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      Filed and accepted 1/20 Order transcript and cycle posted date is 20150402
      WMR has no update still 1 bar
      whats the deal?

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          yeah it kinda sucks hopefully something will update soon and can figure this stuff out. I really dont feel like spending 2 hours waiting on the phone to talk to someone and get no answeres.

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            I’m in the same boat as you taxnoob.

            I’ve read/heard a lot of stories but so far none of them have come true for me.

            I’ve just made the decision that if I don’t receive my refund by 2/16, i’ll just buy my planned purchase with my paycheck and the refund will arrive when it arrives.

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              well i just noticed on my transcripts i have tax codes 570/896 which im guessing is a hold and healthcare penalty thats why havent seen my refund yet!
              has a date of 2/16/2015 is that when they well take out the penalty and release my refund or is that date it should be done by

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