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      I see a lot of people requesting their transcripts. I have never requested my transcripts because I have never seen a reason to. But people seem to be getting information about their acceptance for their tax return with a direct deposit date. Is this something I need to do, as i filed my return but I have not seen any movement on my WMR?

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          @mimi i’ve been trying for days to get my transcripts and it tells me the info i enter is wrong also and then it locks me out. I am entering my address EXACTLY the way it is on my return. So i am not sure why it’s not working properly for me.

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            I now have Account Transcript for 2014 showing all zeros and no refund filed. That wasn’t there before. Does this mean anything? I still don’t have a Refund Transcript for 2014.

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              Cycle date says 20150505, what does this mean?

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                Parker36 thank you for your help. I will definitely try my transcript tomorrow.

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                  @Parker, I have listed my address the exact way it is listed on our return. Still told me something wasn’t correct.

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                    I give up I get it I get if I don I dont not going to stress nomore ill check onces a day

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                      Here’s what I learned from ordering transcripts over the past couple of years:

                      1. Your address has to be listed the exact same way it’s listed on your return to get in and view your transcript. If you’ve moved, you will probably have a harder time getting in.
                      2. Some people who received that fraud alert were eventually able to review their transcript a few days later, however some found that they were under review.
                      3. You can get in quickly when you sign in as “guest” after you receive the code via email. If you signed in as “guest” one year, you won’t be able to do it again the following year and will need to create an account by clicking the “reactivate user id” link after you enter the code sent to you via email.
                      4. If your account transcript shows up without the return transcript and has 0’s and “no tax return filed”, your tax return hasn’t finished processing and you will probably see the Return transcript a week later.
                      5. Once you can see your return transcript, locate the cycle date on the Account Transcript. Example: 20150505 = Tax year 2015, Week 5, Day 5. We are currently on Week 4.
                      6. Now, the last two years the cycle date started on Thursday and ended on Wednesday excluding weekends. 01 = Thursday, 02 = Friday, 03= Monday, 04 = Tuesday, 05 = Wednesday then repeat. Some people say the cycle days begin on Friday instead of Thursday this year. I guess only those who have received their return already can attest to that.
                      7. If you call the IRS, it’s hit or miss that you will get someone to look up your account and most are clueless about transcripts and cycle dates (temps).
                      8. WMR sucks! It works for some and not others. Missing bars are not necessarily a cause for concern and some people get their money before it updates.

                      Here’s what I noticed this year:
                      1. Some tax returns are being delayed because of the Obama health insurance (Affordable Care Act- ACA).
                      2. A lot of people (more than normal) are being held for review if they switched jobs, new address or dependents).
                      3. Some people are filing one day and getting a DDD within 3 – 5 days (lucky bastards).
                      4. Some people get a cycle date without the 846 code (refund code) and are then recycled back in the queue and have to wait a little longer for their refund.

                      I hope this helps! I’m no expert, I’m waiting like many others, but I’ve been viewing my transcripts for a few years now and they’ve been on point.

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                        MiMi, make sure you’re entering your address the same way it’s listed on your tax return. I had the same problem last year because I started using my PO box on my tax return for the first time. I literally had to list it the same way it was listed on my return in order to get in. Also, try to view them as “guest” instead of creating an account.

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                          We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490
                          what does this mean?
                          thats what it tells me when i request my transcript

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                            I too am having a transcript issue. My husband nor I have ever checked our transcripts. When I go to sign up for it, after getting the email with comfirmation code, & it says to enter my info I get stuck. I’ve tried it in both mine & my husband’s info but it always says info isn’t correct. We do live in a park so I have to put Lot and our number on same line as Street address. Is this wrong? Thanks.

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