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      Toi know that topic 152 is just information about refund options, however everyone seems to be happy if it shows topic 152 on wmr. and unhappy if its not showing topic 152 yet and i keep hearing this means something like youre done being reviewed, they didnt find any problems, youre thru the processing and about to b givin ddd. can some of u shed some light on this i feel like there are too many ppl excited to see that topic 152 for it not to mean something but theres a lot of guessing on here so id love to hear opinions on this from both sides

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          It doesnt mean anything other than option for direct deposit … I was accepted 1/16 and checked WMY 1/17, 152 was there and has been there with one bar the entire time. I still cant get transcript and no DDD … so I doubt this means you’re close if I’ve had it since day 1 .. 12 days ago

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            TT152 is a generic code after the IRS receives your return. I had TT152 and now have TT201, which means my refund had been applied to a previous tax obligation. It doesn’t mean you’re in the clear per say.

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              I was accepted by the IRS on 1/21 and just received a tt152 today 1/28. It seems to mean its under review?

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                last year it took a couple of days before tax topic 152 showed up but this year as soon as I was accepted it was there so to be honest I don’t think it means anything

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                  Yes I agree last year when tt152 showed up I received my deposit in my bank account a few days later around 6am… I guess its ok to be hopeful when you see it!! Its coming!! :-)

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                    Not that its right but to me makes sense and worked out this way last year.

                    When you have no topic, you have been accepted but not processed yet. When you see topic 152 you have finished processing and its telling the system you requested a electronic deposit (or one of the other payment options for topic 152) So if you see topic 152 you were accepted and processed. That doesnt mean youll get it in 2 days or 5 days or any amount of time. It just means that you are done and when they process a batch with your return it in, youll be getting a DDD.

                    So its kind of like an interim update. Your not at the beginning, not at the end but right in the middle.

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                        My understanding is that Topic 152 is the default message that appears as soon as your information is viewable on WMR, and that it means nothing in terms of the processing of your return. Can somebody confirm or deny this?

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                        Lisa Buck

                          I filed my taxes today with taxslayer…… already showing Topuc 152. I know from last year that approval is near, I also was approved quick last year. Kinda wondering if it has something to do with the fact that I had a P10 thru the IRS to file. In the past I never was approved so quickly….. always had to wait, that’s the only change.

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                            Yes it’s just payment options, it’s a good sign cause it means you have a option how you’d like to get your money, which means you can expect some money!! That’s all, it means nothing else besides how do you want it? Good Luck!!

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