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Transcript codes under review

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    Hi I finally got my transcript
    Does anyone know on this order
    806 -1867.00
    766. -2741.00
    424 2-20-2020. 0.00
    768 4-15-2020 -5461.00
    810 3-9-20 0.0
    811 3-9-20 0.00
    846. 2-26-2020 $1868

    Cycle code 20200805

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    @Tani thanks I’m praying for all of ours to be expedited ASAP🙏🏽


    @peachie thank u lol check that out

    @proudfatherof1 I hope you guys get your deposit soon!

    I am almost the same as you
    Filed using nephews who I lived with I started new job this year first time filing with dependants so I’m guessing this is a eic verification I still haven’t got the letter


    @thicks more then likely even tho it’s the beginning of the week it’ll come Friday or Saturday. And Friday is when they have a mass update on transcripts and then Saturday DDD’s so it’ll probably be irrelevant but ima still request for mine so next year I can easily login and be current on what’s going on


    @ProudFatherOF1, I’m waiting on the PIN I need to complete my account so that I can view my transcripts of my tax account activity online. I will have to wait longer for that. I’m hoping I have my refund in my account beforehand.


    @thicks yeah that’s what I keep telling myself since I lost my bars like don’t wait 2 weeks to send some BS while it’s just sitting there. If you can view your account transcripts it’ll have a cycle code like 20201705 it’s the last two digits that will reflect if your daily or weekly. This is going to be a longggg week. Hopefully we’ll update this week if not weekend


    @Tani: IGMR has an exhaustive list of IRS transaction codes here:


    @ProudFatherOF1, I filed 2/4, got held up by the PATH hold, but I didn’t get a 2/26 DDD like most of the other people affected by PATH, instead, I had to verify my ID — I guess because I haven’t filed since 2016 and my state of residence changed — on 2/27 (letter dated 2/24). I suppose I’m waiting on a DDD of 3/11 this coming weekend, but I don’t know if I’m on a weekly cycle. (Is there anyone on a daily cycle?!) I’m still not seeing any kind of update on WMR.

    Just because they had to hold my refund until after 2/18 doesn’t mean they had to wait 20 days to send me the 5071C letter! I’m pretty annoyed about that. They should have done that right away and I could have already gotten my refund.


    @Tani ughh I might not be in your boat but I am washed up against sea. I filed and was accepted 2/21 lost bars and info like a couple of ppl with last weeks update. I’m a weekly so I’m just meditating my energy and praying for a good outcome for all of us. Hopefully they’ll credit you the rest of your refund soon tho



    Thank u!!! How’s your situation hopefully better than mine

    I been stuck on take action 151 since 2/22 and only got partial refund all eic is on hold about 75 percent


    @Tani it just a date of end of the filing year. Like 4/15 is the last date to file. But everything should be resolved by then if not sooner


    Ohh yes the hold is for eic I’m on take action on wmr :-(

    What doesn’t te 4 -15 dates mean


    @Tani I’ve heard some ppl getting only partial of their refunds and the rest for eic at a later date. Idk if this the same situation tho


    Yes we got the 846 amount but not the eic


    “846 2/26/2020”

    From that it appears you should already have money in the bank, unless your refund was by mailed check.


    I you have 846 code then you’ll update this week

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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