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    i always search this site for my posts from prior years to remember when i filed and got approved, and got a dd, because i never can remember.

    so its january 25, 2019. i just filed, later than usual, because i got my w-2 late. anyways, i’ve read that irs begins processing on 1-28, hopefully everything goes well. I will post here every time i update.

    note to self: try not to obsess yourself with the refund process, and clicking refresh every 5 minutes.

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    I have a DDD of 2/6 but I am hoping my Fed hits my checking account sometime today.


    Well yesterday Feb 4th at 4 on my time my fed came in. Wmr is showing 2 bars still and turbo tax never updated past the accepted stage.
    Initially had a DDD of 2-5


    Filed with TT on 1/27
    Accepted 1/29

    Woke up this morning to my transcripts saying deposit date of 2-6


    Woke up this morning on 2-1-19 with 2 bars on wmr . DDD BY 2-5


    Filed 1-14-19
    accepted 1-22-19
    1 bar since 1-22, no transcripts available.
    Not a PATHER.


    I do the same thing!
    This year I filed 1/28, accepted 1/28.

    Last year I filed 1/27, accepted 1/29 and had my refund 2/1….sooooo I’m hoping it’s as fast as last year!

    Good luck everyone!


    Federal filed on 01/18 with TT claimed EIC
    Accepted on 01/22
    1bar on WMR


    Federal accepted around 11 am 1-28-19
    State accepted around 4 pm 1-28-19
    WMR 1 bar

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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