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    So I just got off Facebook where it’s saying the update for February 16th DDD was last night. Well here I am with this problem:

    Filed: 1/27
    Accepted: 1/27 30 minutes later

    Estimated delivery date: 1/28/16-2/17/16

    From Facebook Igotmyrefund: 2/16 DDD, congrats to those who updated!

    And guess what guys….still at one bar. No DDD for 2/16. 1 day before the 21 days.

    And what makes it better is that every single time I call IRS I get the 21 days canned response. How do I get ahold of a helpful agent who can tell me if I need to IDVerify or something. This is getting way out of hand and ridiculous. Need my money to get my CDL permit to start my job. My patience level is like black ice

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    You do not need to wait for a letter to verify your identity. If your return us taking long it does not hurt to just verify online it won’t hurt anything. And if this is the case you will have done it before the 21 day has come



    I called the offset hotline and was told i have no offsets but since my tax refund was not finished processing that they could not give me a DDD AND to wait 21 days excluding weekends for IRS to process the refund.

    I filed on 1/27. The damn thing should have finished processing already. If I have to wait til the 21 days pass I’m gonna tell them I expect my refund in 1 week or I’m contacting my congressman . Would also support any presidential candidate who does a major overhaul of the IRS



    I was told I couldn’t be verified online when I tried .




    Have you gone to
    There is an online section for IP pins. IP stands for identity protection.

    This is how you ID verify online. If your return is on hold for ID verify you can enter your info and answer questions.

    If you don’t need to verify (and don’t meet the IP pin criteria – living in Georgia, florida, or another southern state) the website should tell you that you don’t qualify for an IP pin.



    ** Their



    Filed: 1/31
    Accepted: 1/31
    No updates on WMR

    However I did have an offset so I called the offset hotline today and got my DDD of 2/18. There number is 800-304-3107


    Jessica Rose

    @Joshua I am in the same boat. I filed on 01/27 and was accepted about 30 minutes later. I lost my bars on 01/30 and my TT 152 on 02/01. I have had no progress since. I still have no update, no bars, no tax topic. I tried to call and got the same canned response.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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