codes though

    #4517508 Reply

    My transcript finally updated this morning as well.

    As of date 2/21/2022

    No codes

    #4517506 Reply

    I filed on Feb 3 and accepted next day. I’ve had the longer delay than normal message for awhile and n/a on transcript until today also. Finally shows on return transcript. Do you have any idea how long we will wait now ?thanks

    #4517502 Reply

    Hey I was accepted 1/24 and I had 0 movement until today on my transcript. What does that mean for us?

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