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    Does anyone think it’s weird that transcripts are like crazy available this year? I see so many people saying they can order them. Example: I filed and was accepted yesterday. Today I can order both transcripts by mail. (I’ve never been able to order online). Does that mean mine is processed already or will they be blank? I’m a weekly.

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    I was accepted on the 24th and I tried to view them online and for 2017 it says n/a



    i know for a fact there has to be a glitch i mean people who havent even filed have tried it and it allows them to order it.



    @Takedra Your account transcript will have “846 Refund Issued” code with a date to the right that it’ll be sent, your refund amount will also be to the right of the date.



    So we are looking at 2017 for thos yeas taxes? Of 2018 that confused me qhat year is for this year



    Filed 1/22. Transcripts available and shows refund 1/31. TaxAct User.



    I was able to order my transcripts for 2017( account and return). Account transcript has a processing date of 2-12-18. Does that mean it will be sent to my bank on that date? I do have EIC. My transcript for 2016 shows processing date of 2-20-17 and I received it on 2-22-17 last year.



    Wasn’t able to see my account transcripts until today but when I click on the transcript, it has some info but is not complete. Maybe a good sign that my refund is moving along? Still at one bar on WMR?



    It is crazy they are available so early! We are guessing they will be blank if they are mailed and you could order too soon.

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The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.