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    Marty B

    @Cbarr, thank you very much!!

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    @Marty B

    I just talked to my TA she said employers send out W2s to SSA and then IRS verifies income with them. So SSA should have wages first.

    #4324196 Reply

    Marty B

    And again I ask…..Does your SSA account aka wages update when they process your return?

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    This is what my TC looks like
    Return due date or return recieved date ( whichever is later april 15
    Processing date march 25
    150. 03/25. 0.00
    806. 04/15. -2,583.00
    766. 04/15. -4,009.00
    768. 05/15. -2,447.00
    570 03/25. 0.00

    Can some one help me out here.

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    To anyone who has not gotten a TA, I highly advise doing so.. I called last Wednesday evening to get one, I received a call this morning from the TA telling me the problem was with a corrected W2 that my employer issued, she requested today that my refund be released and told me I should have my refund by May 1st. I filed and accepted 2/18. I wish I had called about a TA sooner as the irs issued me 45 and 90 day letters and would not tell me anything else but to wait it out😡.

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    Theresa, our letters both said no action needed too. I requested a tax advocate and she told me I needed to have 2 of my husband’s employers fax proof of income 🙄 So the 3 conversations I had with the IRS before that, they couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me a thing. I’d highly recommend requesting an advocate!!

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    Theresa, your transcript should update on Fridays..WMR is Saturdays

    #4323936 Reply


    So with
    I update on Thursday’s?

    #4323881 Reply


    @kyo SAME!!

    Filed & accepted 1/31
    Had bars for a week or so on WMR
    Got message on WMR and letter had to ID verify. 3/12 verified over the phone.
    WMR says they “cannot provide any information about my refund” online or on the phone with my filing status. If I put in single “we have received your tax return and it is being processed” If I use my husbands info “your tax return is still being processed a return date will be provided when available”
    My transcript cycle is 20191305 806 4-15
    766 4-15
    768 4-15
    570 4-15
    971 4-22 should I be waiting for another letter? I called for a TA Friday and got a pin to wait on hold for 2 hrs and get disconnected I couldn’t call back. Today I called again and she said as a courtesy she would have someone call back in the next 5 business days to get my info to possibly refer me to a TA. I would have waited on hold today. I called the regular number today and the lady said the case was closed. I have to wait until 5/14 and that I had a cp05 mailed to me in the beginning of April. I haven’t received it yet. So is there a new case opened? I’m not sure we qualify for a TA but the woman said now that it’s been referred it’s in there hands she can’t do anything about it.
    I’m just hoping everything it correct. Waiting all this time to find out we need to fix something. Seeing others who filed much later and amend returns and getting that back before I can even see the status of mine is absurd to me.

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    “My code is
    Can anyone tell me what that means or when I update please?”

    Code 2019/09/05 = Year/week/day 2019 = Year, 09 = week (last week of February), 05 = Thursday) so that is February 28, 2019

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    Marty B

    Does your SSA account update when they process your return??

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    I have both those codes and have received a 45 and a 60 day letter, both saying no action needed.

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    We have the same cycle you have 570 and/or 971 codes? I had to get a tax advocate to finally get some answers..

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    My code is
    Can anyone tell me what that means or when I update please?

    #4323763 Reply


    @doug payton

    I was told the same thing .filed 2/10 I’ve only received the 45 day review letter not the 60 day one.

    #4323760 Reply


    I filed/accepted 2/7, 1st Id verify 3/7, then again on 3/18 & it was successful & closed out. Transcripts updated wks ago with 570 & all dates of 4/15. I spoke with TAs, said I had a hardship but told by all 3, I have to wait the allowed time given unless I get another letter. Smdh! I filed HOH, & wmr showed nothing but same stupid msg of not having any record of my taxes, so I played around with it & chose single & low and behold it says my refund was received and being processed. This tax season is ridiculous and ass backwards.

    #4323757 Reply


    Everyone who’s transcripts updated with the 846 refund issued code did you receive a update on wmr as well mines still says cannot provide any information when i check but my transcripts updated Friday with my new address and i was able to order both transcripts after i ID verified on 3/22 before i couldn’t any insight from someone one in a similar situation would be greatly appreciated

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    @tish did your wmr update

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    Doug payton

    Is anyone still waiting on their tax return I filed 2/4.
    to this day it still says processing I called the IRS on 4/2 They told me it has been passed my eight week mark. And that they was going to electronically send another department of the IRS a electronic request. She also said she needed to take down a number I can be reached at because it may take up to 30 days for that department to contact me . And that if there was nothing wrong they would not be contacting me at all that they would just released my check.
    Also is anyone else in my similar situation

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    Ej mom

    FINALLY!! Checked my transcripts and.. 846 (refund) with DD 4/17 and my TA called and left a message saying everything is complete and my refund will be direct deposited on 4/17. Filed/accepted 1/28
    1541 then 570
    Got TA and filed amended return on 3/6

    #4323508 Reply


    F/A 1/30
    As of 4/15
    570 4/15
    971 4/22

    No update.

    A whole bunch of BS.

    #4323503 Reply


    Cycle date 20191505. It’s my 2017 taxes that I filed 01/23/2019. My transcripts updated today with a refund date of 04/19/2019.

    #4323499 Reply


    Cycle code 20191505. Updated a few hours ago. This is my 2017 taxes, filed 01/23/2019 Refund date 04/19/2019.

    #4323464 Reply


    Updated this morning with 846 and cycle 20191505….
    Supposed to have an offset but none showing??

    #4323394 Reply


    Lindsay, what is your cycle code?

    #4322799 Reply

    lindsay mead

    How do I know what day I update on?

    #4322723 Reply


    570 3-11
    917 3-18

    Updated yesterday

    #4322721 Reply



    What codes or notices did you have and when did you update?

    #4322719 Reply


    Updated to a ddd. Ssa still doesn’t match but I did have a ta. Not sure it that’s what pushed my through. I filed 2/1

    #4322641 Reply


    971 date is 4/22

    #4322587 Reply


    Oh okay thanks Kathryn

    #4322580 Reply

    Kathryn Cobb

    I am able to check my tax account (Thank God!) and my 2018 wage and income information is also blank.

    #4322577 Reply



    For those that are able to check transcripts is the wages and income transcript blank? All others have information for 2018 except that one.

    #4322557 Reply


    Filed 1/28
    45 day review started 3/4
    Yesterday my transcript updated to code 420, which means tax examination.
    I made about 30k last year, one job, same as the year before. Imported the w2 from ADP and claimed the same child for the last 9 years.

    This is getting really frustrating.

    #4322499 Reply


    @Hank what does your WMR state. Cause mine says we received your tax return and it is being processed message. Still have TT152 and one bar

    #4322486 Reply


    By the way…I didn’t get a TA or ID verify!

    #4322481 Reply


    Hey everyone…

    It looks like my transcript updated today as well. I have a 05 code which means I had weekly updates. My WMR did not update yet but that will probably happen tomorrow. I have a 846 code finally and a date of 4-10-19. This have been some rollercoaster ride.

    Filed on 2/11
    Accepted on 2/12
    WMR bars disappeared 3/4 TT152
    Received IRS Letter Code 12c 3/18 They needed my 1099
    Fax info back 3/19
    Called IRS on 3/25 and the gentleman said it was received and it will take 6 weeks for a deposit or another letter if they need more information…however 10 business days for them to respond to the information I sent back (That is what he said)
    4/5 Check my transcript and it was updated with 846 code with ddd of 4-10-19.

    Keep your heads up everyone your day is coming!! God knows each and everyone of your needs and He is an on time God, so rest assure the money will be there when you need it! God never fails!! Lifting you all up in prayer!

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    It was all faxed over to the TA by Wednesday

    #4322453 Reply


    You might not check this again but if you do, what day did you file? Did you have a TA? Did you ID verify?

    #4322452 Reply


    Hey fellow watchers my transcript updated this morning. I have 05 cycle code so I been waiting for weekly updates and I do finally have 846 code with a ddd of 04-10-19. Hang in the everyone it will come. My prayers are going out for everyone staying right now. Please remember our father knows exactly what we need and he has perfect timing just claim his promise and ask for patience and wisdom he will give it to you. Ask in the name of Jesus Christ and claim it. God bless everyone I know everything will be ok. Just hold fast. Btw WMR still hasn’t changed

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    What date on 971?

    #4322408 Reply


    When did you send in your wage verification?

    #4322395 Reply


    My transcript updated to 971. I’m so done.

    #4322387 Reply


    We submitted our wage verification and advocate sent to IRS yesterday! Hoping to have 846 by the end of the month. What a serious pain! As of date changed from 04/01 to 04/22 this morning

    #4322322 Reply


    @Casey that’s awesome sauce yeah I’m a weekly as well F/A 3/31 one bar w/TT152 message if we have received your tax return and it is being processed that’s it

    #4322321 Reply


    It hasn’t updated yet but I’m weekly so it usually updates on Saturday.

    “Still Processing” has been my message for over a month.

    #4322319 Reply


    @Casey congratulations your almost at the home mark. What does WMR say or if anything?

    #4322315 Reply


    Clarify prior post

    I recieved letter and faxed same day on 3/1…3/13 is a typo

    #4322314 Reply


    Finnnnalllllyyyy my transcript updated with a DDD of 4/10.

    Accepted 1/28
    Received letter requesting 8962 3/13
    Faxed information 3/1
    Called TA 3/28
    Transcript updated 4/5 with DDD 4/10

    Took forevvvver but it’s finally coming

    #4322301 Reply


    Anyone still waiting with an injured spouse review? I am waiting longer than I did last year. I did an amended return last year for the injured spouse and it came quicker than What I am waiting for now. This time I submitted the form together

    #4322265 Reply


    Here what MY transcripts says….
    150 Cycle code 20190605 Date 2/25/1019
    806 W2/withholdings 4/15/2019
    766 credit to account 4/15/2019
    768 Earned income credit 4/15/2019
    570 additional account pending 2/25/2019
    971 notice issued 3/4/2019

    MY as of date is 4/1/2019

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    I had no id verify and 45 review then a 60… 60 doesnt show on transcript though? 45 review say april 18th

    #4322234 Reply



    How’s it went thus far for you?

    I received a 5071c 2/26 and verified online
    Agent told me all was good with that but now have another issue and am awaiting a CP05 now for 45 day review.

    #4322233 Reply


    I do raven8300

    #4322231 Reply


    Does anyone have a tax code 971 with a date 4/15 on transcript?

    #4322230 Reply


    4/4/19 like so many of you I am waiting for my refund. The last code I have on my transcript is 570. I had to verify twice & the last time was 3/18. I called and spoke with a Tax advocate this morning & he was very nice & checked my info for me & said my Verification was done & closed out on 3/18, and read to me a memo that was sent to their Dept about our issue & said most taxpayers who were successful in verifying will receive their refunds within 2 weeks, & some will have to wait if there are other issues found. Well my 2 weeks was up this past Monday 4/1, I update on Thurs so hopefully tonight I’ll have an update since he said he didn’t see any other notes on file of there being a problem, they just hadn’t processed my refund yet. But said if I receive another letter then to contact them back & they’ll see what they can do. This whole process is some bull crap. The iRS is quick to take what you owe them, but slow as hell to payout what we work all year for & can’t wait to get. I’m going to check tomorrow and will let you all know if I have any updates.

    #4322175 Reply



    I have no idea, but keep us posted. It really baffles me there are so many people on here just waiting. Feels like we have targets on our back at times.

    I spoke with an agent yesterday and he informed me I have a CP05 45 day review dated 4/15. Already verified identity on 2/26. Cycle code 20191205. So I’m going to be like a sitting duck until at least the end of May.

    #4322101 Reply


    I’m just enjoying meeting all you fine people at this point lol

    #4322091 Reply


    Sooo I had to amend my 2018 & 16 the tax women added 16 & 18 all on 2018 wtf now I had to go there today and redo everything. I want to cry 😢, they’re sending it in by mail…what should I do?

    #4321812 Reply


    I have the 846- Refund issue on my transcripts. I had stopped checking my after 3/25, so I’m not sure when it updated. I hope this means it will actually be issued…I don’t believe a word they say at this point. I will post the results asap. I’ll also be checking on how everyone is doing. You’re all in my prayers, and I hope to hear good news soon. Especially hoping to hear Edward gets good news soon.

    F/A 2/7
    Two W2’s
    Child tax credits

    2/8 WMR one bar, 152, all good.

    2/12ish- WMR no bars, still processing, T152, no other changes.
    – This happened immediately after I was locked out of account, and they mailed a code to restore access.

    2/28ish- code arrives, and I have 150 code with a processing date of 3/18/19.
    -cycle code 20190905

    3/8- transcripts update to 971 3/25/19

    3/22- Notice CP50; MFJ, but two individual notices

    3/25- Notice 2645C dated 3/21/19; One notice in reference to both of us

    3/26- Made SSA accounts to check W2’s, and one W2 was missing. Called issuer, and they efiled it while I waited. It was for one check, and the bookkeeper couldn’t get their software to calculate withholding, so she didn’t send it in. I had reported it as given, 0.00 withholding/$119 fica/$34 SS. It made no difference in the amount of my refund.

    3/30- SSA posted the missing W2, but I realized the employer hadn’t any filed W2’s for me since 2012.

    4/2- 846. Refund Issued 4/5/2019. -Wage transcript is still blank.

    #4321982 Reply



    I’m in the EXACT same boat. Dates and all.

    #4321896 Reply



    #4321895 Reply


    I know it’s probably been addressed before, but do y’all know if transcripts update weekly, or at any time?

    #4321894 Reply


    I know it’s probably been explained before, but do transcripts update once a week, or at any time?

    #4321790 Reply


    Idk what to think. My transcript says April 8th is a processing date. Has a 570 pending hold on it but I assume that’s me verifying my identity (which I did 5 weeks ago). Cycle code indicates my return was entered into their master file on March 21st. I only get updates on Saturday’s apparently since it ends in a 05, but didn’t get an update on my transcripts this past weekend. I really hope I get it the 8th. Lost my job and falling behind on some bills. Really need it ASAP. Might have to get a tax advocate. Sigh. Anybody have some encouraging news?

    #4321742 Reply


    TA’s always want you to Amend.
    I don’t know why but they do….

    Remember they are the IRS

    #4321712 Reply


    Like Shannon, my situation is the same in nature.

    Verified identity 2/26

    570 added to transcript with date of 4/8

    971 just recently added on transcript with date of 4/15

    This mess is starting to consume me, and I am about sick of it smh.

    #4321627 Reply


    I’m not sure why we would need to amend since they’re saying the employers didn’t send the info. 😬 This is so frustrating but thank you so much for your help!

    #4321602 Reply


    @Shannon….When did you I.D. Verify? Also, what is that date of Processing on your Transcript as well as the date next to those 2 codes?

    #4321592 Reply


    i looked on my transcripts today and saw a 570 and 971 does anyone know what does it mean. this is the first time i had an issue with tax refunds

    #4321582 Reply


    @Laura once you fax info to your TA it takes about 3 weeks to get your refund. Amend after you get your refund if at all possible.

    #4321549 Reply


    Did anyone else have a code of 29w under the caller ID number on your cp05 notice? Just curious if this means anything?

    #4321536 Reply


    @nik 570 is for identity verification.

    I received a 971 afterwards (this past Friday).

    People on threads are saying it’s another 45-60 day hold but the lady at the IRS told me it’s most likely also due to the 5071c/ID Verify.

    At this point I’m just whatever about it all.

    #4321535 Reply


    Recieved my transcript. Its stating processing 3/25

    Code 570

    #4321534 Reply


    Anyone know how we know if our ddd will be on a Wednesday or Friday ?

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