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    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/3
    PATH Message 2/8

    I was able to view my transcript online today. It states:

    PROCESSING DATE: Feb. 26, 2018

    Does that mean my return will be deposited on Feb. 26, 2018?

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    I was able to view my transcript online today. It states:
    Processing date March 5, 2018
    Return due date or Return Received Date (Whichever is Later) April 15,2018

    I’m so lost. Does this mean I will have to wait until April 15 before my funds are deposited? Wow esp. since I filed my returns back in January.



    No, my processing date was 2/12/2018 and I still have the Path message and my transcript is the same as it has been. I have not received my DDD yet either. My cycle date 20180402. Who knows what is happening!



    My last years processing date shows march 6, but got my refund feb 23. This years shows processing date feb 12.



    My transcript for last year shows processing date Feb 20 but the ddd says Feb 22. Can’t say when deposited cuz it seems offset.
    This year it shows processing date Feb 26 so I’m praying it’s in my account no later than the 22 since every year it’s always been at least 2 days earlier than the ddd






    I’ll try to explain it as simply as I can with the best of my knowledge. That date is more or less a “process by date” so that returns don’t get stuck without a resolution. As the date approaches then the system is flagged to scan the account again to see if there was a problem that caused it to no be resolved. For the most part having your refund released (846 code) resolves the account and it closes it out. For those of us on PATH that means we cannot receive that refund prior to 2/15 so the system will scan the account and see the credit codes that fall under PATH and assign a new “processing date.” Those dates are always a Monday date and everyone who processed during that cycle will have the same date. This does not however mean that everyone will receive their DD on the same date as there are other things to factor in.
    Long story short- the “processing date” does not correlate with a DDD and can actually be weeks later than when you actually receive your DD.



    I went back to last year I have cycle code 20170505 and processing date of 2/20/17 and my refund hit my account 2/20/2017 I have netspend last year my 846 date was 2/23/17 I can see this year’s transcript but no 846 code yet



    @lance so what do you predict for me? Cycle code 20180505 processing date 2/19/2018



    No it doesnt



    I checked my previous year’s returns on the transcript page and noticed that the “Processing Date” was later than the actual return date. So, for example, last year shows a “Processing Date in March 2017, but I got my return about 2 weeks before that in February.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.