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    My transcripts updated this morning to show the 846 code with a DDD of 02/27. But the WMR site says still processing. Fingers crossed!



    Does anyone know when Santa Barbara will update?



    Finally updated to 846 this morning!!!! DDD 2/27!


    Waiting, broke and discouraged

    Any 0803 update with 846



    Yay I got a 846 code on transcript DDD is 2/27 yay finally!!!



    Updated transcripts!!! Cycle code 20190605 Refund issued date 02/27…. WMR will update tomorrow 🎉



    20190705 with a 3.4.19 processing date and good codes updated to 846 overnight with a DDD of 2.27.19.

    No update on WMR.



    Hey Hey Hey! I have a cycle date of 20190505, a processing date of 2’18’2019 and DRUM ROLL PLEASE🥁🥁🥁🥁……

    DDD for 2-27-2019

    So glad this is over. Til next year folks.



    Wmr will update Saturday early morning. Woohoo



    Thanks Mike Carter. Guessing that’s standard then. Lets hope the refund gets DD into our banks before the 27th. Its been a long journey for us this year, especially for the ones with the 20190505 cycle code.



    Thats what mine says, Ray.


    Krystal long

    DD 2/27 updated today!



    as of march 11th on transcript normal?



    DD 2/27 transcript



    DDD 2/27 per transcript🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


    Tru’s Mom

    Went to bed with nothing and woke up with my 846 02/27/2019!!!

    Cycle code: 20190605
    Accepted: 01/28/2019
    Filed: 01/22/2019
    Path: 02/09/2019

    As of Wednesday, I will see you lovely people next year!! 😁



    2/11/2019 processing date
    Cycle code 20190405
    Accepted 01/22

    Transcripts updated to 846 code. 2/27 for DD!

    Finally!!!!! See everyone next year.


    Janine Brady

    I don’t see a cycle date anywhere. Where are you seeing this at? I filed Jan 28 and it was accepted Jan 28. WMR still shows processing. Any idea how figure it out?



    Most of same info as most of you:
    WMR still showing being processed, with refund amount.
    On that PATH (BUT no message ever showed up, tho. Just went from one bar and TT 152 to disappearing info and processing).

    Last Friday morning finally able to view 2018 transcripts; this Friday 2/22 FINALLY now
    updated to DDD 2/27. I was worried because I have a Code 971 Notice Issued that
    showed up on transcript with update last week, but haven’t received any letter other than
    one in December (issue was resolved) and one informing me my online account had been

    I also noticed that the amount of Refund on transcript was $66 less than calculated by IRS’ computer, due to minor miscalculation with my two PATH credits. The lesser amount is the updated refund amount I’m being issued by 846 code, but it’s $66 so no big deal.

    Early filed with TT (fees taken out in return) 1/10 accepted 1/14.

    Good luck all!



    Do anyone knows when wmr is going to update again



    Do anyone no when wmr is going to update again



    Yay! Just checked and I finally have an 846 for 2/27. 20190505



    so what does the ” as of date” mean on the transcripts? Its march 11 on mine.


    Army mama

    Holy smokes !!!

    I no longer have N/A trans !! They are all filled in !! And yyyeeesssssss !!!! I have 846 !!!!! Oh my gosh !!!!! I can’t even !!!

    Filed 1/31 !

    Wmr went to the still message on 2/15 !!! Then nothing till this am !

    Trans have been N/A until today !!!!!



    0705 and mine updated with 846 for the 27th and all that good stuff thank god EIC And ACTC



    @Mike Carter…. Thanks! I to was a late filer however I was still a little later than you. Just was trying to compare and see if I could’ve possibly made this update since I can’t access my transcripts online. I didn’t file until 2/14 accepted same day



    I filed and was accepted on 2/9. I was N/A on transcripts until today; then everything was filled out at once. WMR still showing one bar. Being I have a DDD date, I could care less what WMR says. :)



    @Mike Carter…. What was your file/accept date?



    Thanks Mike, yes happy day.

    Everyone has been super stressed out, myself included.


    Joshuann Wilson

    Finally 846 refund issue 2/28 cycle 20190405 wmr still hasn’t updated yet but it will since I have code 846 files 1/8/19 accepted 1/14/19 Pather and early filer



    I think you are good, Elvis. It appears most everyone waiting has gotten an 846 today. Huge update and a lot of happy people for sure.



    Just checked transcript, was on being processed since2/16 filed accepted same day, just checked 846 code present with a ddd of 2/27



    Thanks for all the replies!

    The last 3 years I have always received my refund issue date on a Wednesday.

    I think it’s light at the end of the tunnel. (please don’t be a train).

    Does anyone agree?



    Just checked my transcript, refund issued date 2/27. Filed 2/25, accepted 2/28, eic and actc, processing date 2/25, cycle code 20190605.



    Also, I’m a 20190805. So, late filers check your transcripts. DDD 2/27



    20190505 846 Code 2/27 , WMR still says, “being processed”



    Mine to!
    File and accepted 2/4
    Cycle code 20190605
    Updated this am with 846 DDD 2/27



    Transcripts updated overnight and I now have an 846 code and a ddd for 2/27! WMR is still saying “still being processed” with no bars showing! I expect that to update tomorrow!



    1 Bar, Processing, 152 messages.



    So happy to finally hear some good news. I can’t get my transcripts but I hope I have date by tomorrow.



    * can’t access my transcripts



    Would any of you with a refund date of 2/27, let me know what you WMR says?

    Can access my transcripts, my refund was accepted 1/25, WMR been stuck on “being processed” no codes, since path lifted.


    Just looking for a sign of hope.



    Ddd 27th.



    I am 0405 and FINALLY updated to 846 this morning. DDD 2/27



    846 code updated for me this morning also. Has anyone ever gotten such a late DDD. I have always got mine during this current week…I am so frustrated.



    refund issued I meant lol. not issues..



    Went from transcripts N/A to 846 code this morning. :) 2/27



    my transcripts updated to refund issues 2/27 . have the 846 code. what does a as of date mean? Have as of march 11…



    Anyone with 0405 cycle code get a DDD? Unable to check online. Thank you in advance.


    Sara E

    Just checked transcripts, updated to refund issued with a date of 2/27.



    Processing: 2/18/19

    Just checked i have 846 DDD 2/27 !!!



    FINALLY!!!! Got a DDD of 2/27….amazingly after I called yesterday



    Posted this last night around 1AM EST–now 5:23EST and my transcript is updated with an 846 for 2/27.


    So far, no changes to mine. My account transcript was processed last week–woke up on the 15th to it being available and processed except for 846 code, then the next day we went to the processing WMR message. Hoping to wake up to 846 code on the transcript in the morning. Filed 1/26, accepted 1/29, EITC ACTC, 20190705.



    Just checked my transcript this and haven’t in a few days. I was getting discouraged by checking everyday and seeing nothing. Thought why not check this morning. I received the 846 code… not sure when but it has a issue date of 2/27/2019. This is so good to finally see. I have not received a uodate on where’s my refund. Most likely tomorrow 2/23 as everyone has mentioning. There is hope everyone. It is a huge relief and burden of my shoulders to actually see a date.



    My transcript updated 20190405 to ddd of 2/27




    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Never had PATH mag
    Bars Went Away and changed to “Being Processed 2/16
    Claimed EIC AND CTC credits
    Cycle code 20190705
    Transcript Updated 2/22 to 846 DDD 2/27

    Good Luck to all. They are coming.



    27th is my DDD!!!! YAY






    Holy crap!
    Just got an 846 code for the 27th!
    Nothing had changed in weeks!
    PD 2/18

    I wonder when the funds will actually drop….



    I am a 0505, no update to wmr but this morning my transcripts have 846 code and refund issued date of 2/27.



    Checked t 3am CST. Nope. But at 4am CST, Yes! DDD 2-27!



    Transcript updated this morning with 846 code DDD 2/27



    My transcripts just updated..20190605 weekly filed 2/1. Process date 02\25/2019. .good luck everyone.



    Hey guys, I have not posted on this forum until this point, I’ve just been quietly watching and waiting for any info on my end. Tonight (this morning) is the first time anything has changed since the 16th. I filed 1/30. Got the same message after the 15th you all have had stating “we have received your return and it is being processed.” Tonight my transcript updated with an 846 for the 27th. Not the date I was hoping for but at least I have a date now. By the way I was cycle 0605. I hope the rest of your day receive some news soon.



    F/A 2/28, path, then being processed. 20190605 2/25. Just updated with 846 for 2/27 ☺



    Woke up to that wonderful 846 with a 2/27 date

    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/28
    Path 2/1
    Being processed 2/16
    Cycle 20190505



    Transcript updated today with that 846 for 2/27!!!



    Mine updated this morning. I am weekly. DDD 02/27/2019. Good luck all



    I thought they updated between 330-6am this morning?



    Unfortunately I cant check mine thru the interwebz. I ordered it the other day via mail to see whats there but probably wont see that till next week. Entering week 6 since I submiited (I realize that the time table is only entering week 4 of them being open). I hope people can find some positive news thru their own transcripts though :)



    I mean honestly, just a date would make me feel better right now! I may seriously burst into tears soon. My 2 year old just woke up so I’m cuddling with him and will probably pass out soon … I mean shit I do have work at 6am so fm right…



    Still no change for me. I’m seriously about to cry! Just release my money for fuck sake!



    Nothing on account transcript, but my return and record of account just updated from N/A to 2018. :)



    Just checked mine again. No change for me yet.
    Filed 1/25 accepted same day
    Cycle code 20190605 processing/as of date 2/25


    Jess James

    @Taxtrastify, not necessarily a bad thing. Your processing date has nothing to do with when your return will finish processing or when your refund will be issued. I have seen so many theories on the processing date indicating a refund, but really it has nothing to do with it.

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