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    Alisen, sorry to hear about that! TT screwed me over with a 1095A form two years ago, first time I used them. Their “tax pros” couldn’t explain why the software did something that didn’t seem right, but stated the IRS wouldn’t see the difference. They wouldn’t refund me the premium service pee I paid for that claimed they help with audits and such. Didn’t get my refund til the end of March that year. What a waste of time and money–I tell everyone to avoid them now and I am back with FreeTaxUSA.



    Yes it was the return transcript, won’t let me order another one because it already got sent out…like I said that one lady told me it had been done processing on Tuesday so 🤷🏻‍♀️




    Try your return transcript and let me know. Hoping for an update tonight for us both.



    SO i just got off the phone with the IRS and apparently, when i filed with TT they didnt calculate something correctly and it caused me to be selected for review. with how much money i made in 2018, i dont qualify for EIC when TT said i did. so that entire credit has to be removed. the review can take up to 45 days. TT also stated that i should file MFJ bc my fiance and i have been together for 5 year, so that means we are common law. Florida doesn’t have common law, so i have to change my marital status. never using TT again. messed me all up this year. smh. now im probably gonna owe them money. damn man.



    I don’t even remember, I’ve decided I’m just going to have to wait until I see a DDD or a DD 🤦🏻‍♀️




    Was it your account transcript that you ordered? Because if so you need to try to order your return transcript. You are only able to order your return transcript id youe return is processed.



    Guys I just hadn’t really tried getting my transcript but I managed to get it and I got the famous 846 with amount and ddd 2/27/19…




    This is ridiculous ugh. I’m so tired of fuckin waiting. This is the longest I’ve ever waited. Meanwhile, everybody just updating.



    I ordered that shit last week 🙄 so SOMEONES lying to people, I SWEAR the agent I spoke to Tuesday said I was done processing and just waiting for DDD




    Were you able to order your return transcript? I’ve read that if you are able to order it then that means it’s done processing. I’m praying that it is true because I’m exactly where you’re are. This is too much worry about my money.



    I was finally able to order my return transcripts! Is this a good this? I can’t view online because it doesn’t recognize my loan.



    Finally was able to get a hold of my transcript… Where exactly is the ddd supposed to be? I see the amount and all but can’t find the rest…



    Where is 846 code found? I only saw 20190505 on the side. I didn’t see a list of codes,


    Festus the Pig

    F/A on 2/5 using TT. No credits. My transcripts have not updated still n/a on all transcripts except wage and account. The wage and account transcripts are blank. WMR has 1 bar, refund amount and tax topic 152.

    I do not know my cycle because the transcripts are blank or n/a. WMR has “being processed” message.



    Thank you!!! I’m sure we will update over night, but still so nerve wracking!



    Cycle 20190405
    Filed 1/17
    Accepted 1/22

    846 for 2/27 on transcript today.



    nope, NEVER gotten such a late DDD…its crazy! Mommajess, I AM SO SORRY. Lets pray we don’t have to wait past 2/27…Im like you, not sure how I can keep stuff turned on.



    570 is a common code. I have that each year on my transcripts.



    2.27…. not 12.27. :-)



    I have all good codes and got the 846 this morning with a DDD of 12.27. Once the 846 is there, is the return complete, or can they go back and update with bad codes (offset, etc)?



    She even put me on hold to get my information up ya know so like hopefully what she was saying was just the generic shit because I’m FREAKING out.



    😭 the woman said that since I claimed both credits mine won’t be released until the 27th or after but that ain’t fair because I FILED ON 1/29 AND OTHER PEOPLE WHO FILED THAT DAY HAVE THEIR DDD IF WMR DONT UPDATE FOR ME TONIGHT on my life I’m never doing taxes before 2/15 again. I’ll be going into a Great Depression since my ass won’t even be able to get on this site since I can’t pay my phone bill or any other bills without it due to my wonderful car breaking down 😊



    @ Its me ya boiii
    I have the same code, so i need to know as well
    My transcripts updated today codes listed 150, 806, 768, 570 , processing code 20190805 and the a date of 3/11/2019. Anyone have any idea what any of this means? WMR is still showing the same message, your return is still being processed.
    The code 570 Additional account action pending date 3/11/2019 amount 0.00



    On the phone with the kindest IRS woman right now, let’s hope when she gets back on the line I get good news! 🤞🏻



    @Its me ya boiii 570 code is “Additional account action pending.”



    Do I was accepted on 1/28/19 and finally my transcripts updated with a 846 DD for 2/27/19. My cycle was 20190705. I’m guessing if you are in the cycle behind that with an 08 your DD will be the week of 3/4/19 and your transcript will update next week Friday with the 846 Code.


    Its me ya boiii

    Does anyone know what cycle 20190805 tells me? And does anyone know what code 570 means it has a zero dollar amount attached to it.



    Where on the transcript can I find the ddd and any other codes that I may have ?
    Thanks in advance !



    I can’t access my transcripts online but I am in the same boat as you to the T) so I’m assuming I’m the same 😊 thanks!



    is it normal to have my wage transcript to be blank? I have my 846 code..thats all good…but I was just wondering about the wage transcript. My ddd is 2/27 like most of us pathers and I have a credit I AM HOPING for an early DD…



    I filed on 2/7 and accepted within hours. EITC and Additional Child Credit.

    Just got transcripts this morning with code 20190805 and a refund issue date of 2-27-19

    This info is at the bottom of the “Account Transcript”, not the “Return Transcript”.

    WMR has not moved. Still on one bar.



    Filled Jan 29th
    Accepted Jan 29th
    Processed on Feb 18 0505 code
    Refund 27th got 846 code on transcript today


    B Davis

    Filed 2/1 ACTC and EIC

    Accepted 2/1

    Few days later, Bar disappeared with Path message, still being processed

    Ordered transcript yesterday cycle code 20190705
    No 846 code

    Ordered transcript today 846 code with refund date of 2/27/19..

    My transcript from 2017 had 2-22-18 date and my deposit was in my bank on 2-20-18!

    Hope this helps!



    I got 846 ddd 2/27/19
    No reason to lie
    Self employed trucker with both eic and CTC



    Filed and accepted by TurboTax: 2/6

    One bar on WMR for a couple weeks.

    No bars, “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.”: 2/21

    Code 846, DDD 2/27: 2/22

    Weekly, no credits.



    Filed and accepted 1/28…around 2/3 bars and message when away. 2/19 get a Verification id letter. Simple process online. Confirming message says 6-9 weeks to process. Transcripts for 2018 are blank and says no record of return filed. Appears I’m a weekly updater and hoping it updates tonight. Never happened to me before.



    So a friend filed 2/10 and I FILED 2/17 both accepted some mins later.However we can’t view transcripts online & when trying to order them online it says info doesn’t match.(both have a new address)however when using address used on last year’s return,It’s the same message.When trying to order by phone it automatically transfers to wait for a rep after entering address info.I know it’s still early and don’t expect a ddd just yet but find it odd that transcripts obviously haven’t updated to show a return filed like it normally will even tho all zeros are on it.Even more strange can’t pull up prior year returns.Any insight?



    Hey guys, so my transcript updated with an 846 code and it says:

    846 Refund issued 02-27-2019. Then the amount

    Does this mean I’ll get it the 27th?



    Anyone with a cycle code of 0505 get a DDD yet?



    Anyone with a cycle code of 0505 get a DDD yet?



    @jerme623 Great! Thank you so much for the info!


    Michael Richey

    I cant access my Transcripts. It is asking for the last 8 digits of my CC or loan numbers. I dont have any and when i put i dont it says they cant verify my account??



    I didnt claim any education credits tho, i mean my husband is in school but we didnt claim anything for it. Plus the line next to says

    570 Additional account action pending date 3/11/2019 then the dollar amount 0.00



    Alisen same! Looks like its education credits so hopefully they move quickly.



    My transcripts updated today codes listed 150, 806, 768, 570 , processing code 20190805 and the a date of 3/11/2019. Anyone have any idea what any of this means? WMR is still showing the same message, your return is still being processed.


    Terry Agee



    Waiting patiently

    So next year just check the transcript but wait at least 2 wks in after filing to see all proceesed/updates.(at least online) Forget WMR transcript updates first and you will knownyour exact DD. I knew my DD 2 days prior to WMR updates and confirm



    How or where to you go to check this transcript number I have no clue what this is



    Got the 846!!




    What day did you file and what day accepted?



    @MNA If the offset was paid, you would have something like a 826 code showing the money being moved, and then a 971 code telling you a notification was sent. If you don’t see anything like that, you should be good to go.



    20190605-Pather, accepted 2/1 just received my 846 code on transcripts!



    Not yet….



    20190405 FINALLY GOT A TRANSCRIPT UPDATE FOR 03/01 DDD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PATHer here!



    My return was picked for manual review. I ended up calling Wednesday to find out. All my transcripts were blank. I only have EIC and Education Credit. I was also told by the IRS guy that they’re manually reviewing a lot of the Education Credits this year.

    Good news! My transcript updated today completely.
    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Transcript updated: 2/22

    846 refund code was issued and it says 2/27. So I assume my refund date will be 2/27. Hold on, everyone. It’s just really slow this year.




    I’m experiencing the same thing! My husband and I were expecting an offset code when the transcript updated because he has a small outstanding student loan that shows up on the offset hotline. My update this morning only showed code 846. Will my refund still be offset?




    FINALLY!! 846 code for 2/27/19. I guess I will be happy because they didnt take out my state offset this year. So waiting a couple days longer was will be worth it



    WMR wont update until tomorrow.



    Would code 570 be because of my offset



    F/A 2/13/19

    Transcript updated this morning with 846 code DDD on 2/27/19- prior to that my transcripts were blank

    Not a pather get education credits though

    Cycle 20190805

    WMR still at one bar though….



    I woke up this morning to 846 code for 2/27/2019.

    I am a PATHer
    Cycle: 20190505
    Processing Date: 02/18/2019

    I’m kinda new here but I am thinking that means i will get my return that day? Has anyone gotten their sooner that what your transcript says?



    Why would you call the offset hotline if you don’t have a code?



    Finally, 846 on transcripts for 2/27. Offset hotline said I had a possible offset but no code on transcript, is this normal?



    Finally an update!! per transcript 846 2/27/2019.



    Transcript updated this morning with an 846 for a DDD 2/27/19. Cycle code 20190705.


    Too many Renee’s




    Today 846 DDD 2/27, processing 20190405



    Finally got our 846 for 2/27 🙂



    20190405 Cycle code 20190405 just looked at transcripts at 1 am and NOTHING and now SOMETHING 03/01 DDD!


    Rama Hall

    Still waiting! Cycle 20190605 with processing date 2/25. Filed & accepted through H&R Block (in person) on 2/3 & a PATHer.. anyone on the same boat as my husband & I (filed jointly)?? Hoping we get some news today!


    Ohio Gal

    Anyone with transcript updates get a DDD other than 2/27? I’m hoping for a 2/25 DDD but haven’t accessed my transcripts so I’m praying for money in the back or a DDD on WMR tomorrow as I am a weekly updated!!



    My transcripts updated this morning with my 846 code and a DDD for 2-27



    @Waiting, I am a 0805, and I got my 846 with a DD of 2/27 this morning. Hope that helps.



    Yes, they should.



    Since I’m unable to view transcripts online, do any of you know if I call will an agent if my transcript has an 846 and DDD?
    Just want to know before I waste my time holding for an agent.
    Thanks in advance.

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