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      Ted (HR BLOCK) February 28, 2013 at 8:25 pm
      To All Tax Filers!
      According to the IRS and article above dated Feb 25 we all shall start seeing updates within a few days!!!! Everyone that has filed EITC and/or 8863 ALL returns were on hold until 2/25 ! All EITC holds have now been lifted! EVERYONE that filed these forms were in the errors department. Any letters that were genrated were sent automatically when the IRS system detects an error. Due to these circumstances we have only been processing for 3 days!!!
      TECHNICALLY we did not start processing until Feb 25 which should finally start giving everyone DDD’s within a few days!!!
      According to the IRS 8863 returns were began processing FEB 14, however According to this article dated feb 20th 8863 due to problems EDUCATION forms STILL were not updated as of the 20th!! ANY returns containing the EITC in addition to 8863 were held until the 25th!! I understand MANY filers received dd w/8863 ONLY, within the last week! This due to the fact they did not have EITC. According to the IRS dated Feb 8th ALL EITC returns were being held due to FRAUD! Again these holds have been now LIFTED!
      Here is a Timline to explain:

      1/22 — IRS delays filing until 1/30
      1/30– Tax Filing officially begins
      1/31– IRS delays 8863 Education Credits will be processed 2/14
      2/8 — IRS states most EITC will be held due to Fraud
      2/14– IRS begins processing 8863 Education
      2/20– IRS says 8863 still being delayed due to errors
      2/20- ?– 8863 forms fixed
      2/25 — IRS states ALL EITC Holds have been lifted
      2/26–present — ALL EITC returns begin normal proccessing

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          Don’t get too excited…I filed 3-01 and still WMR says ‘your tax return has been received and is being processed’ mind you, the state has already given me DD 4-02. I don’t know how it’s possible for the state to accept my return and not the fed but whatever….just playing the waiting game I guess

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            Nice… answers so many questions.

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            deb smith

              Thank you for your update its very nice to have someone be honest finally.

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