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TPG 3/23 DD

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    Hi! Anyone have fees taken out with a ddd of 3/23? Keep each other updated!

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    Options Sniper

    @avaang424 until next year tax buddy

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    @Options Sniper I AM SAYING! But its finally here! Cheers to doing this all over again next year!

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    Options Sniper

    Yep finally hit. I would like to say 🖕TPG and all their products. Holding folks money like that 😂

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    Finally! Chime posted at 5:06am.

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    Just received my refund!

    Filed- 3/15
    Approved- 3/19
    Refund DDD- 3/23
    SBTPG- showed funded on 3/22
    Chime Payment arrived in account at 4:52am EST (3/23)
    Used Turbo Tax

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    Still nothing on chime! 4:34 am est time.

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    Concerned Citizen

    DDD 3/23, TPG says Funded! Just waiting on CK now. 🙂

    CK hit at 3:02 am CST! 😊

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    Options Sniper

    Only a hour or so left to go fellow Chimers 🤞

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    The IRS corrected my TT refund and gave me an increase. Tpg only shows the deposit of the first amount without the increase. Not sure why? Maybe the increased amount is separate?

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    Concerned Citizen

    DDD 3/23, TPG says Funded! Just waiting on CK now. 🙂

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    SBTPG – Funded 3/22 (checked 10:22 a.m.)
    CK Card – 3/22 $0.00

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    @options sniper – Makes sense, even my paycheck comes a day early at like 1030pm. Only time I ever got it 2 days early was without a middle man now that I think about it.

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    No if ddd was 3/23 you still wouldn’t of got it until today js but I also got fees taken out I haven’t ever got a deposit 2 days earlier only the day before an so be it nothing in this world is free but you’ll have it sometime today if you have 1 of the 3 cards named

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    Options Sniper

    @Nickdtsn – we would have got it yesterday when the irs released them but we have fees coming out and tpg gotta get there’s (interest)

    – yep I got chime same shit every year. Only get it 2 days early when I file for free without fees.

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    Chime,cashapp,brinks all get deposited 2 days sooner if you have these cards and are funded tpg then you’ll have it today sometime idk why they say 2 days sooner but I have all 3 of these cards with deposits for all of them and I always get it the day before the deposited date

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    Thank you @options sniper! Do you have chime also ?

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    Options Sniper

    It’s funded but they are still holding the deposit for some interest of course. Chime deposit will begin to hit first later this afternoon, after 4pm-ish. Hope this helped!

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    Her girl hey

    Funded!!!! As of this morning 3/22

    DDD is 3/28 though I may get it early with cashapp

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    Tpg funded fees taken brinks bank card no deposit yet

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    Funded through TPG, have chime. No deposit yet

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    DDD 3/23
    Showing funded. Still nothing on chime

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    ddd 3/23 bank with chime fees taken out hr block

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    Has anyone with the ddd of 3/23/22 received there funds as of now?

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    Has anyone with ddd 03/23 received their funds early?

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    Options Sniper

    Unfunded…. Maybe later today or tomorrow…easier way it’s coming

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    google tpg products and click on refund tracker. It will ask you the same things as WMR does and it will let you know if they received it or not yet.

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    I have a DD date of 3/23 as well. They took $388 from what I was supposed to receive.

    What is the SBTPG website?

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    Same here!, not sure how it works. I will keep checking today and tomorrow.

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    I have a DD of 3/23/22, and I am going to have fees taken out. I don’t show it founded yet on SBTPG site but from my understanding it won’t show Funded on their site until tomorrow maybe, IDK. This is my first time having the processing fee taken from my refund.

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