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          Hello! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the good info you

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            Mariposa : I got the exact same and my transcript also reads:

            846 Refund Issued – 2/24
            841 Refund Cancelled – 2/24
            846 Refund Issued- 3/10

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              I”m and with all of you,
              Filed 1/23
              Accepted 1/28
              Got DDD of 2/6

              Never received it, then got code 1121…. Called IRS first thing that day, and lady was super rude and said that it was under review and could take up to 60 days, etch etc didn’t know much…. annoying.

              Checked transcripts last night had same code as you guys 846, and then 841…

              Decided to call back again today, got a really nice guy, told him about my transcripts etc. He said that it was a glitch in the system… and a bunch of them had been approved without even being looked at, so they are currently trying to go back and look at all of them, and still get the refund out within the 21 day period. And If we haven’t gotten it by then, to check back and call them, and they can tell after those days if a hold has been put on the acct et.

              I am hoping he is right because on my transcripts the numbers were all right, it didn’t have a * next to 2013. Also I know some people who’s account is actually in review they have a code for that.. and I don’t have that code so I’m hoping that, that is a good sign maybe?? And maybe it will come before the 21 days..??

              Tried to check transcripts today, but sight won’t let me in.. so dumb…. but if anyone else hears of another update let me know… Thanks!!!

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                Check the link above regarding the 1121 issue.

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                  846 Refund Issued 2-24-2014? WTF
                  841 Refund Cancelled 2-24-2014? WTF

                  I’m about to hit 88mph in my Delorian……….

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                      I have the same and I ordered my transcript again it says 846 code 3/10….they pushed another 2 weeks to refund me? Mine got accepted 1/28, supposedly dd 2/6 but got 1121 code..Early this week i got “we received your tax return and now it’s being processed..” hasn’t changed yet…now i re-ordered my transcript and i got another date

                      846 Refund Issued – 2/24
                      841 Refund Cancelled – 2/24
                      846 Refund Issued- 3/10

                      …this is irritating!!

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                      SORRY CODE 1121

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                        I had a ddd of 2/6 also..still have code 1129..Talked to a woman at the irs this morning that informed me the servers went down, and the computers glitched, and sent out too many 2/6 ddd. They will tell you to wait the full 21 days, but each cycle of payments are released starting on Thursdays. Hopefully the 2/6ers will be in this next cycle which would be 2/13.. Once the IRS releases your funds they are sent to a bank in Santa Barbera California, then disbursed to your bank account. Check this website and you will see if they have received it yet…HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE

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                          I filed my taxes on 02-07, and got accepted on 02-07, I was able to order my return transcript yesterday, but I still had one bar, The cycle code I have was 20140702, and I checked WMR this morning, and now I have 2 bars, saying that my return was approved, and that my money will be deposited on 02-14-14 to my bank, I hope this helps, so if your cycle code is 20140701 – 20140702 you can get you money between 02-13-14 and 02-19-214.

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                            I had a dd date of 2/6/14 then got a code 1121…. on my transcript is says refund sent then refund cancelled….. I hope we get our money soon.. has, anyone got any updates? The website still says 1121…

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                              I was told wait to wait 21 days and within those 21 days you will get a letter or a refund then I was told wait 5 weeks by another representative she said everyone with 1121 code is not being audited but our returns are being reviewed this is so crazy

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                                Have you guys heard anything about the debt ceiling? I have seen on other sights that the irs is expected to run out of money by the 3rd week of tax season unless R Boehner aggrees to raise the country’s debt ceiling. I just hope that it doesnt happen . Also i have seen where people in the past years have gotten the 1121 reference number on their tax returns, and that it took as long as 7-8 months for them to finally recieve their returns. Have you guys heard of anybody besides the people with the feb 6th-7th 2014 deposit dates getting the 1121 reference number this year? I have heard of people that have filed the 31st still on one bar but i havent seen any people with reference number of 1121 other than the ones with the expected ddd’s of feb 6th or 7th. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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                                  my Return was said to be DD on feb 6th.Then I got the code.I read that if it was accepted then it isn’t an audit.I did get a hold of an IRS rep every time I called and surprisingly very nice? ;/ I was told different things each time.One rep did say that hes been getting a butt load of calls for the 1121 code,He said they missed a step in the process of a group of filers.Probably b delayed for another week? But then again can u really believe anything the GOV says? I think NOT.
                                  My husband says they’re holding “them” to collect interest as they claim they are nearly broke

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                                    Im wondering if all these people with the 1121 and or 841 codes are registered Republicans or Anti government?

                                    Im registered Rep.But I want to un register an not be involved any longer with any party

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                                      code 1121 and refund was supposed to be here on 2/06 accepted 1/26 early they say! 2 reps gave me 2 different answers. The rep today said it could take up to 45 days. The rep the other day said the normal 21 days HOPEFULLY. Can anyone give me a straight answer from the IRS guess not? Left Bored Broke and Bitchy!

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                                        I have the same issue, with deposit show for the 6 and then the 1121 code, I got my transcript and show different dates, some have April 15, and then February, 24, this means that when I will get my refund????……..I called for the first time this morning and was told it is being check for accuracy , and rather get my refund or a letters……

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                                          The very first people in line for their refunds being issued February 24, 2014 ( Direct Deposit Februrary 6, 2014) encountered a glitch in the IRS system. So, they “cancelled” the refunds for a day or two while the IRS double checks their beeswax. As of Monday, February 10, my transcript says my refund has been issued March 3 (Direct Deposit February 15???).

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                                              Was yours showing a 1121 reference number after you didnt recieve it the 6th or 7th? I called irs last friday and the rude woman said it was being reviewed and i would get a letter in the mail. I called today and got a nice gentleman named Jim. I asked him about the 1121 number and without me requesting it he accessed my return and said they had pulled it for a 7 day review . I asked if there was an expected deposit date and he said yes the 14th. seems kinda close with your date . Lets keep our fingers crossed . Im prayin it comes through. My fatherinlaw has recently found out he has cancer and is in the last stage , and me and my wife were waiting on the refund so that we would be able to make the trip out of state to visit him. This is the last year we will file early.

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                                                  My last reply was meant for TOM. If you guys have any updates let me know please

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                                                I filed on 1/28/2014 with a DD of 02/06/14. When the DD wasn’t completed on 02/07/14 I called the IRS at 7AM sharp. Was on hold for 28 minutes and finally got a rude person (surprise!) who basically told me that “they” have up to 3 weeks to process my return and that any other date that I see online “isn’t the IRS”. I quoted the parts she said. I just learned how to login and get my transcripts. I have a 841 code with refund approved and then cancelled. I also did my son’s return with a DD scheduled for 02/10/2014 and guess what? His is IN his account and it’s only the 9th right now. So… I’ll check every day. If I remember right.. the IRS played this little game with me last year with a “mini audit” and once I replied through mail – they send me a receipt of 0.00 due all of a sudden. That was AFTER I had received my return. If the people processing my taxes are anything like what I talked to on the phone… that explains the issue we’re all having right now.

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                                                  Ok so now I finally got to review my transcript and it say refund approved and refund cancelled all on the same day…So I’m actually showing 846 and 841…I am so annoyed with this right now. Anyone else have this issue?

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                                                      BRIELLE , I TOO RECEIVED CODE 846 AND 841

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                                                      So far, I’ve only seen people with DDDs of 02/06 have this happen. And everyone it’s happened to was accepted before the 31st, I believe.

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                                                        Is this only appearing for those given the DDD of 2/6? Nobody with the 2/10 or 2/11 DDD have got this message? Thank you!

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                                                          Ok, I just got off the phone with an IRS rep. She said that the batch of people getting code 1121 today is due to processing errors and that it isn’t a code generated because of my individual return. She said that when they started processing on January 31st that there was a processing error and that the returns have been pulled for a mini-review to make sure all information matches and that they “hope” everyone will receive their refunds by 02/21/2014.

                                                          WMR updating for us to say that our refunds had been sent was a mistake. She also said that they (the assistants/IRS) just found out this was happening yesterday and that it happened to a lot of people. The returns just need to go through another step to make sure information is correct.

                                                          Not great news, but not an individually triggered action either. It sounds like they missed a step originally and the system just recognized that they had missed a step.

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                                                            I have the same message as Ron above, but can’t get through to anyone and the transcript site is down.

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                                                              There is a delay in processing your tax return and your expected refund date may have changed.
                                                              If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
                                                              A copy of this page.
                                                              A copy of your tax return.
                                                              The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
                                                              Any notice that you have received concerning your refund.
                                                              Please mention reference number 1121 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
                                                              IRS Hours of Service:
                                                              Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
                                                              1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
                                                              From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
                                                              TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

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                                                                @stephinnc Mines is also at still at code 841 refund cancelled. wmr is showing 3 bars as of now but still no sign that bank has received funds yet..

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                                                                  Does any one have a reissue code on their transcript? I don’t :/ and if WMR updates again should it change our ddd to 2/7?

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                                                                    Here are some posts from the main thread in the last hour or so:

                                                                    25 minutes ago

                                                                    I’m seeing that people who got the 841 code for a cancelled refund have pending DD’s from the IRS now for the 7th. Seems what may have happened is the IRS changed some of the dates to the 7th? Anyone with that code got a pending DD for today?
                                                                    34 minutes ago

                                                                    @Dhall76: Have you been reading the latest here code 841? refund re issued for 2/7
                                                                    39 minutes ago

                                                                    [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][…..OK anyone that got the 3 bars updated and midnight saying refund sent and had a 2/6 ddd should check there ACCOUNT transcripts and see if you see the 841 code(refund cancelled reissued) Going by what i dug up, it is a re issue for today 2/7…. sounds like the 2/6 DD’s will be ok…Providing your bank doesn’t hold it today or fees ect.
                                                                    58 minutes ago

                                                                    @JCameron Me too, 3 orange bars…Nothing showing up anywhere and the 841 Code! It keeps getting more confusing.
                                                                    1 hour ago

                                                                    ****ATTENTION***** On the facebook igmr page people that were given the 841 code received deposits dated 2/7. Its not a review code its a reissue code. They cancelled them to be issued 2/7.

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                                                                      I got 3 bars on WMR but my transcrips still say 841 cancelled

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                                                                        same here. everything was still the same when I checked my transcript.

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                                                                          I don’t have any new info since the code 841 posted, but the balance is still showing as a credit amount so even though the “physical” refund is showing as canceled, the amount has not been canceled.

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                                                                            Has anyone been able to check their transcripts and see if they have any new info?

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                                                                              @Mississippi I think that would make sense. If they say they’re going to send something on a particular date and don’t send it, the “non send” would have to be accounted for somewhere. I hope that’s it and not a larger problem with a whole batch of returns.

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                                                                                @mississipi yep probably shouldn’t freak out until after tomorrow.

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                                                                                  I thought if thr refund was scheduled to be sent on 2/07, shouldnt the transcript an d wmr change

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                                                                                    I read on FB the transcripts say cancelled because the deposit wasn’t made on 2/06. Due to irs being backed up, they will be made 2/07. dont know how true, but a little hope

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                                                                                      I’m in the same boat. Accepted 26th ddd for 6th and now nothing. 3 bars. My transcripts are locked out bc some how I entered the wrong info so am unsure if i have the code, but assuming I do. No fees taken out dd to personal bank

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                                                                                        I haven’t checked wmr but my guess is that it is going off of the original refund that was “sent” before being cancelled… Not positive, just a thought. Hopefully, we will see the money by Monday?

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                                                                                          Hi. I got code 841 sometime between this afternoon and tonight.

                                                                                          I was accepted on 1/27, cycle 20140601 and given original deposit date of 02/06/2014. I can’t think of any reason why my return would be flagged or offset so I’m assuming it’s a glitch in the IRS system that kicked some returns back.

                                                                                          Within the last hour my WMR updated to 3 bars and refund sent. No money showing.
                                                                                          I will update if anything changes or if nothing does. : )

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                                                                                            So this morning I checked to see if my refund had been deposited to SBBT to deduct their fees then send to my bank. After not seeing any progress at either bank, I checked my transcript and found the 841 Refund Cancelled code. As of right now WMR just updated to Refund Sent! and I have received nothing at either bank, but hoping tomorrow I see some progress. The WMR update does seem hopeful :)

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