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    I file my taxes September and then had to file an Amend tax because the AIG didn’t match the system. So I did that in October. For three weeks I was waiting for an system up date so that I could pull my transcript (nothing). The beginning of December I was able to pull the transcript with a 570 code and then I waited two more weeks and then received a 971 code. The code has been on my account almost two weeks. I decided to call the IRS today December and get a update because the web system is down. A very helpful nice young lady answered (RANDOM) She checked my account stating it was nothing I had to do but wait for the letter to sent out by January 13th stating my Account is under review for 60 days after the 13th. She said once its verify they will send me my Taxes.
    The wait is crazy.

    Anyone else had this problem and recieved a DDD?



    Okay, so I figure it is now my turn to offer up a timeline for those that are in a similar situation that I have been in. I have often come here for answers and some have helped me to move this process forward. So, maybe I can help someone get an idea of where they might be in this process or where to go to ask the right questions, in order to get the correct answers.

    e-File date: 2/19/2019
    WMR: No progress bar. Stated that the return was still being processed.
    ERD: Refund was slated to be received on 3/27/19, however, I discovered in this process that I actually did miss some income and realized that was going to be a mistake that would delay the process. I did cause delay at this point because as I was speaking with Agents at the IRS, they were only telling me that now I would be audited and to just respond to the letters I receive. This meant that I waited the 45 days, and then 60 days, etc., etc.

    Around the first week of July, I was getting anxious so I finally reached out and requested a Tax Advocate. When I finally got a response from the TA, they told me I could just Amend the return (DUH!), but I trusted the agents I spoke with and thought I just had to wait for the letters they sent. I completed all docs sent to me and sent off all verifying information. Following the TA’s advice, I amended the return as well and sent it off.

    In the beginning of November I received a letter apologizing for the delay. That they had received my verifying information and would try and get to it as soon as possible. I then started checking my Transcripts and the WMAR tool, only to find that there system noted my amended return was receieved on 11/25/2018 <—– should be in the year 2019, but I figured “hey! I don’t care, so long as they say they’ve received it”

    After calling my TA for nearly 3 weeks, I finally got a voicemail from him stating that my amended return had been received and “they’re working on it now.” Decided I’d have to get some real answers myself and dialed the IRS again, at which point an agent finally told me that my return is being adjusted. They advised what I should be receiving. I was waiting for form 4595, that I needed to sign and return stating that I agree to the adjustment. They also advised that I am able to send in other docs to get the remaining amount of my return, but that I should sign and return that ASAP in order to get the portion of my return that they have not adjusted.

    I mailed that back (and just to be sure that everyone got a copy of that document so that I could get my adjusted return sooner rather than later) and faxed a copy of the signed form to the Agent working my adjustment, as well as a copy to my TA so that he can work his “magic” to expedite this payment IF they can. I then popped that form in the mail (using the pre-addressed envelope). At least I know that they recieved it AND the proper department would receive it. **I added a little note with each fax and letter to remind them of the hardship that this has caused. I’m not one of those people that relies on my tax return to get through the first part of the year, but this year I did plan on using it to move into our new home and to pay up on some bills because we all know that moving can put a dent on the bank account. This would have been a nice way to not feel the burn from the move. We haven’t made that move yet and I really didn’t want to go into 2020 still worrying about last years tax return and still being in this home. At this stage, I’ll receive my 2018 return about the same time that I file this year’s return. OOOh well.

    My transcripts currently show two 977 codes with two different amended return file numbers, but with the same dates. According to my research, at this point, I just have to wait for them to receive that signed form and the adjusted return check will be sent within a few weeks. Which is waaaay too long to have to wait any longer. Fingers crossed, my TA or working Agent can move this process along, considering I’m at 10 months waiting.

    Ugh….Rant over. Wish me luck! And good luck to anyone who is experiencing the same issues. Just be sure to ask lots of questions and if one agent can’t answer, then there is somneone else that will. Don’t accept ‘No’ or ‘I Don’t Know’ or “Just Wait for the Letter” for an answer. Stay on that phone until you get, at least, an answer that isn’t just a method to get you off of the phone.

    Best wishes!!



    Good Morning,

    I know that I am probably one in very few. I filed my taxes on April 15th (the deadline). Everything seemed to be going fine. I I then got the 570 Code and needed to ID verify which we did. We were told to wait the normal 60 days (or whatever the time frame is) to get an update. The time period came and went with no update. Then on July 26 we got the infamous 420 exam code. It is now November 21 and I do not have a refund or an explanation. Called a TA and she told us that our audit “hasn’t been classified yet” whatever that means. Anyone know of an audit taking 5 months? I haven’t received any letters, notices, or anything. Help!



    Thank you Marge !



    @Nay- you’re being audited. That’s what a 420 is. Not for awhile, unfortunately. You’ll get a packet in a month/6 weeks telling you what you need.


    Kimberly Bridge

    Transcript finally updated. Waiting on injured suppose claim since early March. It’s code 290. It has $0 and a date of 8/26/19 which is 2 weeks away. What does that mean??



    Hi so I filed my refund way back in January .. fast forward had to file a 1040x to amend the return, I have a 424 code dated 08/01 examination request and my cycle is 20191505… Does anyone know when I should expect my refund ???


    Impatiently waiting

    @Meghan A Witt

    570 Additional Liability Pending/or Credit Hold
    971 Notice Issued


    Meghan A Witt

    code 570, then code 971

    what do these mean? Letter is coming in the mail today.


    redacted B

    Hi Kat,

    Yes ma’am! Should have it soon!



    Hello all!

    New to the forum so any help would be awesome!

    I amended my 2018 tax return and it resulted in a refund (whoooo). I see that on 6/3/19 it was received and i pulled the transcripts 07/5/3019 and it has an 846 code – refund issued for 7/11/2019. Does that mean a check is on the way?




    Don’t count on getting it in five week though. I also have a TA and we had code to put on our amended return to speed up the process and we are on week seven and still do not have a DDD. Everyone’s will be different, I would just hope for the best and plan for the worst.




    same for me also. 5 weeks. But with alittle help from my TA.



    @ Teri

    5 weeks




    Haven’t received mine yet because I was under audit code 420. They received my amended on 3/27, adjusted it on 5/3, sent me a letter about the adjustment dated 5/13 saying I would get my refund in 2-3 weeks but I didn’t because I was still under audit. then it showed completed on the WMAR tool on 5/24.






    How long after sending in your amended return did it take to get your refund?



    No update for me, but now when I login to view my transcripts my 2017 says N/A with the little star. Which apparently stands for “verification of non-filing letter”. I filed that year. Wtf is going on😭😭😭



    Hi i amended my tax return and have a tax advocate . I sent in all info and w2s she requested. My transcript updated Tuesday with codes 767,807 and 290 with a new cycle code next to it which is 20192603. My old cycle code was 20190805. What does all this mean?



    So my transcript says code 846 refund issued 6/26/2019, Does this mean they have mailed out my refund??



    Oh okay so maybe the person didn’t know what they were talking about on the phone. I called our bank Saturday June 22, 2019 and they could see our summary till Tuesday and didn’t see a deposit from them so maybe it will be a check. Fingers crossed. We filed back on February 2nd and they took it because of my debt for an overpayment but I don’t work so should have never took it from my husband. They said it would be DD since its still the same year but hes gotten different answers from everyone everytime he’s called to check on the status to see if he was getting it back. Does anyone know if they sent it on June 21, 2019 (tax transcript says refund issued 6/21/19) how long does it usually take to get the check in the mail?


    Jameen Walker

    I just ordered both my 2018 transcripts finally. I can ordered them over the phone. Yes plus I called the IRS automatic system they are finally done updating my acc. But the wmr system still says code 152. It’s been saying that for 1 week now so lets see what happens when I get my transcripts in the mail. I will keep y’all posted


    Just waiting for an update…

    @Girlboymom it sounds like it will be a check mailed on June 21.



    My refund was taken because of my debt. My husband filed injured spouse and he’s getting the whole amount back (I don’t work so shouldn’t have been taken in the first place). Tax transcript say 846 and next to it says 6/21/19 but yet he called the bank and no deposit for tomorrow from them is showing. They said it would be DD. Was only suppose to take up to 8 weeks to get it back ended up being 15 just to get it approved. Do is the 846 code not right?



    I was wondering if anyone is having issues with the automated IRS phone number?
    It will not take the pin I am setup the other day. This is a four digit code correct?

    It keeps telling me that it is an incomplete response.



    @ marigold

    Well I did amend May 24th sent that in my tax advocate sent it over the same day call me back the next day I sent over all the documentation because my tax advocate told me to be a while before the letter came out had to send in birth certificate utility bill lease and my amount change by $200 with my amended but I end up gaining more than that back on my returns due to interest so to answer your question no it really didn’t change I actually got more back



    @mandyb Congrats!!! Did you get your check in the mail yet? My 846 code says 06/21 so wondering if it gets mailed that day or how long before receiving.



    Just noticed I have a TC of 976 with a date of 4/15/19. What does this mean?



    Congrats mandyb!

    What is your as of date on your transcript?



    Woke up to an 846 of 6/12!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! I paid fees up front, do they release the deposit early to be deposited on that date?




    Did you get a ddd yet? Same as of date but can’t view transcripts online



    My As of date change to June 10th and my wages and income are finally showing but still no DDD 😔



    I have a question about a 766 code. 766 Removed refund applied to non-IRS debt

    Backstory: This is my first year filing injured spouse. I found out the hard way that my husband owed on student loans last year after they took our return. After it happened a second year in a row, despite him making consistent payments, I did some research and discovered the IS form and filed for both years since I was owed the majority of the return and I have no ties to his student loans. I mailed in forms for 2017 & 2018 after I filed this year, which were received on 3/4. I waited 8 weeks before contacting the IRS and when I did, I was told my account was still being processed and they put in a 30 day referral on 4/29. Almost two weeks after the referral, I received codes 766 & 290 when my transcript updated on 5/10.

    These are my codes for 2018 taxes:

    150 – Tax return filed 3/11 :: $xxxx
    806 – W-2 Withholding 4/15 :: –$xxxx
    846 – Refund issued 2/26 :: $xxxx
    898 – Refund applied to non-IRS dept: ($x,xxx.00) 3/11:: $0
    971 – Injured spouse claim received 3/04 :: $0
    766 – Removed refund applied to non-IRS debt 4/15 :: –$xxxx
    290 – Additional tax assessed 5/27 :: $0

    The 766 amount is not the same as the amount they originally applied to the non-IRS dept. It’s close, but about $500 less. My question is this: is the 766 amount the amount I should plan on getting back? The wording next to the 766 code confused me: “Removed refund applied to non-IRS debt”. I wasn’t sure if that’s the amount that they are giving back to me or applying toward the debt. Any help understanding is appreciated!



    Does anyone have a phone number to call to check the status of an injured spouse claim? I called the IRS main line a few times but just get re-routed to the automated number and wanted to speak to a real live person. Any help would be so appreciated, thank you!



    What a drag this has been! I filed 1/10 and accepted 1/13. Had the 1541 message then the 45 and a day late 60 day letter on March 7th. Transcript hasn’t changed much lately the usual codes with 971 letter sent and nothing more. Attempted to get a TA but I didn’t qualify for one so I am just stuck till the IRS decides to release it. I proactively sent in my amended return 4/10 because my pay claimed vs W2 was different, it was delivered 4/13 but doesn’t show they received it on the irs website. I have not called since February because it seems futile. This morning the only thing that changed on my transcript was that my as of date changed to 5/20/19. Hopefully that is something to look forward to.


    Olivia Chewning

    How often do transcripts update? we filed 02/04 and were accepted today. Tax Advocate says she requested our refund to be released today. Just wonder if/when i will see something on our transcript and if it will really take until mid June for us to receive our refund like she estimated.



    I don’t believe it means anything , but has anyone’s transcript changed as far as your name ? My for the last 5 years has had my last name , but now suddenly this week it shows my first name . Probably doesn’t mean much , but just curious if this happened to anyone else . I know they did an update to the system on Sunday maybe that’s why.



    @Alex I have that same cycle code. No information had been loaded on transcripts til this morning when I checked and I got all codes including deposit sent code all at once DD date of 5/1



    Hi, I filed 4-11 with TT

    Accepted same day. Today I was finally able to pull my return transcript, a little confused though. My cycle is 2019.17.05. Any insight or help is appreciated. Am I getting my money soon ?



    Does anyone know why trancripts would not be available after 3 weeks of filing? It says that the information I enter does not match whats on file and I verified thoroughly that it does match what I filed. I filed on 4/6 accepted the same day, claimed my dependants, earned income tax and am self employed.



    I check my transcript every day and just now I went and try to check and it’s saying N/A what is going on man



    FINALLY!!!!!! GOT DDD 5/1



    What a long damn ROAD!!!
    F/A 1/14 1 WMR bar
    152/9001 since 1/23
    AS OF was stuck at 2/18 for 2 months. Transcripts N/A until April 1st
    Moved up to 3/1 went back to 2/18.
    Then Transripts went to AS OF May 6th.
    971 and 570 Dated 5-6-2019
    Just resolved with 571 and 846!!!!
    846 dated 5-3-2019!!!!

    There’s hope people!!!



    Do not have transcripts, however called IRS today and was told no offset and close date is 4/29. Filed 2/6. Anyone know timeframes after it’s closed for dd? TIA



    Has anyone gotten a 971 and 977 and received their refund? Mine updated with those two codes



    No updates for me.

    F/A 1/30
    ID verify 3/11
    Transcripts available 3/29
    Cycle 20191305
    As of date 4/15
    150 4/15
    806 4/15
    766 4/15
    768 4/15
    570 4/15
    971 4/22



    WMR means nothing.
    It’s all about whats on the transcripts.

    WMR can’t do anything without the Transcript end updating first.



    There is suppose to be a major update on WMR tonight. Ddd’s are 4/23 & 4/24. My wmr updated Thursday night with my bars coming back and being processed. Hopefully that is a sign I will have approved tonight.



    My transcript was updated from 04/08 to 04/29 and back to 04/08 what is going on mannn 😩 been waiting since 2/4 got 45 and 60 review letter I was told nothing is to be done just have to wait



    @Everyone here
    I finally got my refund, saw my transcript just now 😭😭😭
    Cycle 20191305
    Filed 2/9
    Verified 3/6
    Transcript updated 3/27
    Processing date 4/15
    570- 4/15
    971 – 4/22 (never got a letter)?
    Refund date 4/24
    I didn’t review any notice after verification. I never called them.
    Thank you for the encouragement & helpful tips!!




    I finally processed with a processing date of May 6th.
    Cycle code: 20191605
    971 which will be a review notice, same as last year
    570 971 and 570 dated 5-6-2019

    So it’s there behind.
    All amounts have a -.
    Didn’t think it would ever clear my account!!!!



    Only thing changed for me is the as of date at top is May 6 for interest



    Jackie…I would highly recommend getting a tax advocate! That’s your best bet to find out what’s going on and the quickest way to get a resolution.

    I’m sure hoping some of us get our 846 tomorrow!!



    Hello all, I’ve been reading through the forum hoping for answers as to why I don’t have my refund yet. I filed 02/11/2019. I’m still showing processing. I had to correct my health care market place information. I submitted the info by fax. I’m still waiting, still processing and there is no record of my 2018 transcript. I’m so confused. Please help.


    redacted B

    @Cbarr, thank you very much!!



    @redacted B

    I just talked to my TA she said employers send out W2s to SSA and then IRS verifies income with them. So SSA should have wages first.


    redacted B

    And again I ask…..Does your SSA account aka wages update when they process your return?



    This is what my TC looks like
    Return due date or return recieved date ( whichever is later april 15
    Processing date march 25
    150. 03/25. 0.00
    806. 04/15. -2,583.00
    766. 04/15. -4,009.00
    768. 05/15. -2,447.00
    570 03/25. 0.00

    Can some one help me out here.



    To anyone who has not gotten a TA, I highly advise doing so.. I called last Wednesday evening to get one, I received a call this morning from the TA telling me the problem was with a corrected W2 that my employer issued, she requested today that my refund be released and told me I should have my refund by May 1st. I filed and accepted 2/18. I wish I had called about a TA sooner as the irs issued me 45 and 90 day letters and would not tell me anything else but to wait it out😡.



    Theresa, our letters both said no action needed too. I requested a tax advocate and she told me I needed to have 2 of my husband’s employers fax proof of income 🙄 So the 3 conversations I had with the IRS before that, they couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me a thing. I’d highly recommend requesting an advocate!!



    Theresa, your transcript should update on Fridays..WMR is Saturdays



    So with
    I update on Thursday’s?



    @kyo SAME!!

    Filed & accepted 1/31
    Had bars for a week or so on WMR
    Got message on WMR and letter had to ID verify. 3/12 verified over the phone.
    WMR says they “cannot provide any information about my refund” online or on the phone with my filing status. If I put in single “we have received your tax return and it is being processed” If I use my husbands info “your tax return is still being processed a return date will be provided when available”
    My transcript cycle is 20191305 806 4-15
    766 4-15
    768 4-15
    570 4-15
    971 4-22 should I be waiting for another letter? I called for a TA Friday and got a pin to wait on hold for 2 hrs and get disconnected I couldn’t call back. Today I called again and she said as a courtesy she would have someone call back in the next 5 business days to get my info to possibly refer me to a TA. I would have waited on hold today. I called the regular number today and the lady said the case was closed. I have to wait until 5/14 and that I had a cp05 mailed to me in the beginning of April. I haven’t received it yet. So is there a new case opened? I’m not sure we qualify for a TA but the woman said now that it’s been referred it’s in there hands she can’t do anything about it.
    I’m just hoping everything it correct. Waiting all this time to find out we need to fix something. Seeing others who filed much later and amend returns and getting that back before I can even see the status of mine is absurd to me.




    “My code is
    Can anyone tell me what that means or when I update please?”

    Code 2019/09/05 = Year/week/day 2019 = Year, 09 = week (last week of February), 05 = Thursday) so that is February 28, 2019


    redacted B

    Does your SSA account update when they process your return??




    I have both those codes and have received a 45 and a 60 day letter, both saying no action needed.




    We have the same cycle you have 570 and/or 971 codes? I had to get a tax advocate to finally get some answers..



    My code is
    Can anyone tell me what that means or when I update please?



    @doug payton

    I was told the same thing .filed 2/10 I’ve only received the 45 day review letter not the 60 day one.



    I filed/accepted 2/7, 1st Id verify 3/7, then again on 3/18 & it was successful & closed out. Transcripts updated wks ago with 570 & all dates of 4/15. I spoke with TAs, said I had a hardship but told by all 3, I have to wait the allowed time given unless I get another letter. Smdh! I filed HOH, & wmr showed nothing but same stupid msg of not having any record of my taxes, so I played around with it & chose single & low and behold it says my refund was received and being processed. This tax season is ridiculous and ass backwards.



    Everyone who’s transcripts updated with the 846 refund issued code did you receive a update on wmr as well mines still says cannot provide any information when i check but my transcripts updated Friday with my new address and i was able to order both transcripts after i ID verified on 3/22 before i couldn’t any insight from someone one in a similar situation would be greatly appreciated



    @tish did your wmr update


    Doug payton

    Is anyone still waiting on their tax return I filed 2/4.
    to this day it still says processing I called the IRS on 4/2 They told me it has been passed my eight week mark. And that they was going to electronically send another department of the IRS a electronic request. She also said she needed to take down a number I can be reached at because it may take up to 30 days for that department to contact me . And that if there was nothing wrong they would not be contacting me at all that they would just released my check.
    Also is anyone else in my similar situation


    Ej mom

    FINALLY!! Checked my transcripts and.. 846 (refund) with DD 4/17 and my TA called and left a message saying everything is complete and my refund will be direct deposited on 4/17. Filed/accepted 1/28
    1541 then 570
    Got TA and filed amended return on 3/6



    F/A 1/30
    As of 4/15
    570 4/15
    971 4/22

    No update.

    A whole bunch of BS.



    Cycle date 20191505. It’s my 2017 taxes that I filed 01/23/2019. My transcripts updated today with a refund date of 04/19/2019.

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